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Posted by: ghastley Sep 16 2012, 01:46 AM

I just created a version of Falkreath that's separate from the Gweden Brothel, and Rumple Mod. Just the one quest, but otherwise all there.

Uzgash and Meija don't make any appearance, as they're Rumple Mod people. The quest to wake Kintyra's mother Anya (and finish her troll-killing) is started by talking to a guard, instead of Taminwe at the Red Dragon Club.

Download it and remember to turn off the borders, if you haven't already done so.

If anyone tests it out, let me know about any missing textures or meshes. It's hard to test that properly when they're all there from the full mods anyway.


There's also a mod to let you own Jakben Imbel's house in the Imperial city, which I'll be using as a master for the Devilish and Divine mod. That mod is still in construction, and has a lot of script debugging required to get their commentary on locations/quests/etc. working properly. So I thought I'd make the house piece available early and get a bit of real-world testing done.

Posted by: Acadian Sep 17 2012, 12:07 AM

This looks great and I did notice it on TESNexus as a new download before you posted here. Oh, and a release thread on BethSoft. Buffy’s got her boots full of sand down in Elsweyr at the moment, but we look forward to trying this! It sounds like just the perfect tiny touch of Skyrim. smile.gif

Posted by: Acadian Jun 9 2013, 02:44 AM

Finally installed this today. Buffy checked to make sure she was wearing Jerric's toe ring of resist frost, donned her furs and headed north. Superian's saddlepad is also enchanted with resist frost so the mare was comfortable enough as well. Anyway, eventually, they discovered Falkreath. What a lovely little town, complete with guards, a Jarl, smithy small chapel and tavern. The lovely tavern keeper even asked for Buffy's help to heal her ill mother. As a master at diagnosing and healing, Buffy quickly determined the problem and healed the woman to discover, much to her delight that the woman is a fellow mage of the guild! Well, they had quite a bit to talk about, including Buffy agreeing to help eliminate bit of a problem for the town.

Very nice introduction to the town and it makes for a fabulous northern spot to visit - a taste of Skyrim! Thanks, ghastley. biggrin.gif

Posted by: ghastley Jun 10 2013, 04:36 PM

I hope you got the version that has the bust fixed (in Orville's house) - the texture was missing to start with, and it was purple instead of wood-grain. But if Kintyra wasn't topless, that probably means the texture file was good. (By topless, I mean her entire upper body missing!)

Posted by: Acadian Jun 10 2013, 04:57 PM

I think I got the right version. I only downloaded it a few days ago. Kintyra looks simply perfect! Best I could tell, the mod is flawless.

The quest was supremely perfect for Buffy. It gave her a wonderful opportunity to flex her diagnostic and healing skills. And even kick some butt from the shadows as she helped a guild mate.

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