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> Matty Simpson: Sole Survivor, A Fallout 4 story
post Jan 23 2016, 11:58 PM
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HELLO! And welcome!

This is my story following my current character Matty Simpson. I won't divulge in too much of his background as it will all be explained within the story!

Warning, there will be spoilers as this is still a fairly new game, so read at your own discretion!


* * *



I am Matthew Simpson. I am brave. I am strong. I am BRAVE and I am STRONG.

I am terrified.

I look at myself in the mirror. i let out a small gush of air trapped in my mouth as I sweep my hand through my short, blonde hair. I lean both of my hands on the basin, looking at the water spill from the faucet.

"Do I really have to do this?" I say.

I cup my hands and let them fill with soothing, warm water before splashing it on my face.

"This reunion will be the best thing for you to do. You need to realise that people don't blame you for having to leave the army." Nora said. She put her hand on mine; our wedding rings connecting with the touch.

I smile at her, then look in the mirror once again, letting out an anxious sigh, "it's just been so long, you know? I haven't seen anyone since I left the army."

She scrunches her nose in that cute way I love, "Think about it... your friends are only on leave until the next tour, and they're only here in Boston for a day... and without being morbid... you shouldn't waste any opportunity to see them before they go on tour again." Nora says softly.

"I know... I know that." I sigh, again. "I know."

"Good. So you're going?"

"I'm going." I say.

"Great," She pats me on the back. "Now, quit hogging the mirror. I need to look good tonight, too, you know." She says. That's Nora for you. She doesn't waste too much time sympathising; she believes I'm stronger than that. I wish I was as certain she she was.

I leave Nora as she applies a pink shade of lipstick to her supermodel pout and I walk through the hall and head into the kitchen. I see Codsworth, Our Mr Handy, doing the dishes. For such an intimidating looking thing, with his spherical body and three metal arms with pincers and circular saws... he's actually quite friendly. A great investment for the family.

"Mister Matty!" Codsworth says to me. "How can I assist you? A cup of coffee perhaps?"

"Nah, I'm okay." I say, grabbing a bottle of spring water from the fridge.

"Are you sure? you seem rather agitated, sir?" Codsworth points out.

I arch my eyebrows, "I wouldn't say agitated... nervous perhaps."

"I am certain you will be fine." Codsworth reassures me.

I laugh, "You're programmed to compliment."

"Not necessarily. I could easily mention how i think you're eyes are scarily narrow. Or unnaturally blue. I, however, don't." Codsworth replies rather bluntly.

I feel startled, but let out a snorted chuckle. I wasn't expecting that. For a robot, Codsworth is incredibly free willed.

"Now," Codsworth continues. "Are you SURE I can't tempt you to a coffee-"

My head spins to the front door. I look at Nora, who is now sitting on the couch. I can see that she is brushing her small, blonde ponytail into the stylish bob it was cut into a few days ago. "It's probably that Vault tech salesman. He's been trying to get hold of you all week."

"And I've been avoiding him for a reason." I say.

Nora glares at me, "I know you don't believe in Vault tech... but just in case they aren't a massive conspiracy with dark deeds in mind... won't you at listen to what the vault tech guy has to say? For all know you've won a vault tech raffle and bagged us a million dollars!"

I hate to let Nora win this one, as she know how strongly I feel, but she's right. Although I don't trust Vault tech, and I believe they're 'good deed' is hiding something else... I should at least give the salesman the decency to listen to what he has to say. As long as his over-peppiness doesn't irritate me.

I open the door, greeted by an unnaturally happy Vault-Tech salesman. He must hate his job.

He is wearing a long, yellow trench coat and matching fedora. He looks like one of the lunch ladies at my old elementary school.

"Good morning sir! Vault tech here!" He says, gesturing his arms so expressively it's as if he cant control them.

"Yeah. I know." I say. "How can I help you?"

He begins his pitch. "Well, Do I have the opportunity for you! As you may be aware, there is a Vault that has been completed only recently, here in sanctuary hills!"

"Oh is that what that was? I thought it was a 'Burger Palace'. Thanks for clearing that up." I say sarcastically... although now I'm craving a burger Palace jumbo hamburger.

The salesman doesn't seem appreciative of my sarcasm. He clearly thinks I am the douchebag I'm trying to be. "... Yes. Well because of your heroism within the U.S. army you and your family have been personally selected to a space in the Vault! What a deal! No worrying about nuclear war when you know you'll be safe and protected underground!"

I sigh. A Hero? "Look... I'm no hero. If that's the only reason I'm being given a space.. I don't want it."

He performs an overly fake chuckle, "Ah such humble-"

"I killed my brother. Point blanc. I shot him in he back of the head." I say.

An awkward silence follows.

I hear Nora speak up, breaking the silence. "Just sign the papers. What's the worst that could happen? If not for us... but for your son."

I look at Nora longingly. She is right. I twitch my eyes and take the clipboard from the salesman. I scribble our names onto the paper. I give it back to him.

The salesman tilts his head and smiles, "You won't regret this! I can promise you that-"

I cut him off. "Yeah. Thanks." I close the door.

I turn to see Nora is now stood right behind me. I have no idea how she can move about so quietly. "Was that necessary?"

"What?" I reply.

Nora crosses her arms and scowls lightly, "You KNOW what."

"He was acting as if I DESERVED a place in the Vault... I don't deserve anything." I say.

"... You can't keep blaming yourself for what happened to your brother."

"I killed him Nora." I exclaim, "And because I killed him DAD left and Mom killed herself. TELL me why I shouldn't blame myself?!"

She slaps me on the cheek, then squeezes my cheeks with a single hand. "Because you are a good man! The best. I tell you this every single day but stop punishing yourself god dammit! STOP IT!".

I gently romove her hand from my face. "I'm going to see Shaun."

Before Nora can respond I brush past her, turn into the hall and head to Shauns room at the end.

I enter the room and close the door behind me. I relax for a couple of seconds.

I love being in here. It's so light and colourful. I build most of the blue furniture myself. The day I found out Nora was pregnant was the happiest of my life... It was another chance to be someones everything. To have meaning in my life.

I stand by the Crib, and can't help but smile. I see Shaun babbling away to himself, playing with his fingers. He has my eyes, but everything else is Nora. I reach my hand and touch his cheek. He's perfect.

"My baby boy." I say to him. He looks at me, which flutters my heart. "I love you so much. Don't ever think otherwise. I would go to the ends of the earth for you."

"How're my handsome boys doing?"

I turn to see Nora stood in the doorway. I smile, "Amazingly."

I look back at Shaun, and Nora enters the room. She stands behind me and strokes my shoulders, kissing my neck lightly. I turn to face her, and we embrace; her head on my chest as i wrap my arms around her. I exhale a breath of pure comfort.

"I love you." I say to her.

"I know." She says. "I'm fairly fond of you too."

I chuckle. I don't need to apologize for yelling at her. She knows.

Nora looks up at me, "I was thinking... how about we go for a picnic in the mark tomorrow? It's supposed to be nice out?"

I smirk, "That depends... will be followed by an early night like our last picnic ten months ago?" I glance a suggestive look at Shaun. Nora laughs, then playfully punches my chest.

"Well, you'll have to wait and see, big-"


It is Codsworth. He sounds panicked.

I run into the living room. Codsworth is watching a news report on the TV.

"I can confirm that there were detonations of nuclear bomb in Pennsylvania and New York..." The news reporter announces... but before I even have a chance to register his words, he says something that fills me with utter dread. "and another is due to hit south Boston in approximately five minutes..."
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post Jan 24 2016, 08:15 PM
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Nice to see you enjoying FO4 and writing, Rihanae. smile.gif

A nice introduction to Matty and his family. Sounds like things are to going to change very quickly – and explosively! ohmy.gif

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post Feb 5 2016, 02:18 PM
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Rihanae, great start to Matty’s story. I look forward to following his Commonwealth adventures!

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