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Posted by: Uleni Athram Nov 6 2014, 09:15 AM

So since things have calmed down here considerably, I find myself facing ... withdrawal. From an addiction I have not indulged in since .. well, since forever. So! If any of you fellows ever want to RP, just know that I'll be on board on any plots you guys are concocting but can't proceed with because of a lack in manpower.

I may also have some unused RP plots lying around here, so there's that too!

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Nov 6 2014, 03:54 PM

Good luck sir.

Lots of folks left. The ones who remained don't like rping(please prove me wrong)

Posted by: Acadian Nov 6 2014, 04:19 PM

Nice to have you back and wanting to feed your RP addiction, Uleni!

I'd certainly consider bringing Buffy into another RP as long as it is TES. I'm still a novice at the RP business. smile.gif

Posted by: Uleni Athram Nov 6 2014, 04:48 PM

As long as there's a will(ing victi- person), there's a way, is what I always say. XD

Acadian and Buffy are considering, and assuming you'll join us Dee Dee, that makes us Three! Certainly small-sized than usual, but we can work around that. We always do!

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Nov 6 2014, 05:41 PM

Hell I'd join. No, I'll join. Get our juices flowing right?

What's a good story and where can it take place?

Posted by: Colonel Mustard Nov 6 2014, 05:54 PM

You know how hugely unreliable I can be, and I'm stupidly busy at the moment, so dropout/withdrawing is almost inevitable but screw it, I'll give RPing a try again.

Posted by: Callidus Thorn Nov 6 2014, 09:49 PM

Hel, I'm always up for one.

Posted by: Uleni Athram Nov 7 2014, 10:18 AM

The RP Section wasn't dead, it seems. It was only sleeping. All it needed was a good wake up call.

Here's my RP plot, the only one I found; if you guys have some too, feel free to post 'em!

It starts a short while after the Oblivion Crisis. Dagon and his Camoran lackeys have been defeated but still the Mythic Dawn persists. In fact, they have gotten more bold in their retaliation against the Empire. Recently they have begun kidnapping civilians and then killing them for no reason. There are no connecting dots between the place and time of the murders, but the victims all share a common trait....

Red hair and blue eyes.

Our characters, whether through being hired or other ways, are tasked in assisting with the rescue of the most recent victim, a teenage boy by the name of Pascal.

As usual, per-Uleni style, this plot might seem nonsensical at first, but it'll make sense as it proceeds along. And while this plot summary might be a little too short, the actual plot is a LOT bigger and more complicated.

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Nov 7 2014, 02:34 PM

So I will assume this will be in Cyrodiil, yes?

Posted by: Uleni Athram Nov 7 2014, 04:27 PM


Posted by: Acadian Nov 7 2014, 05:05 PM

Sounds good to me, Uleni!

Posted by: Callidus Thorn Nov 7 2014, 06:04 PM

Sounds interesting...

*Begins waiting, expectantly*

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Nov 8 2014, 12:05 AM

I'm in.

I have a character sheet nearly completed. I'll post it later tonight. I haven't used this character in any of our Rp's before, so it will be fun.

And no, he isn't a supernatural.

Uleni, where will the RP begin in Cyrodiil? What is the exact location?

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Nov 8 2014, 01:23 PM

Name: Rakhad Saran Gharesh-Do.

Race: Khajiit. Cathay.

Gender: Male.

Age: In his mid thirties.

Home Country: Originally, Elsweyr. Moved to Leyawiin.

Faction and Rank or Guilds: Renrijra Krin. Smuggler. Warrior. Saboteur and infiltrator.

Physical Appearance:

Rakhad’s mane is brown and as a Cathay, he’s taller and heavier than Suthays and has increased strength as well. His fur is the color of a Senche-tiger; dark orange with black stripes from his head to his tail. On his left arm, Rakhad has an old Khajiiti symbol; to induce fear and also meant to protect against abuse of power. He is noted by many to be remarkably handsome and charming. From his toils in his earlier years, Rakhad is in near-perfect form and conditioned for any physical taxing activities.

Skills and talents: Rakhad’s fighting style suits his way of thinking. With the dual-wielding style he can constantly attack and with care he can protect himself with no armor worn. He thrives on athleticism and speed that allows his to deploy rapid strikes and aerial and acrobatic assaults like many khajiit. As learned from a fellow friend, he also enters into a berserker rage in combat, which greatly augments his strength and overall ability to fight.

Eyes: Khajiit yellow. Slit.

Build: Strong and athletic.

Weapons of preference: Rakhad favors quickness over mass in his oddly curved sword; it is light to hold, compared to the weapon a Breton or a Nord might clash with. Blunt or chopping instruments have fallen out of favor with him.

Much in the way a Redguard favors a billowing flow of cloth, Rakhad prefers armor that is both lightweight and hard wearing, due to the swelter of both the Khajiiti homeland and the naturally thick coats he refuses to shave. But the incessantly arid landscapes of Elsweyr tell only part of the story, for he hisses and spits at coverings that might encumber him, and claw away at armor seen as a restraint to his natural agility. Perhaps the only moment one will spy Rakhad clad in the heaviest of protection is just prior to a regimented war, which he does not favor.

Most of the time he has gossamer attire, with only vulnerable elements such as greaves and gauntlets receiving special attention; shawls, ribbons, and other trinkets to form decoration. Rakhad relishes also in supplementing his own claws with a wide variety of fiendish blades, ranging from the smallest punch dagger and smaller knives, to the curved scimitar blades, one of which was given to him by a respected and wise Redguard. When caressing Rakhad’s weapons, one must be careful not to catch oneself on a pointed edge.

Clothing: Devotion to the moons is at the forefront of any embossment and augmentation of Rakhad’s attire, and shields and plate armor are no exception. His shield(though he seldom uses it) are crescent shaped, to aid in both the veneration of Maser and Secunda, and in the swift stabbing motion through the shield's gap favored by the scimitar-wielding warrior. What armor he wears is made of lacquer and segments, sometimes encrusted with horn and seal onto loose-fitting leather. But in times of peace, he shuns metal cloth completely, nuzzling instead against quilted and brightly patterned clothes; striped tunics with fancy embroidery show indigenous skill, which extends to the fluted silver edging of more ceremonial armor pieces. Even the most cumbersome and weighty protection of his attire is particularly unsubstantial in nature when compared to that of a Nord or, especially, an Orc.

Miscellaneous: Skooma. Sweetrolls and cakes, and lots of sugar. Carries bottles of milk.

Magic abilities or powers: Standard khajiit racial powers.

Mental Profile/Personality: Rakhad counts no day truly lived or won unless he has have loved a woman, slain an enemy, and eaten a fine sugary meal. He is fearless and is controlled by a thirst for the simple pleasures of life. His passion and love of wine and women, joined with his lust for adventure, is unmatched by any of his peers. With a love for battle, he reveals an excited grin whenever confronted.

Rakhad’s morbid pursuit of thrill places him in precarious situations. He willingly fights enemies with just his claws and challenges foemen that are physically bigger and stronger than him without hesitation. It is the combination of his obsession for danger, nonchalant attitude against fear, gifted athleticism, and supremely honed fighting skills that allow him to stand victorious against his adversaries.

Despite his combat prowess, Rakhad takes time to sit and enjoy life’s beauties. Whether fine wine or a warm bed or a fine woman or all of the three combined. He takes pleasure to such a height that it would almost seem he knows nothing else but in truth to the wise eye one might see that Rakhad has had a troubled past and would seem to make up for his years of suffering by enjoying life at its fullest. He considers himself a freedom fighter.

Biography: Will be told slowly through the RP.

What is known about Rakhad is that he is a member of the Renrijra Krin, and before moving to Leyawiin his years were hard and troublesome and full of toil and suffering. He was involved in a heap of trouble from drug-trade, to smuggling, to going to prison and to be a pit-fighter for some rich lord. Some of his crimes were public knowledge but the biggest ones of monstrous quality were kept an elusive secret. Rakhad is widely respected among the Argonian and Khajiit community in Leyawiin and has many friends and allies in Cyrodiil.

Posted by: Uleni Athram Nov 8 2014, 01:58 PM

Hmm. Jar'Kai and Ataru, with a little bit of Vaapad mixed in? You really like your fighting machines, don't you, Dee Dee? tongue.gif (wink wink, nudge nudge)

The RP would start in Kvatch, being rebuilt. Our characters are hired by the Guard Captain, Aenius Gratian, to supplement his small squad of guardsman to rescue the kidnapped teenager in the Imperial Reserve.

(But if you guys, for some reason, don't like being hired by the local authorities, you could always us join us in a different way! Like stumbling upon our rescue party or witnessing where the Mythic Dawn went to... or something. I'll leave that detail to you guys. biggrin.gif)

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Nov 8 2014, 02:22 PM

Hey, this one is a Khajiit. He HAS to have some acrobatics involved . . . and its more than Star Wars . . . heh. And of course, is a proficient stylist of the Whispering Fang and other ES martial arts.

Also, hunting down bad guys? Yeah, I have another character that I won't be using as much. At least I hope.

I figured since the Empire is involved and hate for Mythic Dawn is on the rise, well, lets put a good guy in the mix.

Name: Cardius

Race: Imperial

Gender: Male

Age: Undetermined. Appears in his early twenties.

Home Country: Cyrodiil

Faction and Rank: Politician. Court mage. Inquisitor. Nobleman.

Religion: Cardius carries himself as a worshiper of the Nine, particularly Stendarr. Those who work alongside him knows he has a dislike for certain Daedra, and he has a vast knowledge of all things Daedric as if he had been to an Oblivion realm and studied them there. His adversaries and competitors go to great lengths to taint his name by spreading rumors he worshipers certain Daedric Princes.

Skills: Athletics, One Handed weapons, Light Armor, Sneak, Hand to Hand, Destruction.

Appearance: Cardius has his hair short to where it was cropped as most Imperial males in his line of work. He bears a strong jaw, and is often seen without a smile or any positive expressions. Cardius keeps himself busy. Cardius is light colored. His face is rather plain, beardless and simple, very ordinary, with his only remarkable feature being his eerie eyes, which were pale like two Secundas. Paler than stone, as bright as flame. He has long, strong fingers.

Hair: Black. Cropped.

Build: Average. He is a tad bit muscular, but not too much. He stood six feet and was 178 pounds. He has no scars nor any distinguishing birth marks. Being a graduate from the Arcane University, he knew how to use his powers to heal himself when seriously injured.

Personality: Cardius is a mature and self-confident man who staunchly supported the Empire. As he grew up he was taught to face his problems head on and to face them without hesitation or reservation. This mindset led him into learning new things that would shape him into what he is in the present day. A man of utopian ideals.

As he matured in title, his mindset did not change but simply manifested into his acts. As in Inquisitor for the Empire, he had trouble in tolerating failure. This led the mundane soldiers despise him for his “arcane antics” and sense of superiority. Despite his shaky relationship with diplomats and other soldiers in the Empire, Cardius got along with the other branch in legion personnel, admiring them for their lack of cowardice and sheer mercilessness when it came to destroying an enemy under his command. Especially after the Oblivion Crisis.

He was seen by everyone around him as elegant, sophisticated, and educated. Others may see him as very aloof, very self-contained, evidently completely fearless. He is extremely intelligent, perhaps more so than most people. He's a man of immense power. Moral values do not enter into his head. He's not immoral, but rather, he's amoral. Morality is a word that cannot fit into his vocabulary at all. It's power.

Cardius throughout his life was a man with an a will of iron and very strong ambition, stoked in his youth by resentment at what he believed was a lack of respect for the accomplishments of his extended family. Cardius could show his charismatic and charming side if so desired, but would quickly be replaced by ruthlessness when required. In both cases Cardius projected a dominating presence, and was very, very persuasive, with an aura of command unmatched by his peers. He also cultivated his mental abilities as a young man, demonstrating a vast array of abilities in many disciplines, including languages. As a ploygot Cardius commanded Tamrielic, Ta'agra, Jel, Bosmeris and very little Orcish.

His reputation for a genteel yet cruel man increased twice fold. He became a staunch supporter of Man’s place in the world, even if he believed himself above them. While he remained a dilettante of foreign arts antiques, he secretly hated most of what he perceived as the “corrupt” Mer in the High Council like Chancellor Ocato. He separated society into dual, distinguished categories; threats and assets.

The first standing for governmental powers and individuals that would hinder any of his hopes of personal advancement and otherwise would have to be eliminated and destroyed. The latter being for individuals who could aid, or simply be persuaded. By the time of the tension with the Mythic Dawn, or rather, long before, Cardius knew that the only response for the horrors and the injustices of the world was hate and anger. While often appearing as a civilized and genteel young man, he has no issues with torture or being held responsible for the deaths of various enemies, nor being leader of the clandestine atrocities behind the scenes of the Empire such as torture and executions.

Although he is a physical opponent for Mythic Dawn agents and tapped into ancient magic, he operates with as a cold and analytical mind. Whatever intensity he showed was a result of his purpose in completing his quest.

Through his sharp mind, Cardius was able to learn about individual Mythic Dawn agents and use their secrets against them. He studied the records of Daedric Cults but also have an understanding of their ways and traditions. Once in combat, he was not fond of showing mercy, having been tasked with judging and eliminating Mythic Dawn survivors.

Before the Oblivion Crisis even began, Cardius was also responsible and praised for his efforts against feral vampires in Cyrodiil, a small clan that had risen up which bloodlust and rampage was quelled before it even began.

Weapons: A fine sabre made of silver bearing Daedric filigree in the handle. He also has an ancient blade’s weapon, a katana.

Clothing: He wears a nobleman’s clothing when he is off-duty, the hallmark of a true aristocrat. A black and burgundy outfit with gold-trimmed shoes, and even up to date. Most of them came in shades of black, red and grey. He wears a crimson amulet around his neck and a few ruby rings which bedecks his fingers. He also owns a single black hooded robe. During his inquisitorial tasks he wore his robe which bore ancient symbols on it.

Magic: Racial powers and destruction spells.


His history remains largely a mystery, but he is loved and respected by the people of Cyrodiil. He was a graduate at the Arcane University and was a valuable student, though he took to politics more than university affairs. He is a very close associate to men like Janus Hassildor, Chancellor Ocato, and Uriel Septim before his death.

Cardius is the scion of an honorable and revered family that could be traced back to Second Era during the Alliance War. He is known by the citizens of Cyrodiil to be a dedicated patron of Imperial bureaucracy and a distinguished legislator. Cardius began his life when he was groomed by his father who later died under mysterious circumstances, and he rose through the Imperial ranks with ease, enforcing his authority ever more without mercy and pursuing his destiny as the architect of absolute domination and power.

After the Oblivion Crisis, Cardius was chosen and plucked by the highest stations of Imperial power and authority to pursue the remnants of Mythic Dawn. He accepted his task. He confident that Tamriel's lingering pockets of Mythic Dawn sleeper agents will be brought to heel— lured from their cradles of safety by intimidation . . . to face their "inescapable annihilation." He has a dark drive and hatred for Mythic Dawn Agents and their Daedric Lord that whatever attacks they launch, he retaliated three-fold.

The survivors of Dagon's cults are immediate danger the Empire, and he believes he must meet them with swift and brutal action. To bring down a band of Mythic Dawn agents responsible for kidnapping innocent civilians, Chancellor Ocato and the Imperial Council turned to their most formidable agent for help. Cardius is fearless, jus as he is remorseless and mysterious; coupled with tactical cunning and cold-blooded efficiency that he strongly believes will pave the way for the Empire’s supremacy in its most crucial post-Emperor/ Oblivion Crisis state . . . and its enemies’ extinction.

Posted by: Acadian Nov 8 2014, 04:34 PM

So it looks like two characters from DE! That’ll help.

Uleni, would you be willing to serve as RP Master for this one then?

If so, how about a title? ‘Kidnapped!’ or ‘Mythic Kidnapping’ come to mind, but those are just a couple possibilities that seem related to the RP. Once a title is selected, I’d be happy to rename this thread (via some mod magic) so it can serve as the RP planning thread. Since DE’s char sheets are already up, that’ll save reposting stuff.

Speaking of character sheets, I’m tinkering with Buffy’s. tongue.gif

Posted by: Uleni Athram Nov 8 2014, 05:41 PM

Hmm. I don't know about being a GM, but sure, we can change the title! I for one vote for "Kidnapped!"

It's simple, straight to the point, and it ain't lollygagging about.

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Nov 8 2014, 09:56 PM

Mythic Kidnapping sounds pretty neat... But in the end whatever floats your boat.

Posted by: Uleni Athram Nov 10 2014, 12:11 PM

Just popping by to say that I'm currently working on my CharSheet and tweaking some of the plot. The sheet's almost finished; expect either later or tomorrow! Once we get all the sheets posted, then we'll start!

Posted by: Uleni Athram Nov 11 2014, 03:21 PM

Full Name: Acilius
Nickname/Alias: Poryphel the Gallant
Race: Altmer and Redguard Halfblood
Age: 19
Birthsign: The Ritual

Birthplace: The Imperial City
Professions: Former Ancestor Monk-in-Training. Currently a low-ranked Blades operative.

Appearance: Acilius is unique in that he has traits attained from his parents, yet looks nothing like them. He has the height of the High Elves, the skin of the Redguards. He has the sharp bone structure of the elves, even a blunted mockery of their pointy ears, but he has the eyes of a true Hammerfellian and a jovial countenance known only from them. He has violet eyes and he has white hair, which he keeps long and braided in the style of the ancient Ra'Gada warriors. His build accommodates his height; he is muscular, broad in chest, shoulders and arms, but lean in hips and legs.

People call him exotic for these.

Personality: He is brash, he is arrogant; the passionate fire of youth burns bright in him. He is idealistic, believing in the supremacy of valor and honor, and while he might be a pompous little braggart, he will not hesitate to do what is right.

Weapons; A Blades' Katana. A Legion punching dagger.
Armors and Clothing: He wears a leather brigandine over his blue tunic, and a pair of long iron vambraces protects his forearms. He has a utility belt, storing his potions and other tools, ranging from lockpicks to throwing knives. He has tight beige pants. to maximize freedom of movement, studded with leather armor around his vital parts. He has knee length boots, legion made.

History: He was the product of a tryst between High Chancellor Ocato and a representative of Hammerfell. Since neither wanted the scandal that would be involved in raising him, it was mutually decided he would be raised here in Cyrodiil. Hammerfell, a society built upon the ancient rituals of honor, had no use for bastards, while Cyrodiil, ever the land of opportunity, could provide him with several chances. Ocato, seeing the need for more agents in the Empire in lieu of the Events popping here and there, sent him to the Ancestral Monks for training.

Acilius grew to hate the dull and repetitive lifestyle of the monks. He was sick of the endless drills, the unending intonations, and meditations that seemed to last for eternity. When he was 17, he decided it was time for him to experience the world fully, and ran away in the middle of the night. He only had his katana, his clothes and some meager rations to last him a few days.

Three miles in, and he was caught by the Blades.

Normally, deserters were punished with harsh disciplinary action, but the leader of the group that caught him was taken in by the defiance Acilius showed. In his teenage years, still growing, the young halfblood showed a natural talent for combat when he matched three fully trained Blades to a stand still, though not without wounds. Impressed, they took him to Cloud Ruler Temple, where they began to mold him into a Blade. He was a natural for it and he grew to love his surroundings.

Then the Crisis happened.

Although still a trainee, Acilius volunteered himself for the front lines against Dagon's hordes, aiding the besieged Cyrodiil in whatever way he could. His claim to fame would be the closing of a Gate near the Temple of the Ancestral Monks. When it was all over, and Dagon banished by the Avatar, Acilius once again volunteered himself for the extermination of the Empire's enemies.

Posted by: Acadian Nov 11 2014, 10:17 PM

Name: Buffy
Sex: Female
Race: Bosmer, like her mother. Her father was Breton, however. The only racial special ability she inherited from the union was her father’s resistance to magic.
Age: Late twentyish probably, but who knows with elves?
Day of Birth: Rains Hand the nineteenth - at the exact moment of sunrise.
Birthsign: Mage.
Birthplace: Conceived in the treetops of Valenwood, but born/raised in Bravil.

Religion: She respects the Nine, especially Mara and Kynareth. When asked how she reconciles the violence of her profession with Mara’s love and Kynareth’s affinity for forest creatures, Buffy replies, “If you were familiar with how a mother grizzly demonstrates love for her cubs when they are in danger, you would understand.”

Occupation: Adventuress. Buffy is voracious when it comes to exploring forests, tundras, deserts, jungles and dungeons. As a result, she has become quite skilled as both scout and cartographer. She is also not shy about putting evil to the bow – no matter where she finds it. She does have a passion for fine clothes, good wine and the very best of care for her precious mare; the spoils of her explorations fund all this rather handsomely. She will occasionally heed the call ‘Have bow will travel’ and accept a variety of quests to help others – if she approves of both who is asking and the potential task itself.

Associations: Although a dues-paying member of the arcane guilds throughout Tamriel, and dubbed a knight errant by the Count of Leyawiin, she is a free knight, displaying true loyalty only to friends. She declines fealty to the concepts/organizations of men/mer/divines.

Proficient Skills: Archery, Conjuration, Illusion, Alteration, Stealth, Speechcraft.

Minor Skills: Destruction (a basic level of fire magic – flames, firebolt, fire rune), Light Armor, Block (only using a bow).

Gear: She carries a rather large wardrobe (assisted by the magically augmented saddlebags of her horse) and a small selection of found/bought poisons/potions. Generally most of what she needs, she conjures - notably, this includes her mystic bow.


Orphaned by the age of twelve.

Buffy carries the spirit of an ancient paladin named Acadian within her. The two have traveled and adventured together across time and worlds. They have taken various forms and lived numerous lives, since before the creation of Nirn. Buffy does not possess any memories of their past lives together – but Acadian does.

Buffy’s home base and resupply center is her magnificent mare, Superian. The horse is a constant consideration in everything Buffy does, and the elf has learned numerous magicks and skills to ensure Superian’s survival.

As a forest predator, it is natural for Buffy to call upon the spirits of other forest creatures (one at a time) to help her when needed. Buffy, Superian and a feline forest spirit in action vs a cave bear.

Home: Comfortable in Cyrodiil, Valenwood, Elsweyr and Skyrim, home is wherever she makes camp or rents a tavern room. She is welcome in the various magic guild houses of Tamriel and even in the courts of several nobles. As mentioned above, everything she really needs is carried by her horse.

Appearance: The blond, blue-eyed elf is quite small, weighing under one hundred pounds and standing less than five feet tall. Her wardrobe, however, is large and as diverse as the circles she travels in. Regardless of her outfit, the astute observer cannot miss the heavy callousing on two fingers of her right hand that clearly mark her as one who lives by the bow. Similarly, even though her speechcraft, University education, title as knight-errant and demeanor can comfortably pass muster among nobles, the sun-kissed color of her skin betrays her nature as an outdoor creature of the forest. Her attire generally reflects an eclectic blending of buckskin and fortified silk –selected to support comfort and stealth rather than combat protection.

Personality: Gregarious, nurturing, vengeful, protective of friends. She lacks the size, steel or stones to go toe-to-toe with foes, so tends to make hard choices regarding target identification and uses preemptive strikes from the shadows when fighting rather than ‘declaring herself’ to potential foes. Her small size and vulnerability drive much of who she is and why she relies on magic to augment her bow.

History: A wandering free spirit who is skilled with magic, loves her horse, takes to the shadows and conjures a deadly sniper bow. wink.gif

Edit: Adjusted Acadian's role to more in the background, but Buffy's basic abilities remain the same.

Posted by: Colonel Mustard Nov 12 2014, 11:54 AM

*Looks at current roster of characters*

Needs m0ar spell.

Name: Telnus Harathi
Sex: Male
Race: Dunmer
Age: 38. Looks to be in his mid-20s, thanks to elfness.
Sign: The Tower

Appearance: It's widely agreed that Telnus would be handsome were it not for the lattice of scarring that disfigures the right side of his face, sparing only his eye and mouth; he is missing a large chunk of his nose, and a meticulous crosshatch of scar tissue covers the right side of his face and forehead, carving out a good chunk of his hairline there. His unscarred skin is a light shade of blue-grey, and on the left hand side is marked by curling, pointed tattoos in the Telvanni tradition. His hair, a charcoal black, is pulled up in a topknot.

Religion: Agnostic. He has largely given up on the gods and the daedra.

Occupation: Traveling mercenary mage and associate of the Mages' Guild. Hardly considered to be a model member.

Proficient Skills: Destruction, Alteration, Alchemy, Conjuration

Spells: High magicka usage: Chain lightning, Blade Barrier (summons a whirling wall of magical blades), Firebolt swarm (a spray of individual flame bolts that home in on one or multiple targets).
Medium magicka usage: Fireball, Summon Storm Atronach, Stoneskin, Cone of Cold, Augment Weapon (any weapon he touches temporarily becomes magically enhanced), Atrophying Ray (a beam of energy that saps enemies' stamina, strength and dexterity).
Low magicka usage: Ensnare (vines spring up from the ground, grabbing any enemy they can reach), Firebolt, Lightning bolt, Cause Fear, Summon Familiar, Magelight, Shroud of Darkness (summons a shadow that covers one person).

Gear: A hard wearing travel robe, enchanted to improve his reserve of magicka. A ring enchanted to boost the damage of his destruction spells, assorted alchemical equipment, travel gear and a heavy, weatherproof cloak.

Personality: Somewhat arrogant and condescending, as is typical of most dunmer of House Telvanni, but leans towards introspection when he isn't with others. As well as this, Telnus is very, very angry.

Biography: A scion of House Telvanni, Telnus was present at Anvil during the Oblivion Crisis. When the Mythic Dawn opened the Oblivion gate outside of the city, he aided in the task of containing the daedra, but during the fight was captured by the enemy. Pulled into Oblivion, Telnus was tortured and mutilated by the Dremora until the Champion of Cyrodiil intervened, dragging a delirious and traumatised Telnus out of the Deadlands.

Telnus left not long after that, coming to Kvatch in an attempt to put what happened at Anvil behind him. He blames the Mythic Dawn for what was done to him,and celebrated the death of Mankar Camoran when it became known. Now that the opportunity to kill more of his sworn nemeses has arisen, Telnus intends to scourge them with fire, lightning, ice and every one of his considerable arcane talents.

Posted by: Uleni Athram Nov 13 2014, 11:18 AM

3 down, 1 remaining!

Posted by: Acadian Nov 13 2014, 04:45 PM

Is it not four down?

- Cardius (DE’s inquisitor).

- Acilius (Ulenei’s Blade).

- Buffy (My mystic archer).

- Telnus (Mustard’s mage).

Seems like the basics of an effective party are being covered reasonably well. smile.gif

DE, are you going to add the kat you started back in?

And I guess we are waiting for a character from CT?

Posted by: Uleni Athram Nov 13 2014, 04:53 PM

I had to subtract Acilius from the roll call..

'Cause he might die... You may never know *evil chuckle*

Posted by: Callidus Thorn Nov 13 2014, 05:24 PM

Ah, that would be me embarrased.gif

*Looks through character sheets*

Hmm... Looks like we could do with someone tanky. Bring on the Battlemage!

Name: Gideon Draconis
Sex: Male
Race: Breton
Age: 45
Birthsign: The Mage

Appearance: Handsome, aristocratic features, blue eyes, shoulder length black hair pulled back into a ponytail. In short, he looks every inch the ideal of the warrior-poet.

Religion: Nine Divines of course, primarily Julianos.

Occupation: Complicated. Currently a mercenary. Of sorts. Journeyman of the Mage's Guild.

Proficient Skills: Heavy Armour, Blunt weapons, Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, Mysticism.

Gear: Dwarven Warhammer and armour(full set except for helmet), Mage's Hood. Also carries a set of Mage's Robes for when armour isn't appropriate.

Personality: Erudite and courteous, with a strong sense of honour. Prone to bouts of brooding and philosophy. Generally prefers to keep to himself.

History: Has spent more than 20 years serving in the Legion as a Battlemage. During the Oblivion Crisis, he was part of a special unit assigned to deal with the Oblivion Gates. Their job was to hold back the Daedra while the citizens evacuated the area. Losses were high. When a Gate opened near the village of Pell's Gate, he disobeyed orders and charged into the Gate, closing it.

He was dishonourably discharged from the Legion, and forced to spend the bulk of the coin he'd saved to but himself his new gear. After hearing about events in Leyawiin, he decided against joining the Fighters' Guild, and joined the Mage's Guild. In light of their depleted numbers, and a letter of recommendation quietly delivered by an old comrade of his in the higher echelons of the Legion, he was made a Journeyman almost immediately.

He was sent to Kvatch, to help reestablish the Guild there, though his role in that is a small one.

Sorry it's a bit rushed, NaNoWriMo's calling me biggrin.gif

Posted by: Uleni Athram Nov 14 2014, 08:36 AM


So now that we're complete.... shall we begin?

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Nov 14 2014, 11:05 AM


And Acadian, cat man is here.

Posted by: Acadian Nov 14 2014, 02:34 PM

I'm ready. I think. smile.gif

Oh, and I do see that DE edited Rahkad's character sheet back into action!

Posted by: Colonel Mustard Nov 17 2014, 03:51 PM

I think I'm actually going to have to bow out of this. I've got hardly any free time right now, and what I do have is taken up with other pursuits at the moment. I just don't have the energy to do this now.

Posted by: Uleni Athram Nov 17 2014, 04:09 PM

Unfortunate! But understandable. It is my hope that this RP would last quite a while, and if it does, you're always welcome to join us again. In fact, you can come back anytime!

Posted by: Acadian Nov 17 2014, 04:42 PM

Sorry to hear that, Mustard, but as Uleni said it's understandable. Thanks for letting us know so early in the RP though. Mebbe you can join us later if things settle down. smile.gif

I think we have the various schools of magic covered between the other characters. Especially between the battlemage and mystic archer. The party actually still looks reasonably balanced.

Posted by: Acadian Nov 20 2014, 05:28 PM

Okay, Buffy's just mentioned that the unnamed Bosmer mage floating around via levitaion spell is the Kvatch MG deputy guildmagister. We also said that Sigrid Firewalker (same Sigrid as in the game at the encampment) is the guildmagister. Seems like very minor details so I took some liberties there. Any problems with that, let me know and I'll be happy to edit. smile.gif

Posted by: Uleni Athram Nov 21 2014, 01:53 PM

Nah, its okay. Actually, it helps a bit. :thumbsup:

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Nov 22 2014, 01:22 PM

I edited my first post. I thought it over. It wouldn't make sense for Cardius to infiltrate a Mythic Dawn headquarters when, well, he's the main poster boy for the Empire responsible for hunting them all down.

So, he'll be with you guys.

Acadian, maybe you and Buffy might run into him?

Posted by: Acadian Nov 22 2014, 05:14 PM

DE, is Cardius' dark robe hood still up obscuring his features or did he push it back after entering the guild?

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Nov 22 2014, 05:25 PM

Most likely his robe hood is pulled back down.

Posted by: Rohirrim Nov 25 2014, 12:11 AM

Room for one more, guys?

Posted by: Acadian Nov 25 2014, 01:37 AM

Since we're light on players and just getting started, I'd say sure. But, as I'm a newb at this, let me defer to the other more experienced RPers here. smile.gif

Posted by: Uleni Athram Nov 25 2014, 05:05 AM

@Rohi-Kohai: Epic Character Sheet. In our RP. Now. Your senpai demands it! KWEFEHEHEHEHE

Posted by: Rohirrim Nov 28 2014, 05:20 PM

*looks at thread*
needs MOAR Jesus!

Name: Jerichus Atonus
Race: Imperial
Age: 42
Sign: The Tower

Profession: Warrior Priest, Order of Saint Bellona

Appearance: Jerichus is a tall, imposing man in red-and-white painted steel half-plate. He has his brown hair cut in a monk's tonsure, and has blue eyes. He carries a squared steel warhammer, with the horn of Stendarr embossed on each side. He also carries a horn full of holy water, the Catechism of Saint Bellona, and a gold-decorated hardwood stake (for reasons that need not be explained).

Bio: The Order of Saint Bellona is a militant offshoot of the cult of Stendarr. Unlike their cousins in the Vigil, members of the Order go out alone to seek out evil, rather than patrolling in groups, and are thus, (Possibly rightly) considered somewhat strange. Jerichus was taken in after his parents were killed by Malacath worshipers, and molded to become a holy warrior. He now seeks out the daedra and undead with a burning passion, and kills all of them, without exception. Ave Stendarr.

Personality: Jerichus is very dedicated to his work, and tends not to make small talk as a result. When he does strike up a conversation, it might be described as one similar to that had by a militant Mormon proselytizer. He likes all worshipers of the Nine, and will not actively suspect them when things start going south.

Posted by: Callidus Thorn Nov 30 2014, 06:37 PM

Sorry for the absence guys, I'll get up to speed on the thread tonight, been distracted by a few things of late(mostly NaNoWriMo).

Posted by: Acadian Nov 30 2014, 07:23 PM

Although folks seem to be gathering at the MG, I don't think it's necessary for everyone to meet before the meeting. It seems it would be just fine to introduce a character at the guard captain's recruiting meeting. I expect Uleni simply needs a cue from us when everyone is ready. Buffy is ready whenever that happens; at the moment she's simply enjoying herself sandboxing with Cardius and (now) Uleni's Gallant one. tongue.gif

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Dec 4 2014, 11:51 AM

IPB Image


Posted by: Callidus Thorn Dec 5 2014, 10:21 PM


Seems a pretty early call, DE...

Posted by: Acadian Dec 5 2014, 10:22 PM

Not dead, just in need of a Uleni post to get that delightfully flamboyant fellow off of the table being shared by Cardius and Buffy. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Uleni Athram Dec 6 2014, 09:59 AM


expect a post later just been tired lately


Posted by: Acadian Dec 6 2014, 03:52 PM

Whew, I was getting a touch concerned that you might be fading away from your own RP. Thanks for letting us know what's going on. I, for one, don't mind whether the posting pace is rapid or leisurely as long as I know everyone's still on board. tongue.gif

Buffy & Cardius? I suspect they're both likely too mission-focused for that. Besides, he's an Imperial and, according to those guards in Anvil, we all know Imperials would rather sleep with their horse than a Bosmer. laugh.gif

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Dec 6 2014, 04:48 PM

Heh, Cardius is a bit quest-tasked at the moment. Besides, Buffy wouldn't want him around either.

No Snoo snoo.

Posted by: Uleni Athram Dec 6 2014, 05:06 PM

If anybody could make sense whatever the hell Acilius' is saying, then.. Yu bi okeigh een Mai buk!

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Dec 6 2014, 05:08 PM

QUOTE(Uleni Athram @ Dec 6 2014, 05:06 PM) *

If anybody could make sense whatever the hell Acilius' is saying, then.. Yu bi okeigh een Mai buk!

"You be okay in my book."


Posted by: Uleni Athram Dec 6 2014, 05:09 PM

QUOTE(Darkness Eternal @ Dec 7 2014, 01:08 AM) *

QUOTE(Uleni Athram @ Dec 6 2014, 05:06 PM) *

If anybody could make sense whatever the hell Acilius' is saying, then.. Yu bi okeigh een Mai buk!

"You be okay in my book."


Try Acilius!

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Dec 10 2014, 12:09 PM

Fear not rpers, I will post today.

Posted by: Acadian Dec 10 2014, 07:14 PM

Cardius just addressed Uleni's character as Acillius. Since the flamboyant newcomer introduced himself only as Poryphel the Gallant, Buffy will astutely note to herself that it seems the newcomer is not entirely a stranger to Cardius. Is that your intent, or was the use of Acillius' real name an oversight, or am I just missing something? tongue.gif

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Dec 10 2014, 07:45 PM

Woops. Accidental.

Posted by: Acadian Dec 23 2014, 04:59 PM

So. . . is Uleni taking a couple weeks off for Saturalia? Buffy and Cardius are stuck on the edge of their chairs. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Darkness Eternal Dec 30 2014, 07:29 PM

If you kids take longer, Cardius and Buffy might as well go off to the caverns to save the lad.

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