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> Renee's Modding Thread
post Feb 25 2018, 01:30 PM
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Mod-making thread, basically. The first two tutorials (How to make a fetch quest and how to make a kill quest) are very hand-holdy. They are designed for those who are just starting to learn the art of quest-making. Other tutorials get more advanced, as my wacky ideas have pushed their boundaries.

Just click on any of the links in the post below this one. smile.gif

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post Apr 3 2022, 02:39 AM
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How to add the Player or NPC into a Faction via script. Game: TES V: Skyrim

Again, I am assuming there's a quest being written in stages, and again, I am mostly adding this into this thread because it works. Essentially, I wanted to add my character into a faction, but during gameplay, and not via console.

A good way to see if this script works (especially for our character) is this. Let's say we're trying to add our character into a faction which has items we cannot pick up. We look at some items which belong to, let's say, the Blue Palace, and all we see are Steal this and Steal that.

1). Go to the quest stage which we wish the player or NPC to join. Click Properties button. This time we'll need two properties to make this work.

2). Click Add Property button. In the Type scroll-bar find Actor.

3). Choose a name. I'll just call the property PlayerProperty. Click OK.

4). Click Edit Value. If we want to affect the Player, find any cell in the Cell scroll-bar and find PlayerRef in the Reference scroll-bar.

If we want to affect a particular NPC, choose whichever cell the NPC is in and find the NPC in the Reference scroll-bar. Note that only referenced NPCs will work, so if the NPC hasn't got a Reference ID, go ahead and add one.

5). Click OK, closing the Properties for Script panel.

6). And now for the second property. Click Properties > Add Property, and find Faction in the scroll-bar. For my character, this is SolitudeBluePalaceFaction. Give the Faction a Property Name. I am choosing SolitudeBluePalaceFaction, just because my memory's already got that term. Click OK.

7). Highlight the property just made, and find whichever faction in the scroll-bar. Click OK.

8). In the Papyrus Fragment box, type CharacterPropertyName.SetFactionRank(FactionPropertyName, 1). Since I am adding my own character into the Blue Palace Faction, I'm typing PlayerProperty.SetFactionRank(SolitudeBluePalaceFaction, 1)

Note that final number "1". This is what the Creation Kit calls AIRank, and AIRank is a number which can vary from -127 to 128. In most cases, we're simply going to be using -1, 0, or 1, which removes or adds the PC or NPC to that faction.

9). Go back in the game. If the PlayerRef was just added to a faction, when the quest gets to that particular stage, try going back to wherever those forbidden items were. If the game said we can only Steal these items, now we should be able to pick them up.

For NPCs, the main way to test if a person has been added or removed to the faction is to click on them with the console, and type GetFactionRank "Faction ID", and the ID will be needed in the form of whichever 8 character ID number has been assigned to that faction.

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