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> The Goblin Lady
post Jul 7 2019, 12:43 AM
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Hey. So in this thread I will writing up stories pertaining to TES IV: Oblivion. Because I keep thinking of more an more ideas that occur within this game. All of these stories will be rather short, two or three months apiece, I think, rather than years and years. And the very first one shall begin in the post below.

So far there are three story ideas I've come up with: a former scholar, a monk, and a guard. All of this isn't just to write stories, it's to (as usual) enhance my gaming. Make it more interesting.

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post Nov 9 2019, 11:47 PM
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It sounds like Ignitit's hundred septim shoes would be handy for a Monty Python knight to wear.

Don't tell me the Arena is just as fixed as professional wrestling! laugh.gif

I love the juxtaposition of how they either do exactly what was normal for them, vs. what was completely different.

She's living on the galleon! Now I realize that the mysterious Redguard is none other than the infamous Wheet Bandit!

At least Jayne is back among her green friends. Thank goodness there is at least someone in the world on her side. I can kind of see where this is going however...

I love that she used the sewers to get into the city, and Ignitit's house. That was perfect, given how many goblins live down in the sewers.

He got served a big heaping sandwich of Goblin Justice!

I love the sounds the goblins make in the dark!

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post Nov 10 2019, 09:18 PM
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QUOTE(SubRosa @ Nov 9 2019, 02:47 PM) *
... I love the juxtaposition of how they either do exactly what was normal for them, vs. what was completely different. ...
- - The same thought struck me while reading it. goodjob.gif

It was fun to see Jayne get some help from Wilbur - the artist thief formerly known as Prince The Weet Bandit. wink.gif

I had hoped Jayne would return to her goblin pals. As soon as she told the shamen her problems, I figured they'd help. And by Julianos' Little Teapot, help they did! Iggy's now just bowlful of tasty elf snacks. tongue.gif

A wonderful story, Renee. Well done, and thanks for sharing it with us. smile.gif

Screenshot: Buffy in Artaeum
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