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> Archives of the Order, I felt that Jacky's idea for a separate info thread was a good ide
Lord Revan
post Jan 25 2007, 05:10 AM
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The Naryyn- Once one of the brightest civilizations, the Naryyn were a race of humanoids believed to date back to the dawn of galactic history. The Naryyn are known greatly due to their natural talent with psionics. All Naryyn technology was a union between psionics and conventional technologies.

One of the original supercivilizations, some of which are believed to have aided, even created, many of the later races. However, the unity of the Naryyn would not last. Strife enveloped their society and tore them apart by conflict.
The aftermath gave birth to the sibling races that exist to this day: Kha'thur Naryyn and Iso Naryyn.......

The Kha'Thur Naryyn- After winning Great War, the Kha'Thur Naryyn remained in their home system, living a more comfortable lifestyle in familiar surroundings. Their proud superiority over other races, while not entirely undeserved, distances them from some of their loyalist races.

For a time they were content to rebuild their cities, but the "High" Naryyn, would soon begin a lengthy conquest of the nearby regions and their inhabitants.
Saintly, proud, and charismatic the High Naryyn overwhelmed all their neighboring sentients with superior technology and strategic force. Though they employed shrewd diplomacy often, their second choice was always to subjugate a new life form with military force.

Rarely did this action result in the extinction of the race in question, and in those few cases it was deliberate overkill. Each new species is added to their empire; with all of the other races' offspring answering to the council that controlled the Kha'Thur.
Since the Iso Naryyn's departure, the High Naryyn have continued to rule from their original homeworld. In the past eons they continued to churn out legions of soldiers, armadas of warships, and advanced technology to bolster their strength in the galactic battlefield.


The High Naryyn were lead by exalted leaders, Patriarchs. The council, which handles all other affairs, handle most administrative matures and any issues below interest the Patriarch. Patriarchs are generally older than four hundred years of age, whereas the council can have relatively young members in office.

The Patriarchs had the final say on any issue that had their interest. Only another Patriarch could challenge such a decision. There were normally three Patriarchs: one for issues concerning wartime and the armed forces, a second dealt in domestic affairs, and the third handled foreign relations with other species.

Below the Patriarchs was the council, elected officials who dealt with general issues with the exception of military affairs. The councilors could be male or female; the only government positions exclusively male were those of the three Patriarchs.

Culture: Imperial citizens had many freedoms typically available in a democracy. Families tended to be large, interconnected entities. From its founding following the Great War, the Kha'Thur Empire's population grew at a steady rate.
The Empire expanded at an appropriate pace to support its growing population. High Naryyn traditions were limited in the beginning, undefined. Many customs and mannerisms have been adapted from the loyalist races.

The Iso Naryyn- Strife eventually led to fall of the ancient Naryyn: leaving two main factions. When the war ended in their exile, the future Iso Naryyn were doomed to a grim and unknown future. They lived as nomads and wanderers for many generations before finally beginning to colonize worlds that suited their needs.

Nirn was one such world, but the planet would be abandoned centuries after land-fall. The Iso Naryyn came long before the prototypical races appeared on Tamriel, and they left just before man and mer were to clash with one another.

Not all managed to leave Nirn, but they have continued to survive. Their dark black-gray skin, red eyes, and general appearance have allowed them to melt into Dunmer society. These groups of stragglers have not advanced in their years of hiding; rather they have relied upon the arcane energies that dwell within them all.
The Iso Naryyn who escaped Nirn have colonized new worlds, used what was available, and forged a civilization for themselves that rivals the one created their former brethren.

Society Overview: The Iso Naryyn clanships are organized in a Matriarchy, while many prominent positions are held by males. All the clans are organized by natural traits or general role in the greater society: artisans, psionists, warriors, etc. Almost all Iso Naryyn, male or female, are capable fighters, but they find open combat between two armies distasteful.

Military Overview: Their military assets are limited compared to their Kha'Thur brethren. But they make much more from less, their fleets and armies are capable of forming a central group-mind with one another, allowing them to organize and adapt to virtually any tactical situation in a matter of seconds.

Psychological Overview: Many Iso Naryyn choose to be scholars or explorers, using their longevity to gain knowledge and experience that is passed on to younger generations.
Iso Naryyn tend to be conservative, while they are not oriented by strict laws and doctrines, individuals are expected to live responsively and work dutifully at whatever their profession is.

Language- Though being separated by light-years and eons of time, the two races have continued to use the same language that their forefathers spoke. *Note: Only words or phrases are not translated to English.*

Iso-/ a prefix translated to "dark" or "profane"
Sevro/ brother, in Naryyn society, every man and woman are kin, regardless o status or occupation.
Sevra/ sister; see sevro.
Ahtre'Mehrah/ life companion, loose equivalent to a spouse
Kuvos/ a casual greeting amongst those of equal standing or familiarity; the "v" is pronounced as a "b."
Kha'Thur- translates loosely to "superior" or "righteous."
Yhu'Waé- wards, the Naryyn name for the insectoids of Gemantai.

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Lord Revan
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Other Races- Non-Tamrielic

Virtarak- a species of avian bipeds who originated from a hostile jungle world. Their bones are hollow, making them light and well-balanced. These descendants of raptors (birds of prey) are flightless but agile on the ground.
Their feet are digitigrade meaning they walk on their digits. This contributes their great agility and sprinting speeds.

Brief history- Five-hundred years ago, the Virtarak and Iso Naryyn made contact for the first time. The Iso Naryyn having been cast out by their brethren, and the Virtarak beginning to expand from their homeworld.
The meeting lead to conflict in which both sides losing millions for they had strengths and weaknesses that neither side completely understood. The Naryyn could kill hundreds of warriors without being detected, and their foes had evolved to survive and adapt.

The war ended with the near-extinction of the Virtarak, they simply couldn't fight when their enemy could disappear into the void in a matter of moments. Only hundreds were left before the violence lulled, the Iso Naryyn Matriarchs simply wished for a swift end to the blood-shed, and the Lords had come to respect their enemy.
Diplomats were sent to the last surviving leadership of the battle-weary Virtarak. Even the proudest saw the foolishness in extinction.

The two races have co-existed ever since, both as equal partners in trade and political alliances. The Virtarak became the great wartime allies, while the Naryyn aided them in return with resources and a place beside them as the most trusted of all races.

Psychology- The Leadership caste (which oversee all Virtarak) are renowned for their straight-forward thinking, and passionate sense of justice. All Virtarak (with the exception of the workers) have a genetic instinct to protect their matrons from harm or discovery by another species.
While Talon agents do not retain their group-mentality, they feel protective of their less independent brethren, and go out of their way to punish those who have spilled Virtarak blood.
Virtarak (warrior and worker castes) are extremely social, having been born and raised in large broods. It is uncommon to find less than a dozen individuals away from the main group.

Some other races take the large social grouping for a lack of independence; this is not entirely false. Virtarak become extremely uncomfortable and paranoid when solitary; long-term separation can lead to withdrawal and eventually irreversible insanity.

Biology- Virtarak are mono-gendered males but cannot and do not reproduce. On colony worlds the Virtarak have introduce "matrons," enigmatic creatures that lay broods of approximately 2,000 eggs every year and a half.
The off-spring incubate in their eggs for another three months; after hatching the young live in the hatchery caverns for a year as they develop further. When they leave, the juveniles are led to nearby settlements by the fully grown workers.

The young are split based on subspecies (warrior, worker, etc.) and learn their life skills from the older generation. After they have been brought up, these Virtarak do as the overseers command them.
All Virtarak, with the exception of Talons, consume only a resin produced by the various flora of their homeworld. Talons are able to consume a wider variety of resins and can go longer periods without sustinance.

Hierarchy- The Leadership caste handles both political and military management. The Archduke holds sway over all individuals, regardless of caste or standing, Virtarak Overlords lead the battle groups and broods in times of war and command workers during expansion.

Leadership caste: 248
Warrior: 53
Warrior (Talon): 80+
Worker: 48


Shai'Phayl- The oldest of the Kha?Thur loyalist races, the Shai'Phayl are the only species in existence that had contact with the ancient Naryyn. The two races forged strong ties, and it was fortunate that the fledgling High Naryyn Empire rediscovered them during their infant stage of power.

The Shai'Phayl are quiet and impassive, due to their tolerant and unbiased natures. They are known for their unquestionable loyalty to their allies and their kin; as well as their solid strive to work at a task until it is finished.
The castes of Shai'Phayl are genetically diverse: The Khal'Shai are towering quadrupeds with forelegs as dexterous as their arms, who work as support troops: saboteurs, medics, hvy. weapons, and especially snipers.

Hraah'Tai, relatively humanoid creatures, lack the sophistication and intelligence of the Khal'Shai. Instead, they are nimble and instinctive hunters, with a great sense of smell and hearing. A unique trait for them that separated them from the other castes is their conventional jaws.

The Hraah'Tai are adept at hunting and tracking down hidden traps or prey. While unable to utilize most advanced technology, there have been instances in which one has used a firearm or improvised weapon to fight rather than fangs or claws.

Biology: Generally, the Shai'Phayl are characterized by a prominent skull plate, lacking eyes, mouths, and obvious nostrils. Their bony skull plate takes up the front half of their head. Because of their lacking eyes, the Shai'Phayl navigate primarily via air vibrations similar to echolocation.
Their advanced vocalization chamber, stretching from their throat to the base of their head crest, is capable of producing long reverberating tones that can be detected from up to eight miles by another Shai?Phayl. However, communicating is not the main purpose of these calls; the ultrasonic tones are powerful enough to affect the environment.

Khal'Shai have four hearts in their broad chests, each distributing the burden of such a large body. Like a human kidney, one heart can be removed or compromised while the others pick up the slack.
However, a healthy Khal?Shai has incredible endurance should their hearts be intact, capable of extended physical activity for hours and hours that would break any sapient.

Psychology- Trust is not a commodity among the tribal Shai'Phayl. Any who win their faith is marked as an ally to all. Prospective chieftains and leaders must earn the loyalty of those concerned before they can claim a position of power.
The Shai'Phayl share a pack-mentality of sorts, if anything is to be done, then they must do so as a united whole. Individual struggle is a rare occurrence, they have no currency among themselves, and their residential sectors are made of large covens.

Shai?Phayl are proud beings; their pride comes from their strength and prosperity. As mentioned earlier, they are quiet in interspecies politics, and only speak they feel others are not decisive enough.

Hierarchy- The various clanships are lead by chieftains. The communities (military and domestic) choose leaders amongst themselves.

Hraa'Tai: unknown/ 400+
Khal'Shai: unknown

Plys'Iea/The Honor Guards- hailing from a swampy world of large, twisting trees; these creatures are remarkable for many things: their size, strength, and reflexes. It is this race that became the Honor Guards of the Patriarchs and High Naryyn councilmen.

Standing 7.5 on average, the largest of this race can be 8.10. These creatures, while sentient are one of the most savage and brutal of the known species. For reasons unknown to other races, the Plys'Iea have a deeply-rooted xenophobia coupled with a drive to dominate other species through force.

Physiology- Plys'Iea have extra-sensory nerve appendages sprouting from their backs in the form of spines. With these, they are more aware of the environment around them than most species. Their scales are thick, as is their skeletal structure. As a tree-climbing species, they can survive heavy impacts and are difficult to incapacitate.

Plys'Iea have thousands of fine hairs on their hands and feet that allow them to scale the large trees of their homeworld and keep a firm grip on captured prey.
Most high ranking individuals are superior in physical attributes to Naryyn; however, the lower classes only have brief moments of tactical success. Plys'Iea genetics are such that genetic diversity is not an issue, theoretically a single Plys'Iea couple could resurrect their race given enough time, unlike other humanoid races.

Psychology- The Plys'Ieas? primary war strategy favors attacks that result in the highest number of enemy casualties rather than strategic importance.
This is an adaptation of their hunting method, severely wound prey enough that is simply expires on its own, or perishes due to their poisonous bite.

Plys'Iea society is composed of tribal elements with a single being with ultimate power. Rulers rise and fall based on the concept of the strong controlling the weak. "Usurpations" are generally public affairs, one-on-one duels. It is at the victor's discretion as to if the loser lives or dies.

Chieftains have nearly unlimited power, and the government structure is largely flexible; a chieftain can leave certain individuals to deal with issues he or she deems beneath his or her notice.

Plys'Iea are often considered brutish and uncivilized, indeed, cannibalism of the dead is as widespread as burials and cremations are in other cultures.
Many customs that other races hold to are mundane or non-existent to the Plys'Iea. There is no such thing as marriage, family ties commonly weak, females raise young as a community, and fathers rarely take part in their children?s upbringing.

Males: 534
Females: 603

Vargukei- A unique species of predators, believed to have evolved on a world in the same system as the Plys'Iea. The vargukei possess semi-sentient intelligent, and hardiness beyond that of any other humanoid.
The Plys'Iea seem to be able "tame" vargukei, training them to not attack them, a feat that none have been able to accomplish. Their giant forms are proportional to Legionnaire armor, and their glass-like carapace is immune to small-arms fire and some anti-armor weapons (rockets being largely ineffective while a High Naryyn railgun can possibly kill one).

On foot, the vargukei are lumbering behemoths, but they use beetle-like wings to travel great distances in Nirm's gravity.
When in flight, a vargukei will slam into opponents with bone-crushing force, or grab it opponent, maul it with its claws before dropping it from altitude.

Biology: 96% of the vargukei?s body is covered by a glassy exoskeleton; this natural armor is immune to most firearms and extreme temperature.
It?s been discovered that vargukei have an endoskeletal system as well as exoskeleton. This explains why they are able to take anti-armor rounds that would rip a hole in most large insectoid creatures.

Vargukei have four, small eyes on the front of their elongated head. It has been proposed that vargukei rely more on smell than sight, and do not see through the visible spectrum.
Their jaw mandibles are powerful enough to break bones, and their claws and talons are slightly serrated for increased grip. In addition, vargukei have reverse jointed legs, which allow them to launch themselves surprising distances in order to become airborne.

General: 42

Yhu'Waé- The "wards" as the Naryyn call them. Yhu'Waé are humble, well-mannered, and pleasant sentients from a gas giant in the Gemantai system.
They are extremely light weight, capable of neutral bouyancy in the air. Yhu'Waé are not aggressive or ambitious beings, they enjoy working for and helping others.

It is common to see them doing public services such as barkeeping, nursing, or small "handiman" jobs. Their altruistic nature is widely appreciated by many species, and they have spread throughout known space without resistance.

Biology- While they are neutrally bouyant, the Yhu'Waé have small legs capable of pushing themselves higher and suspending themselves when they need to rest. Their floatation is achieved by their ability to control the mixture of gases withing their bodies.

Yhu'Waé can use a wide range of gases in respiration. They do not eat liquid or solid foods, the gases they inhale are the only sustenance necessary. Depending on the "diet" of gasses they have, a Yhu'Waé may have a sleep cycle, or be constantly awake and active.
Lacking vocal chords or a vocalization chamber, they communicate through writing or (less commonly) through devices that translate their thoughts into speech. Yhu'Waé have no trouble understanding most known languages.

The Yhu'Waé look like upright insects, possessing an exoskeleton. Their shoulders split in two one both sides, accommodating their four arms, with each arm having three fingers. Their heads are fused to their main body, their four lower eyes aimed in different directions so they see everything in front of them and to the left and right, their upper pair behave like human binocular vision.

Psychology- The Yhu'Waé have a helpful and altruistic nature in general; very few things will disgust or discourage them. While incredibly benevolent, they are not naive, and maintain a sense of fairness (for themselves and their counterpart) in business and their personal lives.

Yhu'Waé can learn certain concepts very well and are totally inept in others. Medicine is a common field, giving them greater ability to help others. Mercantile is also a skill they take on with enthusiasm.

Hierachy- Yhu'Waé have no governing body, they observe the laws of other species. Every is a subordinate.

General: 37

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The Characters- All ages are set during the Nirn Conflict.

Iso Naryyn-

Matriarch Athryn
Race- Iso Naryyn
Age- 307
Age- 30
Summary of Merit- After sheparding her clan for centuries beneath Dagoth Ur, she is a empathetic and selfless matron. However, when it is necessary, she does not hesitate to become emphatic when there is indecision. Like all of the Iso Naryyn leadership, she maintains an unyielding hope that one day all Naryyn shall be united as their forefathers were.

Lord Arastus
Race- Iso Naryyn
Gender- Male
Age- 1,276
Age- 59
Summary of Merit- One of the eldest known Naryyn, a wise and decisive leader who holds the faith and loyalty of all who serve under his leadership.

Race- Iso Naryyn
Gender- Female
Age- 122
Age- 23
Summary of Merit- An orphan of unknown parents, one of the last of a dying clan, and Revan's close companion. Her natural grace is as much her strength as her affinity with forming close bonds with her allies. Revan is the cold, unyielding darkness, while Rhys is the more comforting, protective side to compliment her lover's.

High Naryyn-

Fleet Adm. Tobias Satith
Race- High Naryyn
Age- 818
Age- 42
Bio- A declorated war hero of the Imperial Navy, as well as neutral in the debate of the Iso Naryyn's persecution. The admiral is capable of compromising the ideals preached by the Patriarchs if that is required to accomplish victory.
Satith was raised as a psionist commander, along with other "recruits," he was one of the few to survive and gain his rank.

Commander Xaries
Race- High Naryyn
Gender- Male
Age- 315
Age- 31
Summary of Merit- An experienced veteran of many campaigns, Norik's older brother, and Iso Naryyn sympathizer. He raised Xarkum and is a mentor of sorts to Revan.

Staff Sergeant, Kartah
Race- High Naryyn
Gender- Female
Age- 141
Age- 25
Summary of Merit- One of Xarkum's true friends, a Staff Sergeant under Cmd. Xaries, targetted to be the the partner-learner of one of the Plys'Iea psionists.

Lt. 3rd Class, Kyle Thane
Race- High Naryyn
Age- 103
Age- 20
Summary of Merit- A young legionnaire of the 885th legion, brash and occasionally hot-headed, the lieutenant is unruly, but makes up for it with sheer ability to incite mayhem on the battlefield. Like all legionnaires, Thane enjoys the infamous reputation of his affiliation; legionnaires are paid as mercenaries, and they don't hold to many of the "virtues" the Patriarchs encourage.

Race- High Naryyn
Gender- Male
Age (chron.)- 146
Age Physical)- 26
Summary of Merit- Former disciple of the Order, Revan's older half-brother and a powerful presense in his own right. Marthyn is determined to regain his honor, first by killing his half-breed half-brother, but when he failed in doing that he allied with Nara to accomplish her mysterious agenda.

Race- High Naryyn
Gender- Male
Age- 320
Age- 32
Summary of Merit- One of the zealous hands of the Council, a staunch believer in the teachings of the Patriarchs; he mostly ignored his own son's existance so he could further his devotion to his leaders. The brother of Commander Xaries.

2nd Lieutenant, Sam Tyson
Race- High Naryyn
Age- 79
Age- 20
Summary of Merit- A young pilot of the Navy, a rising star in his squadron. Sam went to the naval piloting academy before reaching the draft age of 50. He is driven less by a sense of duty or obligation, but by a love of flight.
Born from a middle class family outside the Cradle, Lt. Tyson is not a believer in Naryyn superiority or the mistrust of the Iso Naryyn.

Xarkum- status: desceased
Race- High Naryyn
Gender- Male
Age- 93
Age- 20
Summary of Merit- Son of Norik, a sympathizer for the Iso Naryyn like his uncle, and one of first people Revan came to trust during the war. Died during an ill-concieved attack on a Rogue frigate. His mother died when he was young; his father applied to become an emissary for the council to provide before him.
However, Norik became consumed by his work and failed to raise his son, the duty falling to the boy's uncle, Xaries.

Race- Iso Naryyn Ascendant
Age- ???
Age- ???
Summary- An enigmatic minipulator, near to nothing is known about her. Even the claim that she is Revan's mother can be questioned. It is assumed she is a blood-seer following her visions in order to bring about the reunification of the Naryyn, or is there more to her agenda.


The War Leader
Race- Plys'Iea
Age- ???
Age- ???
Summary of Merit- Renouned by all her peers as the individual who slew the single Naryyn warrior who slaughtered hundreds of thousands many eons ago. This feat not only makes her a force to be reckoned with, but also a very ancient warrior, being that it had to have taken place many thousands years ago; making her the oldest recorded being in existance.

Race- Plys'Iea
Age- 184
Summary of Merit- one of the few psionists of his kind. His psychic potential, along with the psionic talents of every other Plys'Iea psionist, are derived from the War Leader's genes. While these psionists number in the hundreds, Zarauhn is the only individual that the War Leader has loose, maternal ties to.

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Lord Revan
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The Factions-

The Order- A little known organization, shrouded in mystery to the brink of nonexistance. Few even believe in its existance, those few only have suspicions and questionable pieces of proof. There is no conclusive evidence that proves the Order's existance or otherwise.

An organization created to bring about the reunification of the Naryyn as two races co-existing with one another. The disiples of the Order are Iso Naryyn and High Naryyn; brought in after "dissappearing" from their former lives.

The goal of the Order is to orchestrate a meeting between the two Races and using their influence to bring about a mutually beneficial union. However, it is strictly opposed to the idea of cross-breeding between both species.

The Order's leaders believe such actions would eliminate the abilities and unique qualities that have developed in the High Naryyn and Iso Naryyn. Agents of the Order are scattered throughout their respective race's dominions.

Iso Naryyn Clans- The region of space controlled by the Iso Naryyn are split to give each surviving clan a home region from which to call their own. Each Clanship is lead by a Matriarch; who, in turn, meet to discuss issues and disputes amongst themselves.
The Matriarchs are representatives and figureheads, in addition to being the direct ruler of their own clans. The tribes, in general mind-set, are symbiotic (whatever affect one clan affects all the others).

Marhun Kar- One of the ten clans left stranded on Nirm during the abandoning of the world. The only complete clan that still has a surviving capital and a small (of a few thousand) population. The city, hidden beneath the volcano on Dagoth Ur, is the sole surviving city and sanctuary for the Naryyn of Nirm.

Many of the city's populace are the last few members of the other nine tribes left behind. Though largly unknown to the rest of Tamriel, a small group is sent to the surface to keep up with the happenings of the native species.
The members of this clan are capable of taming most intelligent/semi-sentient creatures. They have even been able to communicate to certain native fuana via telepathy and body language. With these abilities, they have flourished in the dark recesses of Red Mountian, co-existing or detering the exotic beasts that reside beneath the surface.

Hurso Vernah- Thought to be extinct, the bulk of this mysterious tribe dissappeared prior to the adandoning of Nirm. Only a few individuals are known, too few (many believe) to bring back their clan from death.

The common translation of Hurso Vernah is "Blood-Seer;" the clanmembers can see arcane currents that are supposed to bind all life (sentient and otherwise) together. With this special sight, it is believed they can predict the future based on the way energy flows from individuel to individual.

All the remaining Hurso Vernah are reclusive and tight-lipped about what they see, leaving a foreboding sense over what could be so disturbing.......

The High Naryyn Patriarchs- The symbolic leaders of their race, the Patriarchs can be considered as religous leaders as well as political powers. Their duties are less in number than the council, yet their word holds more poer than the entire council combined.

The High Naryyn Imperial Navy- The name for all the collective armed groups that constitute the Naryyn's military forces. Essentaily the "navy" is all the armed forces and intelligence organizations in one. With their immense empire, the High Naryyn require an equally large force to make their will known to all.

The Marine Infantry- Clad in heavy combat armor, these footsoldiers can fight anywhere and in almost any conditions. Armed with a wide array of weapons and vehicles, these men and women have many ways to accomplish their goals.

Most marines are drafted; the amount who actually inlist is only 26% per unit. Those that are drafted are most often from the colony worlds farthest away from the central worlds. Upon drafting/inlisting new recruits have their ability to harness mental energy dampened.
This makes them easier to manage and closer to an exacting standard. Only when a soldier has earned appropriate pristige can his/her inate psychic powers be rekindled.

Psionists' Fellowship- After regaining their powers, the marines are no longer regular foot soldiers. Now they are trained and conditioned to better use their birthrights to further the grasp of the council. In addition to their training, the warriors are given implants that boost and better focus their psychic powers.

Among many offensive and defensive techniques warriors can: levitate themselves and other objects, channel their psychic energy into blasts, create energy shields, crush or impair enemies, and communcicate long distances telepathically.

The 885th Aerial Devision- An outfit of millions of individuels who pilot the heaviest versions of marine armor. These dreadnauts are the best "firefighters" in the navy, capable of delivering hvy. firepower with pinpoint accuracy.
The hulking troopers stand 11.8 feet (almost 4 meters) tall, and weigh around two tons. But their armor's wieght does nothing to slow them down, all suits are equipted with a thruster pack mounted to the armor's back. Additional thrusters are attached to the hardpoints on the armor's heels; all working in unison, these can allow for flight and bursts of speed on the ground.

Elite Guard- After the betrayl of the Honor Guards, a new group was formed to protect the Patriarchs and Council members and fullfil the hghest agendas of the Imperial Hierarchy. The Elite Guard is such an organization, composed completely of masters of the Psionist Fellowship.
These gifted warriors and psychics pilot newly produced type 58 Titan Mobile Armors. Though one of the smallest High Naryyn organizations, they have already made their presense known in the core worlds where they've been pressed into service.

Special Operations Troopers- One sign that the Council and Patriarchs are feeling the coming of a trial that will test their race's resolve and strength is the re-introduction of BlackOps programs. Using elements from the three new hostile alien species (two of which are not truly hostile) and incorperating them into a new generation of highly trained elite specialists and assassins.

From active camoflage to energy absorbing alloys, to augmentation on a genetic level, these men and women will be the personal javalin of the highest levels of the High Naryyn leadership. But they haven't even begun training yet.......

The Plys'Iea- Hulking sentients which evolved from a swamp world, They have a vandetta against both Naryyn subspecies, though the details are unclear as of yet. Their warriors are indescriminate in who they slay, Naryyn or otherwise.

The Virtarak Broods- A close ally of the Iso Naryyn, squat, avian creatures. Most have generally sub-sentient intelligence, but the higher ups in the hierarchy are unquestioningly thoughtful. Total conflict is the only form of warfare they are willing to wage.
Their weapons are modeled after organic inspirations, most often they are chemical-based. They have an unrivaled expertise in genetics and great knowledge of other races' anatomy and biology.

Warriors- There is no doubt that the Virtarak are the least deadly in one-on-one combat; their strength lies more in numbers. Despite their physical weakness, the avian warriors are most naturally talented marksmen in the known galaxy.

Talons- Since finding themselves in a relatively low position on the ladder of galactic power, the Virtarak hierarchy have taken to extreme methods in order to give their race an edge. With their extensive knowledge of chemicals and genetics (born from their strong belief in natural selection), the Virtarak have chosen distinguished warriors to include in experimental projects of genetic modification and chemical stimulation.

These genetically enhanced heroes are known as the Talons, at the moment they are few, but they are steadily growing. The strengths and weaknesses of the Virtarak are bent through the use of enzymes and stimulants.
Some Talons overcome their inherent weakness in strength to surpass a typical humanoid. Others hone their sharpshooter skills and reflexes to phenominal levels. Regardless, the Talons are easily picked out of any social group of normal Virtarak.

In addition to their increase in combat effectiveness, they are taller, bulkier, and more hunched in appearance than their brethren. Perhaps it was inevitable, but the single-use stimulents used by Talons in the field have been adapted (and supplied) to other alien races such as the Iso Naryyn.

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Evolutionary traits and of Naryyn species-

Advanced Neocortex- Since the dawn of the Naryyn civilization Naryyn were capable of higher perception of the world around them. This was the first calling card of psionic potential, low-grade telepathy.
Eventually they were able to communicate amongst themselves without speaking, directing thoughts and ideas directly into each other's minds. Early psychokinesis followed, allowing them to manipulate the world around them without physical contact.

As technology increased, the Naryyn found the source of their abilities. Unlike many races around them, they possessed a neocortex with more sophistication and greater potential. Eager to better themselves, the Naryyn melded their technological wonders with their natural powers.
This new age of hybrid technology revealed unlimited avenues of possibility, but it would not last long enough to show its potential.

When the Naryyn split, both sides gave up the gifts of their forefathers. The Iso Naryyn based all their creations on their ability to bend things to their will. The High Naryyn returned to using pure technology.

High Naryyn nueral implants- Upon introduction to the navy, all marines, pilots, and support personel are implanted with psionic inhibitors. These implants nullify a patient's ability to focus their will to harness psychic energy.

Such measures are made so the soldiers are more reactive to authority and a standard is maintained for the infantry ranks. It is also done to protect soldiers from each other in times of extreme stress on the battlefield. It eliminates the possibility that soldiers may be harmed in the life or death melee as their powers rage uncontrolled.

Upon gaining appropraite prestige in their survice, veterans will have their implants replaced with models that enhance their ability to channel their inherent gifts. In addition to these veterans, commanders and admirals are given the necessary implants needed to access a frantic combat situation.

However there have been cases where implants have backfired. Instead of being capable of channeling psychic energy, a soldier with a malfunctioning inhibitor will experience intense pain as the implants struggle to deflect the flow of psionic energy.
Extended durations of said suffering can lead to mental disorders and distabalization of a victem's mind.

Evolution of a Group Mind- While the High Naryyn use nueral implants to jam psionic impulses from the common soldiers, the Iso Naryyn have no such restrictions.

The High Naryyn Admiralty and Naval Commanders have no restrictions placed on themselves. However, they tend to co-ordinate their forces without using their telepathic talents (in particular, to communicate over immense distances instantly).

The Iso Naryyn communicate instantaniously over light-years by using ship-based psychic resonators to boost the range of telepathic communication. These resonators, when coupled with psionic receptors, can also give the user(s) greater awareness of other psychic beings within range.
These amplifiers and receivers make up the Iso Naryyn's own equivilent to a combatnet. When gathered in their fleets, Iso Naryyn can feel empowered and undaunted when in the face of hardship (should such traits be dominant throughout the fleet).

In such a way, bravery inspires bravery, dispair breeds more dispair, and resolve can multiply. Every death of either sub-species is felt by psionists of both. One death can distract, hundred or thousands at one time can be crippling for a brief time.
The dowfalls are only as numerous as the advantages, as long as charismatic figures maintain good morale in their immediate troops, the Naryyn as a whole will remain strong and defiant.

A good example of a group mind would be the Protoss from StarCraft.

Psionic Diversity- Both Naryyn sub-species has advantages or disadvantages. For example: the terms of psychic focus and magnitude.

Magnitude is the amount of psionic energy or force that is used up to achieve change. For instance, suspending an inkwell as opposed to blasting a door off its hinges. The latter task requires more energy but less prescision than the former.

Focus is the measurement of how much concentration is required for a task to be fullfilled. This applies mostly to situations that need little magnitude. It can be considered equivilent to prescision, requiring more attention and will.

The Iso Naryyn are more adept at tasks requiring focus, but are more lacking in tasks involving great magnitude. The High Naryyn psionists, are directly opposite in strengths and weaknesses. While both can learn to balance both terms, they are naturally more skilled at one or the other.

Due to Revan's mixed heritage, it is possible that he lacks the weaknesses of pure-blooded Naryyn. Focus and Magnitude are always present when telekinises is applied. A psychic could kill/incompacitate a person regardless of which aspect they are most skilled in.

Focus could be brought to bare to rupture a major artery, or cause temporary unconsciousness. Magnitude would allow a wielder to crush the target or lash out with a wave of psychic energy to blast targets off their feet.

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Technological Wonders of the Cosmos-

Dyson spheres- to power a galaxy spanning empire, the High Naryyn have constructed thousands of dyson spheres. These constructs are rings of solar arrays that encircle entire stars, these projects yield nearly 100% of a star's full output of energy. Excess energy is beamed by lazer throughout a network of millions of portals which distribute the energy throught the High Naryyn's expansive empire.

Artificial planets- Originally, the Naryyn homeworld of Ryth'Dyn was the only world in its solar system. However, the High Naryyn, following the plans dreamed up by their forerunners, constructed twelve completely artificial worlds.
Despite being unnatural, these planets have stable atmospheres and environments. Many smaller moons have been created to serve as centers of technology, communication, and warfare.

Talament Station is a cluster of twelve ovals, held together by twin rings which connect to every oval just kilometers from the tips and a larger one which is placed over the center. The collosal station is the heart of warfare and the seat by which the supreme leaders move the fleets of the Empirial Navy.

FTL travel- has been known since before the Great War, however the sub-species have developed different means to interstellar travel. The High Naryyn capital ships are outfitted with a cannon that fires a sliver of highly volatile energy whose details and composition is rather vague. The shot tears a portal in space which can be entered by properly shielded ships.

The Iso Naryyn use the very hulls of their vessels to achieve faster than light travel. Given the appropriate inertia (mass+velocity or something like that) a Iso Naryyn vessel can tear open a warp just like the shot fired from a HN capital ship.
However, the crystals used to power the vessel(s) are needed to unleash a pulse of their arcane energy to open the rift. Essentially, the entire vessel acts as a projectile while the crystal core aid in tearing through space.

Reincarnation through cloning- While the Virtarak are the true masters of genetics, the High Naryyn's innovation and vast understanding of the mind and the psyche, have put them a step ahead of the Virtarak and the Plys'Iea in terms of covert warfare and intelligence gathering.

With the Virtarak's reverse-engineered cloning techniques, they can make an identical body for a deceased soldier. And their knowledge of their own psyche, they can give the clone all the memories, instincts, and experience its predecessor had.
This revolutionizing development, however, is not wide-spread, and the High Naryyn Patriarchs are the only ones who have direct access to it. Other than perserving key figures, reincarnation is reserved for SpecOps Troopers, giving them an edge against precieved enemies they do not fully understand.

Virtarak Chemical Sprayers- One of the Virtaraks' greatest weapons, their invaluable experience with biological weapons gives them a noteworthy edge over other races. The agents they employ range from climate-affecting sprayes to WMD status fuel air bombs.

Should the dire need arise, they will not hesitate to employ these lethal compounds, but rarely is there enough resistance, or possible loss of delicate assets that they are acceptable. The chemicals can be delivered via pods from orbit or aircraft in the jetstream.
The winds of the targeted world distribute the agents effectively, globally at times.

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Information on the different fleets.

High Naryyn Ships- The most awe-inspiring of the factions, wherever a fleet may go they make a great impression upon the on-lookers. Nearly every vessel is manufactured to an exacting standard, and therefore are identical to one another.
Still many cruisers for example tend to have unique features or weapon tonnage. All capital-class ships are equipped with energy shields which provide added protection against most forms of modern weaponry.

The High Naryyn use powerful fusion cores to power their advanced technology and spacecraft.

Cruisers- the most powerful warships crafted by the Empire, these behemoths range from 3 to 2.5. These also have the most advanced technology invested in them.
Each sports a particle beam cannon mounted on their fore side. Particle cannons fire a lance of charged particles at a target, with greater range, accuracy, and energy consumption, this weapon is reserved for attacking enemy installations and other capital ships.

The Armet is a Hvy. Cruiser, outfitted with an AI for navigation and combat. The leviathan-like vessel is the flagship of Adm. Satith. With two cavernous troop bays, located beneath the twin hanger bays, the Armet can carry about a eight hundred marines, fifty-eight legionnaires from the 885th, and dozens of scouts, and APCs at maximum capacity.
It can also carry twelve flights of five dropships, three squadrons of mk-20 "Stalker" starfighters or five squadrons of smaller mk-15 "Swift" atmospheric interceptors.

Cruisers have perfect artificial gravity (not produced by spinning sections) and maximum cruise speeds of rivaling smaller frigates. Because of their overall reliability, fleet commanders and some admirals choose cruisers as their flagships.

Carriers- have minimum weaponry, but have three hanger bays. Though possessing thick armor, they are not the toughest of the Imperial Navy. A carrier can hold up to eight-hundred marines (and sufficient transports for them), two-hundred legionnaires, two-hundred and forty Mk-15 interceptors, or two-hundred and ten Mk-20s. [These statistics are for solid, non-mixed, vehicle/infantry and fighter groups only.]

While not the most armed of the navy, carriers are almost never alone. They are the second slowest of the fleet, the first being Hvy. Destroyers.

It has been observed that many kinds of anti-capital weapons, should they gut the ship, can cause a chain reaction as the spare fuel, explosive ordinance, and other hazards combust.

Destroyers and Hvy. Destroyers- The main ship-to-ship combat vessels, destroyers are meant to take punishment and then dish out their own.
With superior shields and armor than a frigate, the destroyer is often the spearhead to most space battles and planetary engagements, especially when cruisers are in short supply.
Hvy. Destroyers are more (no way around it) heavily armed and armored than normal destroyers. Such vessels are armed with torpedoes and bombs to destroy installations in deep space or underground.

Mk-15 “Swift” Interceptors- the main method to maintain air-superiority for the Navy is the Mk-15. These super-sonic fighters are designed for dog fighting, spitfire bombing raids, and reconnaissance.
The interceptor lives up to its name, able to fly circles around other aircraft.

Swifts often carry Stiletto dive-bombs, or Rapier ATA missiles. All Mk-15s are outfitted with a pair of Zapper pulse cannons and twin Lighting Strike kinetic-DEW hybrid guns.

They are propelled by triple scramjet engines, which can allow for super-cruise speeds equivalent to mach-3. At such speeds they can cover great distances or gain altitude exponentially, but they cannot drop ordinance with desirable accuracy at such velocities.
Boosts are reserved for crossing hostile or contested territory to reach targets unharmed, not for dog fighting or dive-bombing. The Swifts are constructed with the same material as the same burnished golden alloys as the rest of the High Naryyn’s vehicles.

Slender and needle-shaped, they can hug the ground or navigate the twists and turns of rugged mountain canyons just as well as they can soar through the sky like predatory eagles.
Their wings branch out almost perpendicular to the fuselage, sliding back to boost for speed, and reaching out to raise maneuverability. Mk-15s also have thrust vectoring engines, pushing their agility to the limit.

Mk-20 “Stalker” Starfighter- The High Naryyn employ the heavily armed Mk-20s for interstellar engagements. Unlike their slender cousins, the Stalkers have more armor and have minor energy shielding. The handling makes up for the lack of speed, veteran pilots have even been recorded dodging homing ordinance rather than let their armor or shields take the hit.

They are propelled by a quartet of ion engines, thus Mk-20s are ill-suited for atmospheric environments. Where the Swift is limber, the Stalker is bulky. The cockpit is well-armored, as is the overall hull.
The Stalker is armed with a miniature model of the capital-class particle beam cannon, and a quartet of homing missiles for use against interceptors. It has anti-capital ship missiles and bombs to attack installations and larger ships.

Dropships- Used both in the void and in atmospheric environments, these transports are fueled by hydrogen fuel. Their engines are mounted on swiveling hardpoints which allows for VTOL capability and greater manueverabilty..

Armed with a chin-mounted guass (magnetic acceleration) cannon and four anti-personal energy blasters, the dropship can play the roll of a flying tank as well as its roll as an extraction vehicle. In space, dropships serve as heavy assault or defensive units with noteworthy versitility.

Hvy. Dreadnaught, Vanguard Class- The most powerful weapon designed by the High Naryyn Empire, the Van guards are the pinnacle of High Naryyn technological ingenuity. One of the most important features is taken from the Mobile Orbital Construction Yards, which supply most of the ammunition and other necessities to expiditionary fleets and repair on damaged vessels.

The Vanguard constructs its own torpedoes, ballistic ordinance, and in essense, repairs itself. Only at pivital points in historical conflicts has even one heavy dreadnaut been unleashed upon the enemy. It was a Vanguard that tore through the I'caadsi Fleet's defensive blockade.
Never in history has a Dreadnaut been destroyed, although the one involved in the earlier conflict was decomissioned and used to build a MOCY and a couple of hvy. cruisers.

Iso Naryyn Warships- Sleek as the submersibles, the Iso Naryyn have no reservations about striking from where the enemy least expects. They possess the most maneuverable and one of the fastest armadas fighting on Nirm, as well as being hybrid craft (both submersible navy and air-worthy). Their crystal cores cancel gravity's affect on them and kinetic drives within their hull give them movement.

Frigates- The Iso Naryyn frigates are similar to their counterparts, but with one key difference: complete camouflage. The ability to make something completely undetectable is a difficult process; something on the scale of a space-faring vessel is unimaginable to many races.

But the invisibility of these vessels is based on the light-bending abilities that certain Iso Naryyn possess. Not only is the ship visually undetectable, but even the crew's mental maelstrom is masked by the ship. As these Iso Naryyn don't use heat-creating engines heat signatures and don't emit radiation, they are also undetectable to most sensors.
The backbone of any endeavor, their stealth is essential where their strength may be lacking. Many foes have been brought down by the cunning use of but a few humble frigates blasting their flanks.

Destroyers- Of greater tonnage than the lowly frigate, the destroyer is a fine finishing element to any ground engagement. Their anti-capital turrets can easily be brought to bear on a ground-based threat.

While it can easily defend a position against vehicle and infantry, such a task would be better left to frigates. A destroyer is much more suited for ship-to-ship combat, while still bearing in mind that an opportunistic commander is better than a dead one.
Their shields and armor are inferior to High Naryyn, but their greater agility and speed are apt redeeming factors. Iso Naryyn weaponry is based on directed energy, whereas High Naryyn use projectiles and energy hybrids.

World ships- only four are in existence to this day, and it is a wonder these colossal 28 kilometer long and 7 km wide dreadnaughts were made without factories or automated construction equipment. The Iso Naryyn created the first of these behemoths shortly after the discovery of Xarmanca.

Inspired by the colony ships that had spirited them away from their original home, a world ship can carry well over 320,000 individuals alone. The fleet was created due to the millennia of nomadic wandering that the Iso Naryyn spent before finding a suitable homeworld.
The ships are meant for space, constructed in orbit and never feeling the atmosphere of a planet. Little is known that can hope to destroy these giant carriers. With powerful shields and numerous weaponry emplacements all four could support the Naryyn as effectively as any planet.

With the fighter compacity equivelant to three High Naryyn carriers (with two lateral hangers on each side and an aft hanger also) the world ships together would make a super fleet, a self-sustaining cradle for the Naryyn to begin again, if the dire need ever arose.....
The World Ships are also the largest vessels in existance with stealth capabilities. While stealth frigates become translucent when they fire energy weapons or power up shields, the mammoth colony ships can be running at full compacity and remain virtually undetectable.

Shrouds- A hybrid design between the High Naryyn Swift interceptor and Iso Naryyn bomber. The Shroud uses an Iso Naryyn crystal core for power, MK-15's 2D thrust vectoring nozzles and thrusters. It's wings are still shaped in an air-foil, allowing for the core's output to focus on acceleration rather than negating gravity.

While larger than its predecessor, the Shroud is superior to the Swift in speed, agility, durability, and payload. Not only does it serve flawlessly in an atmosphere, the Shroud can function even more efficiently in the void.
They are few in number, but the Shrouds are more lethal than any multi-purpose craft of war within the galaxy. While lacking in invisibilty, these fighters are so quick that the enemy only gets a passing glance and nothing more.

Not all of their bulk is armor, there is limited space for the pilot to use for quarters if operating outside friendly territory. Unlike the Iso Naryyn bomber, the shrouds do not have VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) capability, but have STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) and gliding functions.
One of the most notable pilots is veteran Swift pilot Flight Commander Sam Tyson, who also served as one of the test pilots for the prototype models.

Plys’Iea Warships- The true enemy, all Plys’Iea vessels are outfitted with a thick black-green alloy with the ability to disperse energy-based attacks. Of the four factions, their vessels are the slowest, but most heavily armored.

Battle Cruisers- Often compared to a twin-bladed sword, with both running parallel to one another in the same direction. Both lance-like gun stations are a kilometer and a half in length from stem to stern.

The most fearsome of all Plys’Iea war machines, the cruisers are the fastest capital class ships of their armadas and also among the best armed.
Of every vector, only the direct aft, aft-low, and between the “gauntlet” of the twin lances are not well-defended.

The twin lances frill on the inside edge (right for the left one, left for the right) to resemble a cape or wing being lifted up by the wind. These furls lean toward the central fuselage and the bridge.
Many of the weapon systems of the Plys’Iea are non-directed energy, though some are, their arsenal includes chemical, kinetic, or explosive based weaponry.

Cruisers are known to carry the deadliest of these weapons, providing support for ground troops and decimating enemy forces.

Destroyers- For all intents and purposes, a bull in the china shop. Most of its volume is armored plating, with less critical components than other vessels, the destroyer can go head-to-head with a High Naryyn Hvy. Cruiser and manage to bring down the opposing ship’s shields before being blown out of the sky.

Not a single destroyer has energy shielding; instead their hull has some unknown substance coating it which disperses most forms of directed energy.
Equipped with many brutal and (brutally) effective ship-to-ship weapons, a force of Plys’Iea destroyers can embody a steamroller and run right over any faction’s opposing models.

With unprecedented impact tolerance, the Plys’Iea destroyer’s prime tactic for ship to ship combat it to collide with enemy vessels and pound the target into a million pieces with its STS weapons.
Even a beaten-up destroyer can come out on top against an unshielded Cruiser, entering a lethal embrace with its foe.

The Construction Project- [Information cannot be accessed with the available clearance]

Gunships- Flying tanks of the Plys'Iea, with thick armored plating and powerful thrusters, these things can move frieght and act as the vanguard for a ground-based offense. The Plys'Iea gunship is crewed by up to six specialists: one pilot, a navigator, two system analysts, a gunner, and finally one communications officer.

Armed with three Ripper cannons (unknown classification, disentegration-projectile hybrids?), and twin Impaler anti-armor missiles launches, these monsters are most effective against ground-based infantry and armored devisions. Rippers fire an non-visible round of unknown properties which tears even armor-clad Marines to pieces instantainiously.

Vipers- Medium-sized, twin man fighters; the only form of dogfighting aircraft that the Plys'Iea possess. There only armaments are five pulse-laser guns, one anti-capital ship torpedo, and a single Strangler minigun with explosive ammunition. Their top speed is about mach one, but typically they cruise just above the land at four hundred to five hundred miles per hour.
The pilot, naturally, is saddled with the duty of flying the Viper, and has the firing mechanism for the anti-cap torpedo and the Strangler. The gunner has targetting control for the five pulse lasers and moniters the diagnostic system checks along with all the other auxilary roles of the fighter.

Virtarak Fleets- Of the four factions, the avian Virtarak have the weakest units man-for-man. Their main strengths are speed and precision hit and run strikes against an unwary foe. Virtarak use hydrogen fuel cells to power their vessels.

Carriers- from stem to stern, the carriers of the Virtarak are the longest capital-class ship in the skies of Nirm. Only a weak energy shield protects the hull (which unlike other shields conforms to the hull’s shape).

Carriers are near-skeletal in comparison to other capital ships, with a long, cylindrical pod for its fuselage. Two plates of titanium (which look similar to the folded wings of a diving bird of prey) fold around the main fuselage.

Small automated interceptors are stored on racks within the mid and aft sections of the fuselage. When deployed, dozens of these fights are dropped from their racks and fall free from the immediate proximity of the carrier.
These drones are the carrier’s only form of attack. If destroyed the mothership is helpless against the enemy. Only a crew of fifteen Virtarak is needed to direct the carrier and give the drone fighters directives and targets.

Drone fighters- a carrier at maximum capacity can carry up to thirty drones at one time. Each drone is equipped with three repeating laser cannons which are only suitable for dogfights and attacks on infantry and lightly armored vehicles.

All of a carrier’s drones are linked up to a central processor; this unity eliminates mistakes like friendly fire or collisions. However, should the carrier, or the central processor, be jammed or destroyed, the drones would be helpless.
They would begin to plummet until either being destroyed or a processor links to their signal. A carrier, or group of carriers, can take command (or distribute command) of drones who have lost their original carrier.

The processor can command up to a maximum of fifty drones, but a carrier must cycle out its contingent and the excess drones to keep them fuels and repaired.

Virtarak light fighters- Contradictory to common assumption, Virtarak do not have the most maneuverable ships and aircraft. Nor do they have the most powerful; the hordes have the cheapest and smallest aircraft.

In making up for their short comings in advanced technology, the small fighters can be amazingly customizable. Even pieces of other races' technology can be applied to them and utilized. From High Naryyn ordinance such as Stilletos and Rapier ATA missiles, to confiscated Plys'Iea disentegraters and Strangler chain guns.

One unique trait in the light fighters is their ability to fly without any engine thrust, dramatically increasing their range in atmospheric evironments. They have the greatest glide factor of all the races, equal to real birds, they can use up-drafts and slipstreams to keep them aloft and move quickly from location to location.
Thusly, they have a tactical advantage over the Plys'Iea airpower, who have limited range and lower top speeds.

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Ok, armored vehicle section.


Hunter-Killers- Fully-automated killing machines, both well-armed and tough to best in combat. They are made of the same ebony-emerald colored alloy as Plys'Iea warships, giving them immunity to all small-arms fire and even infantry-based hvy. weapons.

All Hunter-Seekers are governed by a specialized AI, they synchronized, if not somewhat single-minded. HKs bear resemblance to their creators: large hulking form, elongated head, among other things.
On the end of their head is a holographic "eye" which has a larger field of view than binocular vision would allow. While the body is thick, the arms and legs are very long and thin. In spite of this, it is not easier to blast their appendages off. These extended limbs allow Hunter-Seekers to traverse any terrain with speed and agility.

Their weaponry sometimes includes rapid-fire anti-personnel laser cannons, arms ending in drills/saws, and various explosive devices. The Hunter-Killers are faster than any vehicle requiring a organic pilot, their mechanical reaction time is estimated around 113 milliseconds.
Even among the terrible horde of the Plys'Iea, the mobile armors inspire fear. Hunter-Seekers attack with a brutality which can't be matched, dissmembering other vehicles and rampaging through infantry.

While the Legionaires of the 885th were some of the few who could cross Hunter-Killers in battle and survive, they were hard pressed against only a single opponent, and the HKs usually do not stray too far from one another.
Such an unstable balance was tipped more out of the Legionaires' favor in restricting spaces, in open-air environments they stood a chance one-on-one as they could utilize their thruster packs to keep a healthy distance from the killing machines' deadly reach.


Rhânai'Xen- One of the examples of Virtarak bio-mechanical weapons, the catterpillar Rhânai are the primary hvy. ground assault vehicles of the Hordes. Anywhere from 27-33 meters long, they are very difficult to take down.
Propelled by twelve pairs of insect legs, the Rhânai'Xen do not move rapidly. So, to counter this weakness, they can roll into a ball and roll rapidly. In this state the Rhânai is a nigh unstopable steamroller.

The primary weapons of these bio-mechs are three sprayers which launch jets of a highly corrosive substance from six special glands hidden within the assualt vehicle's carapace. The sprayers have an effective range of 184 meters.
Additional glands can be added to increase the reserves of acid for the sprayers or create different chemicals such as hallucinogenics, flesh-eating toxins, and more.

Kha'Thur Naryyn-

885th Armored Devision: "Legionnaire" Mobile Armor- The primary weapons of the '85th Devision, Legionnaire MAs, are probably one of the most complex of their kind within the Empire. Standing roughly 11 feet tall and completely impervious to even some models of anti-tank missiles, these units inspire dread in any who find themselves facing off against them.

These fully-powered mobile armors are the "big brothers" to marine-issued version. Thruster packs are mounted onto specific hard points to allow these giants bursts of speed and brief flight. Such accessories can be jettisoned in the event of coolant leaks, or when a unit loses all of its fuel.
Legionnaires can carry hvy. weapons such as shock cannons, "kinetic kill" slug launchers, missile launchers, and energy projectors. In addition, two additional lighter weapons can be mounted on the armor's hips. These weapons are miniguns (which fire tracer rounds), pin-point laser guns, and plasma throwers.

The pilot sits in the chest area, the most well-armored section. Most type 52 Legionnaires move by hydraulics, but the type 53 is being produced which lacks the downfalls of such systems.

Elite Guard: "Titan" Mobile Armor- These models are not involved in the Nirm Conflict, and are rather limited in numbers at the moment. Titans area more advanced versions of the Legionnaires being mass-produced. Information is sketchy at best, but what is know is that all existing Titans are taking the positions which were formerly held by the by the Honor Guards.

The Elite Guard, a newly formed group of High Naryyn psionists with unquestioned devotion to the council and the Patriarchs and great experience and knowledge in their psionic abilities. These men and women are the sole users of the Titan MA, and they are steadily growing as the Patriarchs bless more of their followers to guard the most valuable individuals and locations.

High Naryyn Armored Personel Carrier (APC)- The backbone of High Naryyn ground-ops, every unit is akin to a small, mobile command post. On the ground, only the small scout rovers and the jet-propelled Legionnaire armored troopers can surpass the APC in speed.

The armarment attatched to the rotation turret hardpoint ranges from a machine gun to twin missile launcher pods to a miniature particle cannon. While the APC lacks the speed-boost of scouts, it can use the maneuvering thrusters strategically placed on its frame to "jump" or roll to avoid attack or navigate around obstacles. Eight-wheel-drive and a dynamic suspension system give the APC unparalleled efficiency in the rugged frontier worlds.
Up to eight fully-armored marines can be transported from point to point in an APC. The primary crew is often only a driver and a gunner, but optionally, an aux. unit can be added to increase the general effectiveness of an APC (taking the roles of communications and freeing up the gunner a driver so they can focus on their specialization.

Small All-Terrain Rover: "Scout"- What the APC has in armor, firepower, and all around toughness, the scout has in speed and mobility. Despite the less impressive four-wheel-drive capability, the humble scout's lighter frame, models can be cheaply outfitted with two supplicant tanks of a powerful liquid gas similiar to nitrix to give them a sizable boost in speed.

Like the APC, scouts come with strategically-placed "jump-jet" thrusters, which can allow them to traverse normally unpassable terrain (i.e. chasms and cliffaces). There are two common models of Scout rovers:
Light Attack-
  • thicker armor
  • MMS-AA (Multi-targeting missile system - Anti-air)
  • enclosed cabin for driver and passenger
  • "open-air" design
  • advanced sensor array
  • laser targeting sight
  • sensor pod dropper

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Iso Naryyn Ranks and Social Status-

Shadows- the first and lowest position in the armed forces, the equivalent to privates, corporals and the other enlisted infantry ranks.
The shadows don’t wear particularly ornate armor; their design only differs based on which clan they hail from.

Shaded Knights- after a long honored service, or under abnormal circumstances, a Shadow is given the status of the knights. Less in number compared to the humble shadows, they are more gifted and experienced.
They are most often leading platoons and battalions as opposed to fire teams and squads, but some prefer fighting on the frontlines rather than lead large groups of their kin. The Iso Naryyn equivilent to commisioned or enlisted officers (lieutenant, captain, sergeant classes, etc.)

Ravens- The lowest status in the Iso Naryyn Navy, they include pilots, “engineers,” and junior officers of a capital ship. The different roles are characterized by different shades of color, and rank is identified by tiers.

Rooks- Senior bridge crews and personnel are identified as Rooks. Their roles are distinguished exactly like ravens, though the tiers begin again after being raised in status (Ravens become Rooks 1st Tier).
Ship commanders and fleet commanders all the way up to, but not fleet admirals are featured in the higher tiers.

Lords- The highest figures in the hierarchy like fleet admirals and generals. Only few Lords are allowed at a time, they represent their clan’s matriarch and move at her will.
The amount of Lords that a clan can possess is based on their power and influence, the most are held by the Yutak-Norak (the governing clan). Rooks act as their immediate subordinates; the liberties they can take without their Lord's immediate knowledge is entirely based on the Lord's judgment.

Matriarchs- The leader of her personal clan, the absolute authority in any given clanship. Power and influence is largly based on seniority and the overall relevance of her clan. Her court includes personal advisors, lords, and various administrative servants.
Each court is loosely uniform as each has its own specialization (Yutak-Noruk: general affairs, Marhun Kar: securing the fringe, etc.) Only the Hurso-Vernah don't have a matriarch or a court of their own. While hiers are expected, a matriarch does not have a child, and can establish a line of succession instead.

Other- Non-military and non-political status is variable, typically social status is decided by relevance to society/importance amongst local community.

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Lord Revan
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Ok, as with everything else in these archives, the playlist is subject to change at anytime. I am confidant that the "score" matches the scenes and characters well enough for everyone.


Character Themes-

Inyll and Aruca- Preliator

Apparition Squadron- Europa, Liberation of Gracemaria

Fiona Relyn - In Amber Clad

Mute Testimony- Gathering Data, NATO Final

Rhys- Muse and Crusaders

SpecOps Troopers- Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, Spiritus Khayyam

Valtras- I Hate Everything About You, I Am (All of Me)

Faction Themes-

Ancient Naryyn- Preliator and Vigil

Iso Naryyn- Follow Our Brothers

Naryyn (United)- Greatest Journey, This Is The Hour, Truth and Reconciliation Suite

High Naryyn (Marines/Navy)- Mombasa Suite, Unyielding, Vode An, Gratua Cun, and Farthest Outpost.

High Naryyn (885th Legion and Defense Corps)- Farthest Outpost, In Amber Clad

Shai'Phayl- Fever Dream, and Final Assault (Mass Effect)

Plys'Iea- Canyon Encounter, To Victory (Tyler Bates, 300)

Virtarak- Maelstrom, Black Dawn

Emotional Themes-

Shattered Lives- Shoulda
Forbidden Hallways- Mausoleum Theme
Tracâdus Sacrificed- Earth City
Sublime Unity- Prelude (on earth as in heaven)
The Future- Death Is the Road To Awe
Survivor's Guilt- Dreams of an Absolution

Ace Combat 6: Liberation of Gracemaria.

(Advent Rising)- The Aurelian Movement, Canyon Encounter, Muse,

(Absolution, Muse)- Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

(Bourne Supremacy)- Gathering Data

(Command & Conquer 3)- Black Dawn, Maelstrom

Crush 40- I am (All of me)

(The Fountain)- Death Is The Road to Awe

(Globus)- Europa, Spiritus Khayyam, Preliator, and Prelude

(Halo, Martin O?Donnell)- Dread Intrusion, Earth City, Farthest Outpost, Greatest Journey, Keep What You Steal, Mombasa Suite, Mausoleum Suite, The Last Spartan, This is the Hour, This is Our Land, Truth and Reconciliation Suite, Unyielding

(Hinder)- Shoulda

(Linkin? Park)- In The End, Numb, What I?ve Done

(Mass Effect)- Final Assault, Mass Effect Main Theme, Uncharted Worlds, Vigil

(Requiem For a Dream)- Lux Aeturna

(Stealth, BT) Pilots? Theme, Henry?s Death

(Three Days Grace)- Animal I Have Become, I Hate Everything About You, Never Too Late

(3 Doors Down)- Citizen Soldier

(300, Tyler Bates)- To Victory

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)- Dreams of an Absolution

*Most of these videos are on Youtube if you can't find them anywhere else.*

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High Naryyn (in depth)- The imperial economy is based on capitalism, similar to some human examples on Terra. However, small corporations hardly exist without a charter from the council or the sponsorship of one Patriarch. With few exceptions, every company is a specialist in a certain field, and competition that fails to succeed is quickly absorbed or left out of business.
Corporate heads are appointed by a patriarch and the council will vote on the individual's merit. Even after a head is chosen, the government keeps tabs on the company's progress. This is for many reasons: it ensures that the business maintains a standard of efficiency, the head is doing his or her job, and keeps outside influences out of Naryyn affairs.

Zenith Tech and Cybernetics- One of the oldest corps in existance, Zenith has long been the cutting edge of designing and constructing nueral implants, inhibitors, and interfaces in the empire. Since most of its products are utilized by the armed forces, Zenith has a long-standing contract with them.
Still, some of their wares are commercialized, civilian and military technicians and engineers all use Zenith nueral interfaces when working with sensitive or expensive software. Although there are guards in their facilities, Zenith does not approve of the use of any weaponry that could cause collateral damage.

Thusly, such guards are unarmed but have top-of-the-line implants to multiply their psionic prowess. Part of Zenith's contract is that they can reserve the absolute highest quality amps for their own security, seeing as those models will be in militray hands once an improved version is made.
Zenith also creates fusion reactors, VIs (virtual intelligence), and manages the communications and information network linking the High Naryyn systems together.

Rahm-Kard Armories- One of the few corporations that has an exclusive contract with the armed forces, Rahm-Kard is the exclusive supplier of weaponry to the military. From assault rifles to recoiless rifles, to powered battle-armor.
The armories are based on Tracâdus II, the headquarters of the Imperial Navy and marine corps. As Rahm-Kard's only customer, Patriarch Valance or his executor, Izrah deal with the corp's head on a regular basis.

>TerraSol- The clandestine research devision of Rahm-Kard, no one knows the origins of the branch's mysterious name or the specifics on their research other than weapons tech.

Sovereign Construction- The brother to Zenith, Sovereign is the main shipbuilding firm in Naryyn space. SC builds every model of space-faring vessel from yaughts and freighters to frigates and dreadnaughts.
The mobile orbital construction yards are the foundation of their enterprise. From these thousands of facilities, any High Naryyn starship can be built in a matter of weeks or months. Soveriegn works jointly with Zenith, building Zenith reactors into Sovereign ships.

The Defensive Corps- The civilian defense forces, the navy and marine corps police the borders of known and unknown space, but the DCs guard over 93% of Naryyn planets. They bear the burden of law enforcement (making sure foreign interests don't move in), protection of communities in their jurisdiction.

Many small firms attempt to make business by contracting to the DC. Rahn-Kard does not supply the corps with military grade equipment, but there are alternatives to the huge mega-companies. The one thing that the defense force has to its advantage, is its advantage is its appeal to the young populace.
It is a volunteer outfit, and more importantly, an alternative to the drafts of the marine corps. Once you're recruited, the draft no longer applies to you, and you don't get shipped off to hell-holes for months and years on end.

The corps have education plans as well, plus it binds the communities together. They operate in most worlds other than the Cradle, between the marines and navy they aren't necessary. While most of their kit is second-rate, the DC has access to the semi-powered armor worn by the auxilary units in the marines.

Indomitable Industries- While Rahm-Kard is the foremost supplier of weaponry, Indom. builds armor and land vehicles. It is also the research firm that created T-20, the synthetic alloy used by the High Naryyn today in nearly every misc. object in their civilization.

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Those are some awesome descriptions. Is their your own world that you've created?

*Hey everyone, TES Fiction is looking to revamp its very talented group of writers. So, if you love to write (TES or non-TES), come on over! Whether its stories, poems, song lyrics, etc, it doesn't matter!*
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Lord Revan
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Well, this is a first...... actually there was that one time somebody posted PORN in my thread! *gives the evil-eye* Well, I cam up with most of this, but there are lots of similarities (I wouldn't call them rip-offs) with other things from Sci-fi.
I'll confess, I wasn't as original when I started out as I am now. But frankly the Naryyn are parallels to the Protoss in StarCraft, but I'll defend myself by saying that few things in sci-fi are truly original (except for insanely extravagant) anymore.

But yeah, I get into monologues a lot about things, so yes, most of this stuff is mine. unsure.gif
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It's pretty cool. You're done a nice job with this...

*Hey everyone, TES Fiction is looking to revamp its very talented group of writers. So, if you love to write (TES or non-TES), come on over! Whether its stories, poems, song lyrics, etc, it doesn't matter!*
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Agent Griff
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Lol, giving themes for characters and factions. You must really have been bored. Still, I like some of the music you give, especially the music from Halo. Anyone who has played Halo knows that the music rocks. I've even have the soundtrack from Halo and Halo 2. The main theme, Truth and Reconciliation Suite I think, is really great.

IPB Image

I approve of this mod.
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Apparition Squadron- Created shortly after the Nirn Conflict, between the Iso Naryyn Matriarchy and the battlegroup of Admiral Xaries, to create a team of elite pilots from the High Naryyn and Iso Naryyn. All aircraft in the Apparition squadron are self-sufficient. After battle they must replenish their energy, focusing crystal formations speed their recovery, but are not necessary.
Of the original squadron, 19 units of 25 survived the Requiem and the fighting continuing to the present.
• 10 of 13 Event Horizons
• 8 of 11 Death Strikes
• 1 of 1 Celestial Echo
In spite of their earlier casualties, the Apparitions have established a reputation among the warring factions. The downtrodden species hold them up as symbols of hope and revere them for their success against the Plys’Iea and Virtarak.

All craft can survive re-entry and break orbit on their own. These craft are hybrids in design, combining elements of Kha'Thur technology with Iso Naryyn abilities.

Event Horizon (EH-I) Interceptor- Derived from the Mk-15 Swift used by the Kha’Thur Naryyn as an air-superiority fighter. The Horizon is hyper-maneuverable super-fighter, incorporating traits such as thrust-vectoring along with friction manipulation.
EHs are capable of re-entry by lessening friction on their hull, the same way they achieve speeds exceeding mach 4.2 in atmospheric flight. Since the Horizons do not use combustion for acceleration, coupled with their stealth it is difficult to detect them without visual contact.

Maelstrom Weapon System: Part of the EH’s notoriety is due to its effective special weapon system. The small crystal fragments fired from its guns can be used to “tag” a target. First, the fragments are embedded in the target’s hull. Then, the Raven can unleash multiple crystalline missiles which home in on the target.
Over time this attack drains the core’s power and time must be taken for the core to recover its energy. The missiles can track targets tagged by another Raven; they can also track multiple targets.

Death Strike (DS-I) Interdictor- As the Event Horizon dominates the air and space, the Death Strike has the awesome power to destroy nearly any armored installation or capital ship.

Lancer- The primary weapon of the DS-I is a pair of light rail-guns. Their design gives them a higher rate of fire at the cost of power and range (which is still substantial). A third lancer rail-cannon is mounted behind the first two. This weapon has vastly superior power and range; it serves as the primary heavy weapon for the Death Strike.

Celestial Echo (CE-LF) Light Frigate- The UCAV that manages the tactical support for Apparition Squad and serves as their mothership. The intelligence controlling it is known as Mute Testimony, a brilliant if calculating character.

The CE is about three-fourths the size of any true frigate, possessing only sparse living spaces for Apparition Squadron’s pilots. It possesses a powerful crystalline core with two fusion back-ups giving it an immense amount of power for a ship of its size.
Most of the Celestial Echo’s weaponry is for point-defense purposes, as most capital ships are unable to chase it down. Mute Testimony can co-ordinate tactical assets much more effectively than any of the systems in the Event Horizons and Death Strikes. These include weapon systems, communications, and scanning systems.

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