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> Teresa of the Faint Smile, Adventures of a Stringy Bosmer
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post May 23 2013, 04:52 AM
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Teresa’s going to scrub for hours after this, even with the Jewel of the Rumare.

Did the sword touch Teresa? I thought the gloves protected her. It is more powerful than the gloves? That was so creepy. The squirm of the sword was sickening. Brilliant! And vision was a very interesting detail. I wonder if that was all the sword, or if that had anything to do with Teresa’s magic.

Clever plan at the end too having the Fighter’s Guild come in and take care of the necromancers, only to have them escape! I hope the show they put on was enough!

The thieves bag! Excellent hiding place for the sword. She needs some of Pappy’s brandy to cleanse her lips.

I guess the riot wasn’t part of the script? Lol.

Betrayed? I expected to see Jalbert before this was through.

It’s so cool seeing Teresa’s backup appear. biggrin.gif

A draugr! Nice addition, far from their tombs. And Chance got the killing blow in. I forgot that it was his father that was killed. Fitting. He might have more luck with Methredhel now though. wink.gif

What’s the Draugr saying? It seems like there’s more to it than someone taking control. Loved how that bastard just ignored the frost spell. I guess it was simply controlled. Very cool though.

Called it with Chance! biggrin.gif So the sword goes to the Mages’ Guild then?

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post Jun 2 2013, 05:25 AM
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This melee fight is just as it should be, so many parties involved that Teresa only gets glimpses of action as she looks around - very realistic feel, to have too much going on to comprehend it all and can only concentrate on the enemy that falls into Teresa's eyesight - loved this whole battle from beginning to end.

I have to admit looking up the Nord Zombie's words, "Serve most strong" in dragon language? That is what I came up with. Now I have to go back a chapter and see if this is the one that was an ally of theirs who Jalbert said he'd made a zombie of - speaking the dragon tongue was an intriguing clue!

Oh, I loved your explanation for it! And the little side jaunt into Skyrim background was very cool! I like that Drels will be blamed for stealing the sword, and that the bodies won't be easily found. I'd have looted Drels's body, lol.

Another thing that really struck me strongly here (other than how well the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild worked together against a common enemy - absolutely LOVED that - but it wasn't just that, it was the skill of Kud-Ei in particular. The game has a tendency to make everyone in the Mages Guild inept do-nothings except the Player, and when you get the apprentices from there they don't last any time at all - I LOVED that you made her skilled and a real asset in the fight (plus knowledgeable about the Draugr/dragon language/etc). That was outstanding, to me.

For as equally matched as all Teresa's allies were in this battle, I still loved Aela's parts the best, she was awesome and calm in the midst of all that madness of battle - Loved her and Ungarion working together and pictured it being like old times for them - Awesome backstory they have!

I loved this whole episode, this whole section regarding the necromancers and Bravil - this was inspired and inspiring to read (and I hope it isn't over yet, lol) - Awesome Write !!!!!

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post Jun 29 2013, 03:26 PM
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QUOTE(SubRosa @ May 8 2010, 06:15 PM) *

"You mean the ravens?" the young wood elf wondered aloud, the fingers of one hand running over the feathers adorning her crimson tresses. "Ever since I first stepped in the forest, they have been with me somehow."

"Not the ravens," the other woman corrected. "Raven. He is your spirit-guide. One of them at least. Tell me, do you have dreams about him? Do you ever fly in them? Does he show you things? Do ravens in the waking world ever seem to guide you places? Or warn you about things?"

"Nocturnal yes!" Teresa practically wanted to leap from her seat and hug the other woman. She was not crazy after all, she thought, or imagining things. It was all real! "How come I have never heard about any of this before? No one ever talks about these, what did you call them, spirit-guides?"

"You must have lived with Imperials all your life," the other woman said dryly. "Most round-ears are afraid of everything except the Nine. Bring up the Nirn Spirits, or Daedra, and they would like to stone you. After what the Ayleids did to them, it is no surprise I suppose…"

Wow, i love this. The entire conversation between the 'witch' and Teresa.

Post 121, Page 7

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