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> The diary of a nord
post Feb 11 2013, 03:40 PM
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hello all,

this is a projet of mine , i want to get better at writing and i think that writing up an account of my new character will help me in this ,i would appreciate constructive critism , also i will be using pics ( thanks to somebody special) for the first time

i considered making to chracters - a female and a male - the fmelae was to be called "lady macbeth" but i started on the dungeon as the nord , and at that moment i realised that i had to devote all my effort to him

since my days tend to be busy my entries will almost certainly vary in description because i simply do not have enough time to write all the time , apologies .

The nords name is Aelfric donablain , he is 19 years old and has one single point of him being in the imperial prison : To find the girl he loves

I'd like to thank acadian , mirocu and renne gade / lady saga for inspiring him , all i am going to say is that you will have an influance on his story ...cant say anything more .


Entry one :

Aelfric heard the rats crawling around in here , it was cold and smelly at the same time , he had no idea how the prsion achieved this , but it had . It was a hellish place full of hidden sin and terror . He got up off his bedroll and tiredly slumped on his small stool on the plain table , his only real possesion anymore ( http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/9434/obli...02111331325.png ) he could hear the elf over the in the other cell , spitting and cursing as usual . He was shocked at how bitter some people could be . Suddenyl came a new sound - the rustling of armour - quickly he bolted up and went to the gate , it was to early for the serving of cruel , were they coming for a beating ? they were so cruel...

the elf , prehaps thinking he had for once provoked ihm , began to laugh " all that muscle , WASTING AWAY! hahaahah , you hear that ? the guards are coming . For you! your goign to die in here nord , your going TO DIE! .

"close that door behind us" said a sharp female voice , that suprise aelfric , you didnt get many female legionares . but suddenyl out of the gloom emerged three soldiers and a man ...dressed in fine silk ...he gasped as he realised who this was . The emperor!

"my job right now is to get you to safety" she suddenyl snapped

"whats this ? this cell is supposed to be off-limits!"

"mix up of the watch i...."

"nevermind , get the damn thing open"

"you nord , over b ythe window , i wont hesitate to kill you if you get in my way!"

Aelfric looked at her and saw that vicious sword , he knew she meant every word , he hastily backed right up to the wall and waited , he thought he was going to die ...

He was angry , he didnt deserve it , he had came to the imperial city to find them , the two women , and he had let his temper get away with him..

it had happended in the market district , he had heard nasty rumours going round , that an elf had recently been caught here , he hoped to find a lead. He walked into a nearby shop to ask the shopkeeper for any news , he remebered that shop - crates of food against the wall , pieces of armour on display . He walked up to the man , a gummy one with a broad smile

"how may i help you , m'lord?"

"hello there , did you hear the news about those to women who tried to rob a shop ? issint it awful!"

the mans smile vanished , suddenyl replaced by a sneer .

" yeah , i know about , the two of them both tried to rob my own bleedin' shop , a liazard , filthy beasts , and some elf mother of mine who laid it on thick , and i felt sympathy for her!"

"dont call them beasts sir , they are just as clever as you or i , and i will not tolerate such language!"

"owww , you wont tolerate it , i shoulda' known , looks like oyu woulda' shacked up nicely with the tree hugger , the little slu-"

suddenly he had the man pinned against the wall , "what did you just call her" he roared , the man gasped , sweat oozed down his face

"i said : a little slu-"

he threw him down and punched him again and again , wanted to kill him , then the guards swarmed in , the shopkeeper was crying like a baby and spat on him , despite everything he felt satisfied he had taught him a lesson , if he was talking about the person he was serching for -

"stop in the lame of imeprial law!" said one guard , the other slapped him in irons

But now aelfric ripped the irons off, and for good measure his scratchy shirt to , "let me come with you! i can help you!"

the bodyguard sneered , " i dont think so"

"Wait! , let me see your face...you are the one from my dreams...then the stars were right...and this is the day..."

The emperor finished his speech to shocked silence , but then : "he comes with us , lets go"

as the old wall came down aelfric did not hesistate , with a last fleeting look he chased after them


The dungeons were long , and Aelfric sturggled through them , at one point the emperor left him , and he thought he was goign to die , but somehow he did it , they got to the final room

Outside there was fighting , Aelfric could heard the two remaing blades fighting for there lived , he stood resouloutly beside the emperor " if you die i die" he said bravely

suddenyl a new passage came into few , a assasin jumped out , "this is the end for you" he shireked

He tried , but aelfric could not save the emperor but he killed the assasin brutally , he pulled back his hood and was shocked to see a wood elf behind the mask .

"NO!" - it was baurus , and for the first time aelfric looked down at the emperor's graceful body , "divines bless you" he said quietly and bent down to shut his eyes . He could feel baurus's eyes on his back

They stood there for a moment , then baurus asked "the amulet - WHERES THE AMULET?"

"i have it" said Aelfric , whom promptly handed it over

They then had a conversaion , Baurus finally trusted him and told him to give the amulet to jaufree , and even gave him the key to get out of there.

Aelfric got through the sewers quickly and finally emerged at the end of the tunnel , freedom! he punched the air trumphantly

He would go to the priory , but first he had to find her , he would go to bravil now ...and see where it took him..

Some pictures i got :










* i realise i got the story short , but this first entry was more of me practising with pictures, as you can see it was picture intensive , what did you think of my first attempts at pictures?

Hopefully i can write more later .

** sorry for the awful typos , in the future I will make an absoloute effort to type slower and proof - read smile.gif ( hopfully it is still read-able)

*** BUT it is always going to be an issue so ...your just going to have to try to read through it

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post Feb 11 2013, 06:16 PM
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Entry 2 :

"Hi there!" said the nord

"Hello!" gushed back Aelfric

Freedom! Sweet freedom! Aelfric felt like the time he had taken skooma with the other kids when they were nine , it was great .

Aelfric's eyes swept the room , it was a rather grubby inn , a small fire crackled merrily in the grate , he was hungary and tired and thirsty but didnt know where to start , or which to sate first.

"I'd like a room for the night , and a hot meal , ow and a glass of mead if you can manage ?"

The nord beamed " Ow of cource kinsman , just go dry your rags by the fire , ill have it over right away"

Aelfric sat at the small table , only one other woman was there - an attractive redguard , and she was eyeing him intensively . But Aelfric wasnt interested , he had to get to bravil and find her.

The food was decent , venison pie and potatoes . In his delirious state it was delcious and he ate with haste, only stopping to gulp down thick lashings of mead. The fire was warm , and the redguard was warmer . She flirted heavily and hinted at retireing for the night . Aelfric did indeed retire , but on his own . The room was tiny and the "bed" was little better than his prison one . Nevertheless he slept like a babe.

In the morning he left early to continue on his journey , the day previous he had swam the full breadth of lake rumare , gulping down icy water as he did . Then he had pummeled through the forests . Baurus had given him a map and he knew where he was going.

The thought i returnign to Bravil was not very enticing . He had spent his entire life there , hanging out with the gang . Smoking hooka' and norting moon sugar , getting off there heads with stolen booze . He had mostly done it just to be accpeted , but he had still enjoyed the experiance.

As he arrived in the city , which was , as ever, still grubby , morr memories flooded back . Living with his family in that tiny house ( it was occupied by a fence now , or so he had heard) , throwing stones into the canal . Blackmailign the counts son into giving them skomma , running around stark naked the lucky old lady and befouling her as a dare .

He slowly walked along the street , the tottering apartments loomed like dragons , like the stories his smackhead mother had told him when she wasnt off her head . He walked up to the lucky old lady and kissed her cheek , he hoped her luck would bless him today.

He climbed the staircases to her apartment , and knocked steadily on the rotted door.

It opended a crack , an orange eye glared out , it was hard to read the expression . But the door opended without a word .

City-swimmer was as dirty as she had ever been , dressed in stinking clothes , covered head to do in slimy canal water.

"Been swimming?" he greeted , knowing that she did indeed live up to her name ...

She went over to her dressing table , crouched and got out an old box , Aelfric noticed the county seal on it.

Nice box , where'd you get it?

"stole it" she croaked casually , her voice was harshended , he knew , by her constant drug using .

she neatly slid a rusty key into it , he knew what was inside , and was not suprised when she got out a thickly rolled hooka '

Turning it over in her ebbed hands she finally lit it and inhaled deeply , "oooo" she whispered and half closed her eyes , swaying.

Aelfric swept her tiny apartment , rot and mildew coated everything , the place was filthy , it had always suprised him people were happy to live in such filth.

He opended a bedside drawer and found the painting , they had had it done 4 years back , the 8 of them , in the middle was he , city-swimmer loitering at the back , and -

"you wont find her here , she's long gone"

Aelfric turned " so - you know where she is ? I heard about the robbery , what were you thinking!" he snapped , suddenly angry " You both could of died , and for what ? Lunch , fool "

She hissed and spat on the floor " just relax now will you ? Take some hooka' and ill tell you .."

"No thank you , i was never into that anyway , if you know where she is i'd like you to tell me , look ill pay - he showed a small bag of money - if you tell me "

City- swimmer looked very angry indeed , she walked over to her window and looked out at the castle " only place worth robbing you know , and its got plenty of skooma if you know where to look"

He sighed , his patience was waning , but then cuty - swimmer had always been like this , why she had taken a liking to her was a mystery , they were , he thought , not alike

But he was not pure , city-swimmer knew this , his father had been a drunk and they had hated eachother ,his mother had been a skooma addict and had crippled herself. He had spent most of his life in "the gang" and thus had had to get involved in many things he didnt feel comftable about.

"You never were interested after she came along were you ?she facinated you , it was quite uncomfortable . she always did well for herself and I think you liked that , you resented us , thought we weren't good enough , wanted to better yourself , im disgusted in you"

It was true , swimmers togue was barbed but her word were true..

she had been an orphan , an increadibly pretty one , growing up he had never talked to her much , they were cut from differant cloth or so they say . She was always very pure , never interested in drugs or dancing or vandalism . And he had wanted to be like her , well at least wanted to impress her . She was talented and had got in with the right people . swimmer had never hated her , they got along well , but he knew she secretly resented her success ...

Then he had grown up and things had changed , he had put on muscle and a mand voice , and begun to like her a lot more than friends , when they were twelve they had first met : swimmer had invited her to her birthday party . she had been so beautiful...full of charm and wit , and instantly he knew he wanted her " im going to marry this girl" he has said

They had grown to be friends , but he sensed she didnt want any more than that and he , Aelfric , was a proud man and didnt want to damage their friendship, but then on his 17th birthday they had been out huntign togther and suddenly found his lips fastended upon hers . Over in a second but remembered for a liftime . They had never talked about it , not ever.

Aelfric wanted information and didnt want to get into an argument " look" he said " pass the hooka' over already and lets sit , then we can talk"

He knew that he had to do it in order for her to open up , he took the hooka' roll and inhaled deeply letting the white/blue scented smoke flow throw his lungs . It was intense , he felt those lips again...but then he blew out , blowing big rings as he did so and it was gone as quickly as it had came . City - swimmer actually clapped , "ow very good!" she cried .

"Yes , i said smiling , shall we walk?"

It was nice walking out in Bravil aelfric thought , the day was fine , they walked close to the canal , Swimmer said she was tempted to go in , Aelfric comprimised by dipping his toes in the filthy bilge...

"She ahh ...told me about the kiss... said it was wet" she giggled and , to stifle it , dived underneath , and boasitng her natural abilities was under for some time. Aelfric wasnt sure what "wet" mean in kissing terms , good or bad ? He had certainly liked it , he was suddenly worried he had been a terrible kisser.

"But she didnt love you , thought you were a friend , and was embarrased by what had happended , i dont think she is into nord men ...and once she went to kvatch..."

"What he said suddenyl , alarmed for he had heard rumorus of that place"

"she went not long ago , said she had a job to do , but i think it was an excuse to see that savilian matius.."

Aelfric felt a coldness creep through him , "whom is this man"

"A guard captain" and suddenly she looked almost aqs if to of been somewher else " one day he came to bravil asking for help at kvatch and she left the next day , she fell for him the moment she saw him , he was very masculine ..."

Aelfric bit back tears , and got up suddenly . He pulled his shoes back on " thanks" he said thickly , turing away , but in his reflection he caught a reflection of city - swimmer whom , for once , seemed sympathtic.
As he climbed up the steep rocky slope she called " thats elf women for you, there like that , dont take it personally!" - but Aelfric did.

Here are some pictures :
























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