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> Welcome to the Pirate Isles
post Sep 22 2006, 01:41 AM
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I'm mid way through working on a pirate mod, called "The Pirate Isles". Its a set of islands set in their own little ocean worldspace. These forums are for discussion of the mod.

What I plan to include:
- Acquire a pirate ship! (DONE)
- Hire yon dastardly crew! (DONE)
- An island with a piratey town! Bring on the grog wench! (DONE)
- The ability to take your ship and crew and raid the high seas, specifically looting merchant ships and fighting the navy! (DONE)
- Different ships to fight - 3 types of Merchant ships, Fishing Vessels, Navy Warships, Navy Equipment Ships, Smugglers and a rare Treasure Ship, as well as enemy pirate ships!
- 3 Different First Mates to give your orders to (DONE)
- A slightly bizarre adventure related to skooma (DONE)
- Work your pirate fame up and acquire you own upgradeable island hideout. (DONE)
- Some basic pirate classes to choose from, namely the corsair and swashbuckler (DONE)
- A second island town, less piratey. (DONE)
- Work your pirate fame up and new ships will join your fleet. (DONE)
- Capture prisoners on your raids and sell them to slavers. (DONE)
- More pirates hanging out at the hideout. (DONE)
- More types of Captives.
- More types of ships to run into battle with. (IN PROGRESS)
- A small chance to strike it rich on raids by attacking a treasure ship. (IN PROGRESS)
- More commands available through first mate, including hiring of crew.(DONE - TWEAKING)
- Morale for your crew, need to pay them every week or mutiny! (DONE - TWEAKING)
- High pirate fame leads to attacks by bounty hunters etc. It will actually give you a reputation (not just a number) (PENDING)
- Buried treasure quest (what pirate story would be without it!?) (DONE)
- Everything from the beta release! (DONE)
- 2 More first mates, one a wizard (ALMOST COMPLETE)
- Governers daughter quest! (what pirate mod could be without one) (PENDING)
- Governers son quest (for the ladie pirates amongst us) (PENDING)
- Major imperial port. (PENDING)
- A piratey adventure involving curses, an underwater highjink, treasure and wenches! wink.gif(PENDING)
- More islands (PENDING)
- Name your ship (PENDING)
- Choose a flag for your ship (DONE)

- Will there be cannons?
No, i don't feel they fit in the TES world. I'm a stickler for TES lore.
- Will there be voice?
Voices are out at the moment on the basis it will boost the file size to gargantuan proportions. Silent MP3s for the BETA made it 180mb alone. While i'm sure a few of you don't mind that size download, i doubt my chances of finding somewhere to host it. INstead at this point i'm looking at giving instructions with the mod to use the TES4 Plugin Utility to generate the silent mp3s on your computer, saving on a massive download.
- When will this come out?
Good question. I'll get back to you when i have an answer
- Will there be female pirates?
Of course. Don't like female pirates, don't hire them! Theres enough miscellaneous pirates to hire either an all male or all female crew, or a mix if you like.
- Is there new models/textures added by this mod?
Hopefully, I need and modellers to contact me via PM if they are willing to help. Haydox has created a tricorn hat that I will be using.
- Is there a team for this?
Yep, me doing the modding and a friend (nocturnal18) doing the testing.
- Can i help?
Yes, you can offer your ideas here, or if your a modeller/texturer willing to do pirate gear contact me via PM.

A'hargh, and now there be screenshots of the town!
At night we like our grog!
Those be some pirate ships
Pirates need a safe port
Avast, a pirate i shall be
Below lies a piratey Town!

And now there be fightin:
The battle commences!
Argh, scurvy navy scum!
The slaughterfish will feed well tonight...
Yar har har!

Every pirate needs a hideout
A place to store ye loot!

Feel free to post anything piratey that comes to mind! Anything pertaining to pirates, links, the lot! If you think it would be cool if there was such things as a pirate skooma addict TELL ME! All Ideas, great and small! (NO CANNONS SORRY)

If you are a modeller/texturer willing to help please contact me via pm.
I would greatly love to have a few of the following items. If you are willing to create or have seen these somewhere, please PM me. Thanks!
- New ship models, particularly a larger frigate, or even just a different looking ship the same size.
- Pirate Clothes! In particular tricorn hats, bandanas and long coats. I have some pictures.
- A pirate flag. Actually a variety of pirate flags would be good, but i'm sure with a model created I could get someone to create the a variety of different textures.
- A modifed version of the townguard cuirass/shield to use for the imperial navy. Something like a dark brown coat with the red dragon diamond symbol of the empire on it.

Modding - Dark Soul
Pirate Gear Textures - Aventhorn & Dark Soul
Pirate Gear Models - Opti
Tricorn Hat - Haydox
Quality Assurance - Nocturnal18
Ideas - Everyone!!! smile.gif

First thread
WIP thread

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