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> Skyviatar, Loviatar in Skyrim?
post Nov 19 2016, 10:12 PM
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Ever since Persephone paid her first visit to Markarth, I have been kicking around the idea of porting Loviatar to Skyrim. Namira's ring adds a the cannibilism perk, which would be perfect. I found a mod that improves cannibalism, but for some reason the author decided to have it turns the cannibalized corpses into ash piles. Which I really don't want, as I will have manually markfoedelete every one. I tried modding it to remove that part, but I am not really sure if it worked.

I was also thinking about poison. I could give her 100% resistance like Persephone has. But that is only half right. Loviatar lives off of poisons, toxins, and corruption. So poison should heal her. I could mod all the poisons in the game to do healing, but then if she uses it against someone, it will heal them as well. So I would need to mod things so poison still harms others, but heals her. I think I can do it by editing the existing poison magic effects and putting in a check to see if it Loviatar. If it is not, then the poison will work as normal. Then I could create a second effect with a similar check, but if it comes back positive for Loviatar it will do healing. Then I would have to add the new effect onto every poison in the game.

And of course I have spent some time looking at outfits. So far I am looking at four I like:

Tribunal Robes



Witch Battle Armor

Right now my thought is for the Witch Battle Armor to be her standard adventuring outfit, and the Tribunal Robes her town clothes.

She is also wearing the Jack of Blades mask in all, and Grace Darklings Hood and Hair. The mask is enchanted to allow her to breathe normal air (a replacement for her gas mask filled with cyanide that she wore in Fallout 3).

There is no hurry on any of this. I still want to play Saya, and I was planning on doing some Fallout 3 before either. But character creation is my favorite mini-game!

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