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> Im Starting a Ninja Guild Mod *I need Help*, I need some help to make this mod
post Apr 25 2006, 05:37 AM
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Yea im really starting to understand most of the Constructiion Set
if anyone is Intrested in making a Ninja mod with me plz reply
the mod is gonna add a Cloud Ruler Temple type Building in the Great forest and its home to a Ninja Guild [Name Pending]


Varity of Ninja Armor

New Katanas
Varity of Shuriken

Possibly a Kick Mod Allow you to kick and as a Skill having deferent lvls of

Novice Normal Kick

Aprentice Power Kick

Journyman Spin Kick

Expert Jumpkick

Master Front/backflip kick

Shadow Clones to Divert the Enemies attack off you

Shadow Dummys Replacing youself with a dummy with the enenmy still
attacking your Dummy Allowing you to flee or sneak back up on your
Enenmy [Great for getting out of Castles after an assassination of a king]

Teleportation i know there is fast travel but this isnt the same Teleportation as in morrowind i mean teleporting u somewere near by allowing you to sneak back up on your enenmies or to flee

Ninja Class of Course

Mainly just Assassinations and Theifs of Treasured Items from Castles
Dungeons Forts and Ruins

Eventually Leading up to the Final Battle with the Hokage of the Ninja Guild For Leadership of the Guild

Quest Items

Companions in the Guild Hall that will go on Missions wtih you

NPC that gives u the Quests and Missions

an Asian race

More Info with be added later

This can be done but only if we work together biggrin.gif so please ill need all the help i can get

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post Apr 25 2006, 07:09 AM
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I had an idea very similiar to this, in fact I started on a shuriken. I can't get it to animate correctly in game though. I made a spell called "Throw Shuriken" that costed 0 mana to test. I'm not very very familiar with the Nif format and there are alot more attributes to a spell graphic than I would have thought.

I also had an idea for traps. A spell that will summon a tripwire like 5 feet behind you with preconfigured scripts. Anyhow if anyone else would like to input on this project, would be greatly appreciated. Below is a sample of my work:

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post Apr 25 2006, 04:52 PM
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Aren't you going to add weapons like Tantos and Sais for daggers or Kamas for axes. Also will some of the armours include Samurai armour or mongolian nomadic armour? I think just ninja armour and katanas are kinda pathetic.

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post Apr 25 2006, 04:54 PM
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From: Balmora, what was the Council Club...

This should be intereesting, this is for Oblivion right? Cause you can just use the Orcish helm from Morrowind... wait thats Samurai... nvm

A skull, some blood, and a flying mace. Not much to work with. ~Imperial Legion Captian.
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post May 30 2006, 07:31 PM
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sneak,(kind of ninja jumps and stuff)acrobatics,blade,light armour,athletics,personality.
good idea for armour maybe?

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