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Posted by: Troika May 1 2005, 02:36 PM

Alexander, being the incredibly nice chap that he is, has set us up with a Java chat channel, so that we can now talk to each other in real time! Oh, the leaps forward this project is taking!

You can find it

And make sure that you all thank Alexander, who came up with the idea in the first place, and took time out to construct this for us.

in case the link doesn't work, try installing java manually and then trying again, you can find that download here:

that might do the trick for you smile.gif

and for the last bit of this post.
the same rules that are here on the forums, applie for the chat, meaning no trolling, no talking about illegal activities and such.

spamming of course isn't an issue there. smile.gif

Posted by: Alexander May 1 2005, 02:54 PM

on a side note, I think I'll just leave this thread open.

if there are any problems getting in or anything else that you might like to know, this might be the best place to ask smile.gif

then, a small intro into the wonderfull life that is IRC tongue.gif

a small faq:

How do I chance my name?
- you change your name by typing:
/nick newname

How do I register my nickname?
- you register your nickname, by changing your name into the one you want it to be, and then typing:
/ns register password email_adress

and make sure to put in a password that you can remember. then you get an email with a code, enter that code in the chat channel and you're registration is complete.

How do I Identify?
- When you enter the chat, simply change your name to the name you registered and then type:
/ns identify password

after you identiofy for the first time, type this:
/ns set kill on

this will make sure no one else can use your nicknames.

Why should I register my nickname?
- It might become neccessary in the future, to have some of you that have operator status in the channel, that's similar to a moderator on the forums here. in order for you to be added as operator and have you get that automatically eachtime you enter, you need to have a registered nickname.
when and who and if you get this status is of course up to the founder here and the admins there.

What are the ranks in the channel and who holds them?
- the head of the channel is called the founder, in this case that's Troika.

- the admins. those are right below the founder. they can just like the founder, add and remove ranks that are automatic. there are two admins in there, Corryn and myself.

- the operators. the people with opeator rank in there:
stargelman, sinder velvin, darkwing, jonajosa, stargazey, stargate525, oozae. as you can see, that's for the lead editors and the admins on this forums, aside from me then wink.gif

- lastly we have halfops, the moderators on this forums are halfops in the chat channel

How do I join other channels?
- you join another channel on there with the command:
/join channelname

there are several that you might find interesting:
#elderscrolls (this is the official unofficial channel of the official forums)
#waiting4oblivion (the official channel of our site)

any more questions that might arise and I'll amend this faq smile.gif

Posted by: Stargazey May 1 2005, 05:29 PM

Ah, what is this?

Unable to connect : : access denied ( resolve)

I get it when I try to use the chat.

Posted by: Alexander May 1 2005, 05:52 PM

[quote=Stargazey]Ah, what is this?

Unable to connect : : access denied ( resolve)

I get it when I try to use the chat.[/quote]

I've amended the first post. try installing that and then try it, that might do it smile.gif

Posted by: Mazuk Jun 23 2005, 05:50 AM

My question is it always on or is there certain hours on. It opens just get a grey screen where the chat should be.

Posted by: Epy Jun 23 2005, 12:20 PM

The channel, network and the java IRC client applet should be working at all times. smile.gif Sounds like it's a problem with the java app.

Please ensure that you have java installed properly (the link for installing manually can be found on the top in the edit) and that you accept loading the applet by choosing 'yes' when asked. Keep in mind that some school or corporate networks are tight on security and won't allow the use of such java applets to be used, or even loaded.

It may take a little time for the applet to load and launch, of course, so don't be too hasty in branding it malfunctioning. wink.gif

Otherwise, you may, of course, use a normal IRC client, such as, to connect to the chat.
The IRC server the channel is at is Once you've connected, you may join the Tes F'Ruum chat by typing /join #tes_fruum

Any luck or anything more to add?

Posted by: Chumbaniya Jun 23 2005, 12:25 PM

The grey-screen thing sounds like a problem with the App (or the browser's recognition of the App) to me. I get it all the time when I mess up my own java programs biggrin.gif. I've also found that some browsers will show certain applets that others wont, maybe it's worth a try in a different browser.

Posted by: Alexander Nov 18 2005, 08:42 PM

A reminder, this thread is here about the chat channel and for any trouble you might have with it, it's not a chat channel itself smile.gif

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