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> T.I.M.E. (The Interactive Modding Excursion), Mod-making tutorials
post Feb 25 2018, 01:30 PM
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Mod-making thread, basically.

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post Jun 19 2019, 02:28 AM
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Game: Fallout 3, How to use Zone Triggers to set quest stages.

Video example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaMtpvrEG9E

TES IV: Oblivion uses X-markers to bump stages, set variables, and so on. Fallout 3 does use X-markers for some functions, but it also uses what are called zone triggers, or simply "triggers," to setstage quests and perform other functions, as we pass through them. "Pass THROUGH them" is the actual idea here. For an X-marker to work, the character (or NPC) must walk near the X-marker for it to do its job. With Fallout's triggers, we are going to walk through these areas instead.

A quick example from Oblivion's day was during the Unfriendly Competition quest, when the player is supposed to be sneaking a listen to a conversation between Agamir and Thoronir. If we weren't close enough to the X-marker which activates during this quest, the conversation would simply not happen, leading to dozens of "Broken" accusations from various gamers. If a giant trigger zone were used instead, chances are there wouldn't be as many problems.

Zone triggers appear red in the GECK but invisible in the game, and are also used in Skyrim.

CELL window

1). Go into the cell or wilderness area where the trigger is to be added. An example is right outside of Megaton.

2). On the main toolbar, find the T button. It looks like a child's block with a T in it, and is located to the right of the NavMesh button (the button with red scribbles in it). Click the T button. Sometimes it takes a couple of clicks before the button gets pushed inward.

3). In the Render window, left-click somewhere on the ground, and drag upon it. It helps if the area being clicked does not have a bunch of stuff on it (items, Markers, etc.). Try not to click on anything else but the ground, or (if inside a cell) the floor itself.

4). At first, nothing might happen. Maybe a red 2-dimensional rectangle will show up, but maybe not.

Let go of the mouse button. Now move the mouse upwards (away from you) without touching or holding any buttons. If done correctly, there should be a transparent red cube which morphs from two dimensions to three. The mouse can be moved away or toward you, to make the cube shorter or taller. It should be tall enough for a person to walk through though, for best results. If the cube is placed in front of a door for instance, it should be made so that it's taller than a person. It should also be placed across the entire door, which ensures the character will definitely walk through it.

This red cube will be what activates the next stage of the quest. Or it can be used to toggle an objective, set a variable, and so on. Again, the character is going to need to walk THROUGH this cube, so if it's not big enough, or if it's not in the right area, chances are it might need to be redrawn or dragged. These red cubes can be tricky to draw, so it can take some messing around.

5). Anyway, double left-click on the red cube. If done right, the Activator panel will pop up. Note that the game calls the cube "Gas Valve" for some reason. Note that the ID is part of a scroll-bar too. Every trigger zone in the game will be include in this ID slot.

Tips: Sometimes it's difficult not to select some other object (or a wall) which is right behind the cube. Simply click OK when this happens, and try again to position the Render window so that the cube gets selected. It might help to hold the left Shift key while moving the mouse around (don't press or hold any mouse buttons down while doing this). And if things really get aggravating, Hold Z while pulling the entire cube down! Once the cube is below the ground (or floor) it's now in the void, where it's easier to select the cube itself.

6). Click on the New toggle (next to the ID panel). This closes the scroll-bar, so a new ID can be typed in. "Name" is not important, and can be deleted, even.

7). If there is any Script on this Activator, get rid of it by moving the scroll-bar to NONE. Click OK. And Save.

Note: After closing the Activator panel, notice there are a bunch of colored lines & arrows in the cube. Now it can be moved, and also manipulated larger or smaller, with greater ease. If the cube was moved out into the void, time to move it back in place, back to where a character will definitely walk through it.

An easier way to change the cube's dimensions than trying to drag upon it is to double left-click on it, select the Primitive tab. From here, its X, Y, and Z Bounds can be changed. Click OK when done.

8). Double left-click on the red cube > Edit Base. Now it's time to add a script, which can be left as an Object. It should look like this..

scriptname aaaTriggerScript

Begin OnTriggerEnter Player

If (GetStage == X)
SetStage X


Save the script, click OK on the Activator panel, and reopen it. Find the script in the scroll-bar area and select it. Click OK again.

9). When the Reference panel is reopened, click Persistent Reference ON. An actual Reference ID is not needed, unless there are plans for some quest or script to "know" that the cube/trigger zone is there. Usually this is not needed though.

10). Click OK and as always, save.

11). Open up the Quest window. Open the Target Ref tab, and add a target (vamp).

In the Quest Objectives tab's Cell scroll-down bar, locate the area where the red cube has been added, and select its Ref.

Note: If this cube has been placed outside (especially somewhere in Wilderness) it may not show up in the scroll-bar. If this is so, click on the "Select Reference in Render Window" button. Make sure that the Render window is still displaying the area where the red cube has been created. Double-click on the cube, and it should automatically get selected as the Ref.

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