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> Fallout Characters: Show off yours here!
post Sep 16 2019, 12:25 PM
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The Hobo is already introduced in this thread, but now he's come to the Commonwealth and another introduction is in order.

Nickname: the Hobo

Real name: only the Hobo knows

Status: alive

Race: Caucasian

Gender: Male

Age: dangerously close to 70

SPECIAL: S8-P5-E10-C1-I6-A8-L5

Most skilled in: Explosives, Guns, Repairing / modding stuff

Traits: none

Place of birth: some vault

Home: "Home is where my pillow is" By the Hobo

What they do for a living: eating and breathing

Factions: none

Companions: Mutt, the glowing dog

Love interests: there used to be one girl...like what? 50 years ago?

Physical Appearance: HawBaw

Eyes: brown

Build: way taller and stronger than average wastelander

Habits: talking to himself, listening to Enclave and CONEL-RAD radio stations, collecting various junk, stocking up on pre-war money, creating custom weapons, climbing on high places and watching wastes from above, collecting bobbleheads and pre-war magazines, smoking, drinking beer, wine and nuka-cola, listening to legends about Loviatar and seeing remains of her work in person

Weapons of preference: Hunting Rifle, Railway Rifle, Shishkebab, grenades & mines

Clothing: scavenger outfit, Chinese General Hat, huge backpack

Magic abilities or powers: the Hobo can perceive certain visions from the past and he's partly psychic - if he dreams of his own death, he knows that it's better to avoid that place.

Miscellaneous: he never carries more than one bottle cap because two or more bring bad luck and might attract unwanted attention of swans

Theme song: John Prine - The Hobo Song

Biography/Life History: the Hobo vaguely remembers his past - he was born in some vault, of that he's sure. He was special in some way, that's why other children didn't like to play with him and his own parents seemed to be afraid of him at times. Probably because he could sometimes foretell the future and some people didn't want to know what's going to happen to them.

Whether he left the vault willingly or was he exiled, he doesn't want to remember. There was some explosion, of that he's sure, and the Hobo thinks it's because of this explosion that his memory isn't what it used to be. Ever since he's been out in the wastes, he's been a wanderer without any true purpose except for wandering around. He's been all over the post-war USA and wherever he comes, animals like him and the Hobo likes them too. The Hobo doesn't like people and generally avoids settlements, though very rarely he can be seen in some settlements, exchanging junk for junk. Despite avoiding contacts, the Hobo might help wastelanders in need but he can't stand it afterwards, when they thank him.

But if you see him slowly walking down some road, don't underestimate him just because of his looks. The Hobo can be very deadly if you piss him off and he can attack with an assortment of weapons, from the simple hunting rifle which you should consider as your lucky death, or the painful railway rifle whose deadly spikes will cripple your limbs, he can toss various grenades at you, but if you're on the Hobo's black list, he'll turn on the shishkebab, called the flaming sword, and burn you down.

The Hobo is very good at doing nothing. He can spend a lot of time in a same place, and he often walks back and forth between locations he's already been to. He covers very short distances in a very long time. He doesn't like sleeping indoors, because then he can't hear birds in the morning. He doesn't like exploring at nighttime, because he wants to watch the Moon.

"I saw a politician the other day."
"Horrible creatures - I avoid them whenever I can."
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post Sep 16 2019, 12:35 PM
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Good to see the Hobo back. You really did a great job in bringing him to FO4. smile.gif

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post Sep 16 2019, 01:32 PM
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Great to see the Haw Baw coming together for FO4.

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