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> T.I.M.E. (The Interactive Modding Excursion), Mod-making tutorials
post May 13 2018, 07:53 PM
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Faction-changing Armor and Clothing

Game: Fallout 3

Good evening. This one is going to focus on making faction changes, which are caused by simply putting on some clothes or armor. This will work best when changing outfits just before going from one cell to another, and is much more RP-friendly than using console commands. wink.gif

I got this to work in Fallout 3 last summer, in Janet Telia's game. I was able to get her into the RaiderFaction by having her put on some specialized raider armor, waiting an hour, and then entering a cell full of raiders. Once inside that cell, these enemies were now her friends. The entire faction of raiders remained friendly to her from that point on, all across the Wasteland, as long as she was wearing her special armor.

This should also work in Oblivion too, although I have not tested if it does, yet.


1).Open up the GECK, bla bla... First thing we're going to do is to make a customized faction.

1a). MAIN toolbar > Characters > Faction
Go ahead and make a custom faction by right-clicking > New into the Editor ID window. I called Janet's special faction aaaRaiderFaction, though you can call yours whatever you'd like.

NOTE: DO NOT just use one of Bethesda's factions (such as RaiderFaction). It is better to make a custom faction, rather than adding the PC to one of the game's premade factions. Before I figured this out, I was using the Bethesda raider faction. When Janet put on her raider-faction armor, she was accepted by raiders just fine. Problem was, she could not 'break' out of this faction just by removing her armor. Even if she shot somebody, they would continue to be her friend. dry.gif Maybe this is a 'friendly fire' sort of function, so that if one raider shoots another, he/she won't just turn around and begin fighting this other raider, when they should be coming after us.

With a custom faction, the results worked just as I wanted them to. smile.gif There were some limits though, and these limits will be discussed toward the bottom-third of this post.

1b). Give this faction a Name. You can toggle Evil on if you want to, which will temporarily influence how Karma works.

1c). Right-click > New into the Interfaction Relations window, and use the Opposing/Affiliated scroll-bar to find the faction you want to modify toward your character's custom faction.

1d). Let's say you chose RaiderFaction in step 1c. For best results, make the Disposition Modifier 100, with Group Combat Reactions toggled to Ally.

You can experiment with numbers lower than 100, and you can also choose 'Friend' or 'Neutral' instead of Ally, if you want to make this faction-change happen with more of a question mark.

1e). Click OK (closing the Factions panel) and SAVE.

2a). OBJECT window
Go into Items. Edit an outfit (a piece of clothing or armor), and give it a unique ID. When asked if we want to save this under a new ID? Click Yes.

2b). Double-left click on the outfit you edited, and go into that outfit's script area. If the outfit already has a script, get rid of it, or choose some other article of clothing (or armor) which does not have a script.

2c). The Script Type scroll-bar can stay as Object. Here is what to write.


scriptname aaaFactionChangingArmorScript

Begin OnEquip

Player.SetFactionRank aaaFaction 1


Begin OnUnequip

Player.SetFactionRank aaaFaction -1



Where it says "aaaFaction", you can substitute this term with the name of your actual custom faction. So for me, I'm typing aaaRaiderFaction where it says aaaFaction.

Anyway, this script will make sure the player-character gets added and removed from whatever faction you choose, in a never-ending loop. However, there are limitations to this.

-- You'll need to make sure your character changes clothes in a cell which is separate from any enemies. Once this is done it's best to wait an hour, and then you can enter the cell you're trying to influence. The faction-changing effect works best this way, and it's only realistic that a bunch of enemies won't change their hostile minds, simply because they witness our toon changing into some outfit!

--I tried entering the raider-infested grocery store (the store next to Gold Ribbon Grocery, with all those raiders inside), for instance. Janet entered this store wearing ordinary clothes. The raiders inside were hostile. Then, I had her leave the building, changing into her special Faction Armor. Back inside, the raiders were now friendly. Back outside, change of clothes again, now they're hostile again.

However, after doing this several times, they eventually defaulted to friendly no matter what she was wearing.

...Of course, nobody would do any of this in the game. It's silly to change back and forth like this as we're actually playing. We only need to change into the outfit once before we enter their territory, and maybe change back out of it once, if we're going back into ordinary civilization again. I'm just highlighting that there are some limits, here. These limits won't be found though, until the gamer is doing some heavy experimentation. ph34r.gif

--To break her friends-only status, I tried having her attack a raider. He ignored her attack at first, but eventually fought back. Once this moment was crossed, this guy was now NOT her friend anymore, and attacked every time, even if she ran outside and changed clothes from and to the Faction armor. Thing is, only that one raider attacked her. The others were still friendly to Janet.

Bottom line though: if you're just playing the game normally, change your character's outfit once, wait an hour, and then enter a cell with enemies in it, everything should work. Later, if you want to remove this outfit, maybe your character's going back to Megaton or Rivet City (wearing outlaw armor wouldn't be appropriate) all of that should work too.

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