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> [REL] Azure and the Ayleid Magi, new dungeon/mage armor set
post Apr 24 2006, 09:03 PM
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Rumor has that since the time of the Ayleids, the most powerfull mage of each generation has passed down a set of robes to the most promising of the next.
This transaction happened at a Magi Sanctuary called Azure.

Rumors tell of a Secret Passage to Azure located in the Arcane University. Perhaps Traven knows of its whereabouts. Searching his room should prove usefull.

Mod contains:
New dungeon, accessed from a secret door somewhere in the arcane university.

Beat the Dungeon, and you get this lovely new mage armor set o.O (It uses the ArchMage Robe textures)

~~~~Regalia of the Ayleid Magi~~~~

Robe of the Ayleid Magi:
Shield +20
Fire,Frost,Shock Resist +10
+50 mana

Hood of the Ayleid Magi:
Reflect Spell +10
Shield +10
Int +10

Shoes of the Ayleid Magi:
Speed +20
Shield +10
Absorb Spell +10
Feather +50


Your probably thinking HAX!!1 OVERPOWERED!!111

Naw. Its definatly a worthy reward for the challenge. Surprises await in the bosses lair.... /grin.
Seriously, its not the easiest fight in the world... heh heh.

This is my first mod. I started with the robe because I tired of having to wear light armor on my mage. I felt such ownage needed a worthy challenge, and so 20 hours later a 'three room' dungeon was born.

I bug tested it a little, but if you come across any problems let me know.

OH! The journey starts by grabbing a key and a couple clues from a new chest in the Arch-Mages Quarters.


v1.1 by troub
Wearing the hood should no longer make your head dissapear.
You no longer get sealed in Azure after you enter.

v1.0 by troub

Added 3 New Dungeon Rooms:
Secret Passage (and hidden door in the AU)
Guardian Layer
and Azure Sanctuary

Added Mage Armor Set (of pwnage)
Added *nice* loot to sanctuary as well.
Added new Chest to ArchMages Quarters


get the file here!

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post Apr 25 2006, 10:04 PM
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Let me know if the boss encounter is too hard and I'll rebalance it. I havent attempted it myself actualy, because my guy isnt a high enough level yet o.O

and yeah, the main bosses level is static, the trash mobs are dynamic... I also made 3 custom spells for the encounter. But if its just too hard, then ill fix it.

If anyone wants a few tips on the encounter, PM me and I'll give ya some of the details, like the main bosses health, and his custom spells.

Good Luck!!!

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post Apr 25 2006, 11:38 PM
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Note: If you've downloaded v1.0, please download v1.1 at the same link.

a couple bugs popped up: you would get stuck in Azure, with no way out. And the hood would display wrong. So get the new version!

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post Apr 28 2006, 10:47 AM
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i cant find the beginning of the quest,
plz help, only how to begin,
ty greetz mike
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post May 4 2006, 11:22 PM
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Few things. yeah if you can beat the boss you deserve the prize, hes way too powerful in my own opinion.

Few things in need of fixing.
A floor section just as you enter the boss area is set too low showing a black line around it.
The door into the vault is a bit glitchy and at first was not being recognised as a door.
The two varla stones either side of the prize have fallen through their stands.
seeing the sky through the ceiling is nice but kindof loses the effect of if supposing to be a long lost place people have been searching for. made me think, well if this was life I could have avoided the boss and dropped straight in.

Other things I felt were a bit out of lore were the inclusion of an OOC note in the chest and also human enemies inside, this is supposed to have one key lost for years on end. So how did humans get there.
Also the incusion of an ayleid statue kinda breaks the lore of the collect the ten statues quest. because it makes a count of 11.
Other than that its a well made mod. Hope to see a more balanced version come out.

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post Aug 30 2006, 04:13 AM
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I know this is an old post but I was hopeing someone might be able to help me. I have killed the boss mob and with the Azure key I entered the room with the robe and stuff, but at the top of the stairs on both sides of the room are doors that are locked and say they need a key to open. My question is, Is there a key to open these doors?

Redguard Warrior
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