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> A Slice Of Aetherius, A Serene/Sethyas RP
Black Hand
post Apr 26 2014, 01:53 PM
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Not meaning to be exclusionary, but minques dying to roleplay; something, anything so this is meant to be myself and her alone so we can hash this out at our own paces. smile.gif


Setting: Redoran City of Ald'Ruhn, Year One of the Fifth Era.

The Oblivion Crisis has passed, and the survivors of the conflict live to face the new challenges of rebuilding. However, this latest trial is only the beginning of the Dunmer Nation of Morrowind. Unbeknownst to them the Red Mountain, dormant for so long will spew forth fire not seen in nearly two thousand years. The ancient enemies of Black Marsh, the Argonians, are now stronger than ever due to the Oblivion Crisis, the Hist uniting the numerous clans, tribes and families into a single, deadly whole.

For the Archmistress of House Redoran, the burden of leadership weighs ever more heavily upon her as the Vvardenfell Capitol of Ald'Ruhn has pushed back the tide, and closed shut the marble jaws of Oblivion. However, it was done at great cost to the Redorans, as the symbol of their seat of power, the giant Emperor Crab shell that housed the lords manors was brought to unholy life by necromantic magicks to support the overstretched army of Redoran.

Councilor Athyn Sarethi has since passed on, aiding what little the aged Mer could manage only to die honorably from a Daedra attack protecting a detachment of soldiers retreat to reinforce a more vital front.

In all of this, the former Grandmaster of the Morag Tong, Sethyas Velas, has remained in self-imposed exile for reasons known only to himself. Though he was skilled and not being found, he still left a single thread that could be traced to him should the need prove most dire.

It was a thread that Serene had found and now tugged at with almost desperate fervor. This is where our tale begins.....

Island of Solstheim, Raven Rock Colony, Factor's Estate

The Dunmer stared at the unopened letter on the table, the unbroken seal telling him plainly who had sent it. Serene Sarethi, Archmistress of House Redoran.

The 'her' of many journal entries when his shame refused to name her. The other woman when he was wed, and her lover when she was. To many times, he felt.

Now he stared at the folded parchment as though it were accusing him of something. He stood alone in his own home, unable to find comfort within its relative safety.

He sighed as he finally picked it up and broke the dry wax to read whatever it might be.

Dralas Venim,

The only Dunmers to carry that family name reside in Vvardenfell. Not running an East Empire Company outpost, Sethyas, I know it is you. It is the name of a slain enemy in Redoran that you would never use.

But you would also never run from me, from duty, from your own House. I've sent this missive with Rahvin, and told him to find you. Athynae and Barenziah are well in spite of the struggles we face.

Never before has our need been so great, and never before have I needed you as much as I do now.

Athyn is dead, it was a good death. Honorable, and in battle to protect his brethren. The way all Redoran should pass. As I grieve for his loss, I must also confess that I am selfish, and with this final tragedy I want you to be here as much as I need you to be.

Ald'Ruhn is not entirely fallen, but we must regroup the House to our holdings on the mainland in the city of Kragenmoor if there is to be a future for any of us.

Eternally yours,

Two hours later the Factors' Estate was unoccupied with a single page note left on the table. The only trace that a Dunmer ever lived there was a ship sailing south by southeast to Vvardenfell.
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post Apr 27 2014, 09:09 PM
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Rahvin, Raven Rock, Solstheim

The young half-blood finished his brandy, he didn't want to draw attention to himself by excessive drinking. Nobody should know he was even here, at Raven Rock, nobody was supposed to recognize him either.

He put some septims at the counter and headed for the door. The cold wind outside drew tears in his eyes, or maybe it wasn't just the wind.....

"you sent me away to find this man, without further explanation...that is wrong!"

Rahvin Sarethi lowered his head against the wind and started walking...

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