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> Morrowind Mischiefs, A Characters Update thread
post Oct 9 2018, 01:00 AM
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Totally... it's like "what is she supposed to do? Only thing she CAN do is grab the diamond, and then... Ohhhh I get it!" biggrin.gif That's why the Thief Class comes with an incredibly high Speed of 85.

I love the way lockpicking works in this game, by the way. We have to equip the lockpick! emot-ninja1.gif


"You! ... I'll get you for this!!!"

On 20 Last Seed (Day 5), near midnight, Miss Chevuus found herself in the manor of Ondres Nerano, a Dunmer noble who poshed around his home all day. Chevuus's task was to steal a key from his pocket, then bring it back to Ra'virr, her Thieves Guild contact. Ra'virr resided in the South Wall Corerclub, and had been waiting for this key now for two whole days. Despite this, Chevuus was being cautious. She was thinking it'd be easy to just grab this key, undetected. Another job done.

But it hadn't turned out that way. Even after preparing ahead, buying an invisibility potion from the Mages Guild for 35 gold, then sneaking up on her mark, he easily caught her. So now it was three days, and she still had no key.

Angry and pouting, Chevuus stormed around Balmora for awhile. Walked in circles. "I should have that key in my hands!" she burst. Then realized something. She was out of practice.

It'd been years since she pickpocketed anybody. In her youth, she'd become quite good at slipping a blue hand within someone's pocket, lapel, or purse, then removing whatever she found there. Most of the time, what she found was not all that worthy. But at least she'd been good.

What she wasn't so good at was breaking into homes and businesses. Her skills with picking locks were horrible! Therefore, when she did manage to break in somewhere, it was usually on the east side of Balmora where the locks are simpler. Not the manors with their more complex mechanisms. Problem was, on the east side, people are poorer. And she hadn't been in the Thieves Guild back in those days. Nobody to pay the prices upon her head.

It was after the fifteenth or sixteenth time that the locals finally had enough of her. Sent her off to the big prison in the Imperial City, hoping she'd never be able to make it back. But oh, she had. And sending her to Cyrodiil had been a mistake, of sorts. They had no idea her skills at picking locks would actually improve while incarcerated. Because while in jail, she'd learned from the best.

Now in adulthood, Chevuus realized she had become better at picking locks, but much worse at picking pockets. A doofus such as Nerano should have been an in 'n' out job. Easily. So after storming around for about an hour, an immense calm came over her. She then decided the best solution would be to get out of town for awhile. Take a silt strider, maybe go to Vivec; somewhere she could disappear for awhile. She'd already flubbed her reintroduction into Balmora society. So why not?

"First thing, on the morrow," Chevuus said to herself, looking forward to riding upon a gigantic insect once again.


Storming Around

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post Oct 9 2018, 03:08 PM
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Off to Vivec to practice pocketing picks, I mean picking pockets.

Blue & beige works good together actually.

EDIT: I just noticed that Miss Chevuus' stories couldn't be written in a thread with a more appropriate title.

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