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> Progress, Latest Updates for the Pirate Isles
post Sep 23 2006, 05:35 PM
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Here I will post progress reports on what I have done so far, so people know what i'm upto.
Please do not post here, i will be soley posting updates here for people to read.

What I plan to include:
- Everything from the beta release! (DONE)
- Acquire a pirate ship! (DONE)
- Hire yon dastardly crew! (DONE)
- An island with a piratey town! Bring on the grog wench! (DONE)
- The ability to take your ship and crew and raid the high seas, specifically looting merchant ships and fighting the navy! (DONE)
- 3 Different First Mates to give your orders to (DONE)
- A slightly bizarre adventure related to skooma (DONE)
- Work your pirate fame up and acquire you own upgradeable island hideout. (DONE)
- Some basic pirate classes to choose from, namely the corsair and swashbuckler (DONE)
- A second island town, less piratey. (DONE)
- Work your pirate fame up and new ships will join your fleet. (DONE)
- Capture prisoners on your raids and sell them to slavers. (DONE)
- More pirates hanging out at the hideout. (DONE)
- More types of Captives. (DONE)
- Choose a flag for your ship (DONE)
- Different ships to fight - 3 types of Merchant ships, Fishing Vessels, Navy Warships, Navy Equipment Ships, Smugglers and a rare Treasure Ship, as well as enemy pirate ships! (DONE)
- A small chance to strike it rich on raids by attacking a treasure ship. (DONE)
- More commands available through first mate, including hiring of crew.(DONE - TWEAKING)
- Buried treasure quest (what pirate story would be without it!?) (DONE)
- Morale for your crew, need to pay them every week or mutiny! (DONE - TWEAKING)
- High pirate fame leads to attacks by bounty hunters etc. It will actually give you a reputation (not just a number) (PENDING)
- 2 More first mates, one a wizard (DONE - TWEAKING)
- Governers daughter quest! (what pirate mod could be without one) (IN PROGRESS)
- Major imperial port. (IN PROGRESS)
- A piratey adventure involving curses, an underwater highjink, treasure and wenches! (MINOR WORK DONE)
- More islands and places to explore. (IN PROGRESS)

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post Feb 13 2007, 01:35 PM
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Images you asked for, images you shall get. Three screenshots of the town from different angles:
Port Delargo 1
Port Delargo 2
Port Delargo 3

Note the island actually extends much further back, but alas I haven't yet got generated LOD to work.

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