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> ESO "Add-Ons", How Modded Is Your ESO Game?
post May 16 2019, 05:08 AM
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QUOTE(ghastley @ May 15 2019, 05:16 PM) *

I checked out Combat Metrics for our foray into (normal) Crypt of Hearts, and the results were interesting.

Unna did over half the group damage on her run, but still wasn't happy with only around 20k. Weaving is erratic, as is remembering to bar-swap and keep up the AoE/DoT's.

However, Laurie ran as tank for hers, and the whole group only managed that much! I need to practice bar-swapping so she can get to her chain and ranged taunt better. I was losing aggro on the primary target trying to pull in others, although that might have been one of the others pulling against me. She needs to keep the debuffs up better, too.

I'll have to spend some time at Mournoth playing with the 6M dummy, to compare the simple numbers from that against the CMX breakdown.

I may well be back asking for help interpreting the flood of numbers it gives. I'm still confused by the various tabs, and where to find everything.

Bold: Me too, and I've been using it over a year now, lol. It give SO much information that you really need to sit down with each page and figure out just what you need to know so you can focus on just that and ignore the rest of the stats that don't apply to what you are trying to learn about your character.

Unless I've done a lot of healing in a fight (like with my Tank or Templar) = I normally stay on the first (default) page.

The DPS stats are in the upper Left section for both you (center of that section) and group (right side of that section) and you can see the breakdown of how much you contributed to the group's DPS by percentages there.

Then go down to the lower Right and see the breakdown of what made up your DPS so you can see what is helping you best and if anything you are doing is wasted effort and could be improved by switching out a skill or armor set, etc. (Really great way to compare skills/ultimates/armors/CP Points/etc. because it is in real combat rather than the Combat Dummy that doesn't show your AoE's or DoT's).

* Example: I wore one Monster Set that should have been awesome; but the whole time I wore it the thing never proc'd. After seeing that lack repeatedly in Combat Metrics I traded it out and my DPS and healing proc's increased exponentially.

** if you see DPS or Healing being caused by stuff you don't recognize here; it is usually caused by one of your Passives or CP Points.

Then you go to the upper Right to see how much healing and buffing you did and by what (armor/skill/passive/etc) that you did it with.

There is a page for Healers to see how they did in more detail than that first page upper Right section; it should say it is for Healers at the top of the page.

*** The lower Left side on that main page is the enemy's stats in the fight.

I can't remember what the other pages do, I normally stay on that first page unless I've had to do A LOT of Healing support in a fight; then I do look at the Healing page to see what the Healer was doing and compare my percentages to theirs. One time in Cloudrest my Templar out-healed the Healer; so the Leader of the group took the Healer aside and gave him a bunch of tips on healing in a trial. He did A LOT better the next time!

Combat Metrics can really display everything you are doing right or wrong; what is helping you and what isn't; so you can improve your character. It has become essential for me because it has shown me where a lot of my problems were coming from.

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post Mar 9 2020, 05:00 PM
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I'm Checking out Style and Elegance, as an adjunct to Dressing Room, for Unna and Blossom. This add-on lets you save appearance items as a profile, so you can swap outfits and collectibles (mount, pet, hairstyle, adornments etc.) all at the same time.

I quite like the fact that the gear load-out is one add-on, and appearance is another, even if I am likely to use them together a lot of the time. There will be times when only one of the swaps is needed.

Mods for Oblivion and now Daggerfall and Skyrim. Fan fiction, too.
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