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> Renee's Modding Thread
post Apr 1 2022, 01:21 AM
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How to add a bounty to the Player via script. Game: TES V: Skyrim

This is how to modify the CrimeGold variable via a script, adding or removing a bounty from our character's head. In this case, I'll be raising CrimeGold during a quest stage, by adding a simple script. Sure, we can open the console once we're in the game, click on our character, and type Player.SetCrimeGold X or Player.ModCrimeGold X, but here's how to do it during a quest.

And I'm only adding this to the thread because it works. goodjob.gif Not everything listed at CreationKit.com works, or is easy to understand how to add its syntax, especially for a dummy like myself.

1). I am assuming a quest is being written with stages, or will be written with stages. Go to the Quest Stages tab, and find the stage during which we want to modify a character's CrimeGold.

2). Click the Properties button. Click Add Property. When the panel pops, find Factions in the scroll-bar.

I am writing this as though I want a bounty placed upon my character's head, so...

3). In the Name slot, I am typing PlayerCrimeProperty as the property's name. Click OK, which closes the Property panel.

4). After the nifty little blue & yellow symbol shows in the Property Name window, click the Edit Value button, and find whichever hold you'd like the bounty to show. So for instance, my character is doing a quest in which she receives a bounty in Solitude, so I'm going to find CrimeFactionHaafingar in the scroll-bar.

Click OK.

5). In the Papyrus Fragment box, type the property's name, followed by SetCrimeGold, and the amount of gold desired. So in my game, I've got PlayerCrimeProperty.SetCrimeGold(100), which adds a 100 gp bounty in the hold of Haafingar.

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post Apr 3 2022, 02:39 AM
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How to add the Player or NPC into a Faction via script. Game: TES V: Skyrim

Again, I am assuming there's a quest being written in stages, and again, I am mostly adding this into this thread because it works. Essentially, I wanted to add my character into a faction, but during gameplay, and not via console.

A good way to see if this script works (especially for our character) is this. Let's say we're trying to add our character into a faction which has items we cannot pick up. We look at some items which belong to, let's say, the Blue Palace, and all we see are Steal this and Steal that.

1). Go to the quest stage which we wish the player or NPC to join. Click Properties button. This time we'll need two properties to make this work.

2). Click Add Property button. In the Type scroll-bar find Actor.

3). Choose a name. I'll just call the property PlayerProperty. Click OK.

4). Click Edit Value. If we want to affect the Player, find any cell in the Cell scroll-bar and find PlayerRef in the Reference scroll-bar.

If we want to affect a particular NPC, choose whichever cell the NPC is in and find the NPC in the Reference scroll-bar. Note that only referenced NPCs will work, so if the NPC hasn't got a Reference ID, go ahead and add one.

5). Click OK, closing the Properties for Script panel.

6). And now for the second property. Click Properties > Add Property, and find Faction in the scroll-bar. For my character, this is SolitudeBluePalaceFaction. Give the Faction a Property Name. I am choosing SolitudeBluePalaceFaction, just because my memory's already got that term. Click OK.

7). Highlight the property just made, and find whichever faction in the scroll-bar. Click OK.

8). In the Papyrus Fragment box, type CharacterPropertyName.SetFactionRank(FactionPropertyName, 1). Since I am adding my own character into the Blue Palace Faction, I'm typing PlayerProperty.SetFactionRank(SolitudeBluePalaceFaction, 1)

Note that final number "1". This is what the Creation Kit calls AIRank, and AIRank is a number which can vary from -127 to 128. In most cases, we're simply going to be using -1, 0, or 1, which removes or adds the PC or NPC to that faction.

9). Go back in the game. If the PlayerRef was just added to a faction, when the quest gets to that particular stage, try going back to wherever those forbidden items were. If the game said we can only Steal these items, now we should be able to pick them up.

For NPCs, the main way to test if a person has been added or removed to the faction is to click on them with the console, and type GetFactionRank "Faction ID", and the ID will be needed in the form of whichever 8 character ID number has been assigned to that faction.

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post Nov 27 2022, 04:20 PM
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How to fix "failed to load snowflake: Meshes\BM_Snow.01.nif" error.

Game: TES III: Morrowind

If Morrowind crashes on startup and the 'snowflake' message shows on your desktop, here's what I did to fix. This assumes Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon have already been installed, and may have previously worked.

Some of these words are not mine. I copy/pasted from the Steam website. But I don't use the Steam version of MW, I have the disc version. There are instructions for both versions below.

For steam users
1). MAKE SURE your Steamapps folder is NOT in Program Files folder. Create a custom folder outside of Program Files and install the game there.

2). Once done, install Morrowind and run the launcher, close it. Verify your game integrity game cache

For CD GOTY users
1). Open the CD and RUN the AUTORUN.EXE AS ADMINISTRATOR if you have to. Install the files OUTSIDE PROGRAM FILES one by one: first Morrowind then Tribunal then Bloodmoon. Due to an unexpected failure in Windows Vista or later, some files will not be copied for some reason. You have to copy them manually.

Note: the guy at Steam said we also have to install the Construction Set separately, after installing Morrowind, but I did not need to do this. My CS was automatically installed from the MW disc. But I have the Anthology set, not GOTY. Maybe there's a difference.

2). Right-click on Morrowind (as it appears in the CD drive). Right-click Data Files folder and choose copy (I have Windows 8, I had to click Expand to see these files).

3). Paste the copied Data Files folder into the Morrowind installation folder. Overwrite? Yes. Remove the Morrowind installation disc.

4). Now follow the same steps for the Tribunal and Bloodmoon discs, starting with Tribunal. Right-click Data Files folder and choose copy. Paste these into the main Morrowind installation folder and paste there. Overwrite anything.

5). Follow the same process for the Bloodmoon disc.

Personally, my game was loading up fine by now. But here are some additional steps for those who might still be having probs.

1). Go into the main MW folder and open the Morrowind.ini (it's a Notepad file).

2). Find [Archives] and make sure it looks like this:

Archive 0=Morrowind.bsa
Archive 1=Tribunal.bsa
Archive 2=Bloodmoon.bsa

(note, my Morrowind.ini did not have an [Archives] section, but I found the three pertinent lines of text at the very bottom of the page under [Game Files]

3). If those three lines (nor an Archives or Game File section) exists on the .ini just copy/paste them in.

4). SAVE the ini. Congratulations, You are done, enjoy your game!

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post Dec 3 2022, 02:53 AM
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Installing Morrowind from Scratch

Sometime in November I installed an alternate start mod called AltStart. Here it is. Long story short, everything seemed fine as I rolled a new character, until I got to the Birthsign page. I chose Tower for my new character. But could not confirm my choice. There was no OK button.

So I got rid of AltStart. Now I tried rolling my character with a vanilla start, straight from the boat in Seyda Neen. Egads, nothing had changed during character generation, even though I deleted that .esp. I could choose a sign, but there was no way to confirm my choice. No OK button. Obviously AltStart screwed something up in my game, even though it was no longer in my Data Files folder!

I happen to have a backup folder with all the vanilla files intact, so I copy-pasted this, but the same problem persisted. So with no other choice, I decided to go all the way back to the beginning. Started all over, installing from the Anthology discs. But as I did so, I ran into a slew of problems. I could roll a new character fine, and confirm her Birthsign. But there were other problems now, such as menus which did not do what I wanted. Jerky animations in gamemode. mad.gif And worst of all, for some reason the buttons on my Xbox controller were not working properly. Or rather, they weren't registering properly. I'd go to jump, and nothing happened. Ready weapon? Same thing, unless I pressed the button over and over. Finally, the Mod Config menu was missing. URRGH was I mad!

But I was also able to fix all of this, and here's how.

Firstly, do NOT get rid of your old Morrowind folder. Keep this around, at least for a while, even if you think there's nothing useful in there.


1a). Rename the old Morrowind folder. For instance, I changed my folder's name from Modded Morrowind to "aModded Morrowind". This is important. If the folder is not renamed, later on when we're trying to reinstall the game it'll keep trying to uninstall from the old folder first. It's doing this so it can reinstall into this folder, which I already know will cause probs.

Note: Initially, I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling into this folder (before I renamed it), and my game did work after this was done. However, the same problems listed above persisted.

1b). Make a new folder, outside of Program Files (x86). Name it whatever you want. I named this folder Modded Morrowind.

And this is why it's important to keep the old folder, at least for now. Sometimes it's useful to see how folder paths were structured, especially when comparing the old folder to the new one. It's also good to see what's stored in there, for whatever reason. Basically, that old folder becomes a point of reference.

2). Right-click > Install Morrowind from the disc. Follow all the prompts listed by the install wizard as usual. Install the game into your new folder.

Note that my copy of Morrowind is from the Anthology disc set, which included a separate disc for the Construction Set. We won't need to install this disc; the regular Morrowind disc already installs this for us, assuming you've also got the Anthology set. I think this separate CS disc is for those who wish to install only the Construction Set on some other computer.

3a). Remove the Morrowind disc and insert the Tribunal disc. Install, following all prompts. Do the same for the Bloodmoon disc, and don't forget to remove this disc and put the regular Morrowind disc into the tray before trying to start the game!

3b). Cut/paste the Saves folder from the old Morrowind folder to the new one. This is for those gamers who wish to continue a game which is already extant, of course.

>> HOWEVER, if this save included any bad stuff (mods which caused probs in the past, for instance) maybe it's better not to use it. In my case, I had a brand-new character, whose game only included Tribunal and Bloodmoon so far.

That's the vanilla game. At this point, I booted up the save I made from before and tried moving my gal around and stuff, but the same problems listed above were still there. Animations were jerky, especially if I tried to rotate the camera. Several buttons were still not working, unless I tapped them repeatedly.

I was pretty pissed off of course, even the vanilla game is broken??? But being stubborn, I decided to forge ahead with more installs anyway.

Next comes what I like to call the "Big Three" utilities. These are tools which are necessary for a lot of mods, and I installed each one from their original archive files (rather than copy-pasting from the old Morrowind folder).

4). I use Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) for Morrowind, because it's light and easy to use. Some folks use Wrye Mash, which is more comprehensive for those who have larger lists of mods, especially if they're beginning to conflict one another. Some folks won't need a manager at all, usually those with barely any additions. I prefer to have one though. Since I only have maybe 20 plug-ins plus a few random non-.esp additions, all I need is NMM.

NMM can be installed anywhere, it's one of those programs which automatically finds whatever games you've got. I prefer to throw its files straight into my Modded Morrowind folder, for convenience. Made a shortcut to desktop, as well.

5). Next comes Morrowind Code Patch 2.4, and again, I installed this straight into my Morrowind folder, and then made its executable file to a desktop shortcut. MCP fixes a lot of bugs and also includes a LOT of toggles we can click on or off. A lot of mods depend on MCP for its script extender functions. But it's all those dozens of toggles which can be really fun, not just for functionality, but also for roleplaying options.

For instance, for some characters who aren't thieves, I like going onto MCP's Game Mechanics page, toggling Hidden Traps and Hidden Locks on. This adds immersion. Now, my non-thief characters won't automatically know if some door is locked, or if there's a trap on that chest.

> Make sure to press Apply Chosen Patches at the bottom of the MCP page when done toggling stuff.

6). The last of the Big Three is MGE XE, Morrowind Graphics Extender XE. Again, I put this into the Morrowind folder, and sent a shortcut to desktop. This improves graphics in all kinds of ways. We can change resolution for instance, beyond the limited choices the vanilla game gives us. We can use the FPS Limiter to curtail the engine from throwing massive framerates around. I've got this set at 60, which improves overall performance since my Nvida isn't wasting frames.

I also like using its Menu UI Scaling feature. Since my TV is roughly 5 or 6 feet from where I sit while gaming, I jacked this from 1.00 to 1.55. Now I can read the game's menus without my glasses! 👓

7). By now I tried starting up my game again and got the "snowflake" error message, which is listed in the tutorial above this one. To fix this, I removed the MW disc, inserted Tribunal, and copy/pasted all the files on this disc into my Modded Morrowind folder. Did the same thing with the Bloodmoon disc.

8). Removed Bloodmoon and put Morrowind back in the tray. Went back into the game, and voila... everything was working as it should. smile.gif Why were the animations jerky? I don't know. Why were the buttons I assigned for Jump, Ready Weapon, Ready Magic, Next Weapon, Next Magic, and Use not working instantly? Not a clue. Why did I not have a Mod Config menu? You got me, pretty sure getting MCP added from its original archive fixed this, though.

So that's it: the vanilla game + its two expansions + the three main utility tools. If you're like me and need to rebuild your game from scratch, I found it best to also install each mod from scratch, straight from their archives. I did this rather than copy/pasting my old Data Files folder. This way, I knew everything that's going into my game, and was able to take notes on what goes where, and what does what.

9). Finally, there might be a few things in the old Morrowind folder which can't be taken out of an archive. Here's a few examples: My Screenshots folder, Readmes folder (which I've organized diligently so everything is in its proper place, rather than scattered all over the MW folder), and also Morrowind Additions.esp, my homemade overhaul mod with hundreds of changes. It's a good idea to keep the old folder around, at least for awhile, deleting whatever's not useful anymore, while cut-pasting all the stuff that is.


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post Dec 3 2022, 07:59 AM
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Those Intervention scrolls sure come in handy.

I was interested in you BSA archive issue. Not only do you have to make sure the Archive and the three BSAs are added to the ini but any mod that uses BSA file will have to be manually added to the ini [Archives] list. Oblivion and Skyrim are a bit better in that reguard although they do have their own BSA quirks.

Vampire Hunter,
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post Dec 3 2022, 02:26 PM
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Oops, I screwed up. whistling.gif Was cleaning the next draft of Joan's story and you weren't supposed to see that!

I did not originally write the "snowflake glitch" article, that was posted somewhere else. I only edited the upper part of the tutorial, because that's the part that helped me. Somebody at Steam wrote the .ini parts. I'll include your info about other BSAs later on, right now I have a Joanie to finish!

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