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> New Fallout RP, Plan Away!
post Jun 6 2011, 01:54 AM
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So here we are, folks.

I vote Capital Wasteland as the setting, simply because I prefer it to the New Vegas setting. It just has more of a dismal feel to it in my opinion.

I guess for those less knowledgeable of the game, we could choose some other city in the States and make up the setting as we go, but that does get a little difficult sometimes.

As far as roles in the group goes, here's a few ideas:

Sniper (sniper could have a spotter, I guess)
Repairman/Scientist (we could split this into 2 roles if necessary)
Demolitions expert
Heavy gunner
Diplomat (think barter/speech skills. basically the business/social savvy one of the group)
Survivalist (the ultimate outdoorsman)
Brute (melee/hand-to-hand expert)

EDIT: added grif's suggestions, changed 'thief' to 'scavenger' per urienashtram's advice.

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