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Posted by: ghastley Mar 28 2017, 09:05 PM

I'm currently fiddling with a number of potential Morrowind Mods:

  1. Dual companion mod - Diablita and Angeline.
  2. Short Spears - with Zulu-style outfit.
  3. Additional rigged hair - with ears, so you don't need MacKom's heads.
I may name the "twins" Diabla and Angela - who were the Oblivion twins' mothers. They're working well enough in Clark's game, and Delilah's, and Thudd's, all of whom have different play styles. Making the pitchforks playable is another option to consider.

The gear Lwanda is using also works well enough for her. I'm debating whether the Long Blade/Spear stat swap is worth anything, as the important part is that using the weapons improves the skill they need in order to use them. What appears in the numbers when you unequip doesn't affect anything, and the levelling effect is unchanged. She'd like a "grass hut" dwelling out in the grazelands sometime, if I can modify and re-texture a yurt for the outside, the interior works with only a re-texture.

The rigged hair was initially for Diablita, but I did a couple more for player characters, too. Angeline's ears don't show, so she uses the MacKom's unmodified. Since I rigged existing hair, I'll need permissions from the creators of those.


Edit: Lwanda's Shield is proving to be a problem. I'd intended it to basic act as zero-defence, block-only. I.e. it would have an AR of 0, but the Block Skill would allow it to negate a proportion of attacks. However, when she equips the shield, it reduces her AR, as her Unarmored skill provides more than the shield, which is considered Light Armor. It must be Armor, not clothing, or she can't use it for blocking.

So I wrote a script to add an Armor Bonus when she equips it, to compensate. It turns out that the game zeros that out as soon as it's added, because you can't use a physical Shield and a Spell Shield at the same time. The Armor Bonus is how the spell works. The code runs, but has no nett effect. sad.gif


Another Edit: The script on the shield now compensates by Fortifying Unarmored, instead of trying to add Armor directly, and it's working (but needs a bit of adjustment to keep it neutral at all skill levels). Now she wants the hut in the Grazelands.


Yet another edit: We have a retextured Ashlander Wise Woman's hut - using a thatch roof and wicker walls - and I've found a location in the southern Grazelands to place it. I had a few problems that made me reload an earlier save before they'd clear, but now it's pretty stable.

Posted by: ghastley Apr 9 2017, 11:48 PM

If anyone's crazy enough willing to try the first, is ready to test.

I suspect it may have bits missing, as I have everything in loose files, and it's hard to be sure I copied everything over.

Usual fake wiki documentation, also - warning! Nude Diablita on the main page.

Posted by: ghastley Apr 12 2017, 03:55 PM

I'm researching whether it would be possible to create a companion that acts like the Hulk - obviously inspired by my Skyrim mod. Since you can't change the race of the player, I'm looking at a companion NPC, who is actually two characters. One is with the player, and the other is in a holding cell, at any time. One is a small robed mage, and the other is a large Orc, disrobed and using the unarmored skill, Hand-to-hand, and with extreme health.

The exchange would be controlled by events outside the player's direct control. E.g. companion is hit by a specific type of attack. Hulk form is limited in duration, and swap back is on a timer.

There is code in mods for companions, and extended teleportation mods, that I can adapt for the swap. Moving to the holding cell can be done directly with a PositionCell call, and the current position of the other can be captured with GetPos, and then SetPos can be used to re-locate the alternate.

Thudd's body, and the vanilla male Orc's, can be scaled up a bit, and a fixed costume applied. The Orc aspect doesn't need to resemble the other, but I'll use clues like hairstyle to associate them. Choose a male or female companion at installation.

Does this look like something anyone would use?

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