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Posted by: SubRosa Aug 29 2014, 07:03 PM

I recently noticed that Persephone was regenerating health. I know, that is normal for Skyrim. But I turn off the auto health regeneration for all my characters by using the following console command:

player.modav healrate -0.7

It always works too. I checked my other characters, and they are not regenerating. So I know it is not some global variable that changed. I even tried re-running it on Persephone, and it did not slow her new found healing power at all.

So I went back through Persephone's saves to find just where she started to regenerate. It took a while, but I eventually discovered the culprit. In the first save I have where Persephone is regenerating, Sinderion's Serendipity had been added to her active effects. So I used the console to remove it. Viola! No more regenerating health.

So apparently as well as giving you the chance to make a duplicate potion, this power also effects your health regeneration. Apparently it is also in a way that is separate from the normal regeneration of health over time. Maybe it should have been named Wolverine's Serendipity?

Posted by: Renee Gade IV Aug 29 2014, 11:17 PM

Wow that is an interesting find hon. That's going to be fun finally playing Skyrim on PC this winter. I have so much to learn.

Maybe it should have been named Wolverine's Serendipity?

Ha ha, is that an X-men reference? smile.gif

I personally don't mind the regenerating health, and probably won't change it unless the roleplay calls for some sort of change. I figure: in a lot of RPGs there is the ability to wait, and during this time health regenerates. But what happens as we're waiting? ... Are our characters just sitting around, meditating, or doing some light activities? I liked the way Skyrim does it (unpopular opinion, I know) because I get to spend as much time with my characters as possible. I can have them sit down and eat something, or whatever.

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