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> Renee's Modding Thread
post Feb 25 2018, 01:30 PM
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Mod-making thread, basically.

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post Jun 26 2019, 12:10 PM
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From: Ellicott City, Maryland

How to transfer saves from Xbox to PC, Games: Oblivion, Fallout 3, Skyrim

Although all the info here can be found online, here is a helpful step-by-step version. I am also including the YouTube video I found....


To make save transfers happen, Modio 5.3 must be downloaded. It can be found from several sites, but here's one I found.


Download Modio from the big green Free Download button (and then choose either the US or UK versions) and save the program somewhere on the computer's hard drive. Make a desktop icon to make using this program even more convenient.

1). Insert a USB stick into the the Xbox 360. Some sticks go in the rear of this box, some might go in the front. Since the USB area is poorly-designed on my model, you may need an extension cord to plug into the box, if you have the same model I have.

2). Go into the Xbox's storage area like; Settings > Storage > Hard Drive > Games & Apps and then find the game, and the save you want to transfer. Copy this save from the hard drive to the USB stick.

3). On the PC, the USB stick will have a new folder in there, and each game will get its own folder.

> For Oblivion, this folder is called "Content." And inside of Content should be two more folders. One of these is called 00000000000000000, and this one will not be used at all, but keep it around anyway. The other folder will have its own, more complicated name. Go into this one, and keep diving into it until you find the Xbox save.

> For Fallout 3, there will be only one folder, and buried within this folder will be the save which just got transferred.

> For Skyrim, (vamp)

4). Copy/paste this save from the USB to the PC, in whichever area you like to keep saves.

5). Now, open Modio from wherever it got downloaded to.

6). On the bottom of the program, left-click on Open a Save.

7). Select the "Browse" button.

8). Now find the save just placed on the PC which got derived from step 3. Double-click on it.

9). On the left side of the program, select "Advanced."

10). Press the Edit Package Contents button (on the bottom of the window).

Now it's time to modify the file that's buried within the Xbox save. If this save was made in Oblivion, the file will be called gamedata.dat. If it was made in Fallout 3 or Skyrim, it will be called savegame.dat

11). Right-click on this file, and right-click "Save as...." and save it to the same area where the Xbox save was transferred to. Do NOT rename it.

12). Close Modio.

13). Now find the file just converted (which will be called gamedata.dat or savegame.dat). The game will not be able to read either of these as .dat files, so right-click on the file > Rename, and change the .dat extension to .ess for an Elder Scrolls game, or .fos for a Fallout game. So in other words, the file will now be called gamedata.ess, savegame.fos, or savegame.ess, depending if it's going to be used for Oblivion, FO3, or Skyrim.

.. It is possible change the file's name further if desired, but this is not 100% necessary.

...If the name gets changed, there will be a warning (after renaming the file) which can be ignored. Just click Yes.

14). Now, move the .ess or .fos file into Documents > My Games > *GAME* > Saves. There you go.

(*GAME* == Oblivion, Fallout 3, or Skyrim).

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