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> Outlanders (Morrowind Crossover)
post Nov 24 2022, 12:55 AM
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What a hoot this episode was! From Lli’s outlandish (but clever) plan, to Quinn and Fern’s discussion about the benefits of mud, to the J-boys clamoring to be Quinn’s best-dressed champion. I look forward to hearing about the Fashion Club Arena Raiment!

Uh oh, the Wicked Witch of Balmora has plans of her own to undermine the Fashion Club. I have to admit that Synda is pretty good at plotting things out – especially devious mean things.

Screenshot: Buffy in Artaeum
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post Nov 27 2022, 05:34 PM
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@SubRosa - Yup! The episode title was a hint.

Earlier, I'd actually planned to follow the "Fair Enough" episode more closely, and have it be a Renaissance Fair inspired by the pop culture version of the Interregnum. But I decided that felt too contrived and figured the old Tamrielic arena was a better idea.

Dang, now I wish I'd had the staff participate. Though Dimartani did use to work for Great House Redoran, so it might be pretty unbalanced if he joined the fray.

@Acadian - Thanks! This episode jumps around through a lot of POVs, which made it fun to write.

Synda's better at plotting than her show counterpart. Though she ought to remember that she's still a pretty small fry, all things considered.

Episode 16: Arena

Chapter 3

Briltasi hated having to wear a big ugly robe and hood every time she snuck out to see Kavon. But it had to be done, because Kavon’s family wasn’t respectable and Briltasi’s was. It’d make dad mad to find out she’d been seeing a lowborn guy, even one as cute as Kavon. But it’d make her mad to stop doing it. So obviously, she just had to make sure no one found out.

The skies had cleared and the view from Kavon’s guard tower let them see all of Balmora. Sometimes she’d look out and imagine the spires of the Imperial City or someplace more romantic, but one thing she knew was that, wherever you were, it always felt good to be above it all.

“Hey, Kavvy?” she said, looking out the window.

Kavon, shirtless, took a draught from the mazte bottle she’d brought for him. “Yeah, babe?”

“So, you know that school I go to?”

“Uh… school?”

Briltasi pouted. Kavon was sweet, but he was so dumb. “Yeah, Drenlyn Academy! They’re holding an arena to get more funds. The students are going to fight each other and people are going to bet on them.”


“I found out some of the girls are picking champions.” Briltasi turned to look at Kavon and her heart skipped. Oh, he was so cute.


“I could use a handsome champion. I wonder where I’d find one?” She pouted at him.

Kavon scowled. “Huh? Hey, you can’t pick someone else! I’m your guy!”

Briltasi sighed. Why did she have to explain everything to him? “I’m talking about you, dummy!”

“Oh! Okay, cool. But I’m not a student.”

"Wear your helmet. That way no one will know. It’ll be like a big mystery, and everyone will wonder who my mystery knight is! And you’re a big tough guard, so you’ll definitely win!”

“Yeah!” He reached under his bunk and took out a steel longsword and held it aloft. “Man, I’ve been waiting to use this on someone!”

“Wait, Kavvy! Not a real weapon, this is for a school arena!”

He blinked, and tilted his head like a confused baby guar. “Huh?”

Briltasi sighed. This was going to take a while.


Synda kept her face perfectly still as Rovern Draalo stepped up for inspection. He was the middle son of the Draalos, a respectable family with investments in mainland corkbulb farms.

“I am honored by your request, Sera Grilvayn,” he said.

Rovern had the build of a mighty warrior and a brain like a brick. In other words, ideal for Synda’s needs.

“Grilvayn has long respected Draalo,” Synda said. “My mother extends congratulations to your father for investing in corkbulbs. This will surely be of benefit to him, the company, and Great House Hlaalu.”

“Uh,” Rovern trailed off for a second, his eyes searching. The fool probably hadn’t the faintest idea about investments. “Yes.” He straightened up. “It is to the honor of Great House Hlaalu.”

“Very good. As you know, Drenlyn Academy will be holding an arena competition. As the head of the Haute Society, a society dedicated to ensuring that Dunmer present themselves in a manner appropriate for our era, I would like to choose you as, like, our champion.”

Rovern swallowed. “Uh, yes. Thank you, Sera Grilvayn. What do you want me to do?”

Synda hid her annoyance. “I want you to fight for me in the arena. Your wardrobe will be important, so dress well. Pick something you might wear to the retirement ceremony for a reputable administrator. As for the battle itself, your physique renders you a formidable combatant, so I doubt you will face much serious opposition. Specifically, I want you to defeat the Bosmer, Jeval Whitethorn.”

“Why him? With respect, Sera Grilvayn, I’m not sure that’d be a fair match. I’m a lot bigger than he is.”

“Arenas are about victory! Not being fair.”

Rovern gulped. “If you say so, sera.”

“The Leldros,” she said, pointing to Nedrasa, who bowed her head at the acknowledgement, “have long been friends with the Ardrel family. Should you defeat Jeval, I will direct Nedrasa to ask the Ardrels to invite your family to Muthsera Rovone Ardrel’s birthday celebration in a few months’ time. Given your father’s business, this could be a lucrative opportunity for him.”

“Understood, Sera Grilvayn.” He scowled. “I’ll defeat Jeval.”

“I certainly wouldn’t complain if you hurt that upstart outlander as much as the rules allow.”

He frowned. “Well, my father says that outlanders can be our friends, and—”

Synda rolled her eyes and made a dismissive gesture. “Like, whatever! Just win!”


Loredas morning dawned bright, cold, and clear. Hours after a breakfast of saltrice porridge and scrib jerky, Daria found herself in the place she least wanted to be: Drenlyn Academy.

“It’s important for you to put your best foot forward,” mom had said the last night. “Besides, your sister has a champion, and that means the entire family has one.”

Daria had rolled her eyes. “If by champion you mean a living dress-up doll.”

“I applaud Quinn’s ambition. It’s something you could stand to show more of.”

The arena covered most of the courtyard and looked as cheap as she’d expected. Small black stones marked the boundary and two sets of crude bleachers had been set up with stacked crates. Merchant stalls and showmen crowded up whatever space was left over.

“Truly a rival to the great arena of the Imperial City,” Daria remarked.

Jane sat in the shade of the emperor parasol, a sketchpad and a piece of charcoal in her blackened hands. Daria hurried over to find refuge from her family.

“Any takers?” she asked.

“Not yet. I have the feeling this might not be the best crowd for fine art.”

Nearby, a shirtless Nord spread his arms wide and burp-sang an epic’s opening lines to the cheers of a bunch of young Drenlyn men.

“On the other hand, if you wanted someone to belch out the Lays of Ysgramor, this is the place,” Daria said.

“Well, I know when I’m beat. But hey, it’ll be fun to watch them fight each other. What brought you here, anyway?” Jane asked.

“My sister picked a champion, so all us Morgendorffers have to go out in a show of support.”

Jane pressed her charcoal against the paper, her brow furrowing. “She started quite the trend with that.”

“Maybe her next trend could be vows of silence. If that gets popular enough, I won’t even need a new library.”

“This champion thing is popular though. Synda picked one too, for that creepy Haute Society of hers.”

Synda. Hearing the name felt like a blow to the face. “Wait, what?”

Jane looked up from her pad. “They got Rovern as their champion. You know him, right? Big for a Dunmer, polite but dumb?”

I’m going to faint, Daria thought. No, not here. She had to stay calm. She was okay, she was safe. Synda didn't dare hurt her here.


“I’m fine.”

Except she wasn’t. She was shaking and sweating and using every ounce of her diminishing willpower to keep from fleeing. Because if Synda lost, she might well take it out on Quinn, just the way she’d hired those Camonna Tong thugs to brutalize Daria a year ago.

“Uh, I think my mom’s calling me,” Daria said, her tongue as dry as the Alik'r, and she hurried back to her family.


Jane watched her friend hurry back to the crowd.

“Since when does Daria ever listen to her mom?” she said, to no one in particular.

Musical Outro - Geek Stink Breath, by Green Day

Robert (Rovern Draalo) - Robert's a jock that appears a handful of times in the show. He's notable mostly for being quite polite.
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post Nov 27 2022, 09:19 PM
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The ladies of Drenlyn are lining up their champions. Looks like we have Kavon, Rovern and Jeval.

’He blinked, and tilted his head like a confused baby guar. “Huh?”
- - Sounds like this ^ pretty well describes Kavon. laugh.gif

The presence of Synda has quite a profound impact on Daria. I was touched to realize that a notable measure of her apprehension is for Quinn should Synda’s champion fail to emerge victorious.

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post Yesterday, 02:34 PM
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"Student disinterest!" laugh.gif Pretty soon it'll be like the Fallout universe, in which most books are burned-up trash!

So I can see some of the boys in this story getting involved in this arena. I can see the Three Js, for instance. Ha. Speaking of...

Still though, the 'non-lethal' element makes me think of this gigantic real-life DnD-like "campaign" me and my friends did a couple times in high school. We'd show up wearing foam "amor", wielding weapons made of PVC tubes, styrofoam and duct tape. laugh.gif I forget the name of the event. It had a specific name. ⚔

But the idea wasn't that we'd beat each other with these makeshift weapons, in fact it was encouraged to merely "tap" each other, just to keep any possible injuries to a mimimum. If you had a black weapon, this was 1-touch lethal. indifferent.gif And because of this I have this memory of some swordsman with a duct-tape sword painted black running up to me, touching my shoulder with his weapon, and then him yelling at me "I TOUCHED YOU!! I TOUCHED YOU! YOU'RE DEAD!!!: laugh.gif Now you can see why we only went to two of these campaigns.

Uh oh, Quinn is scheming. What's she up to now? Probably going to put a selected combatant in color-coordinated gear. bigsmile.gif

Speak for yourself,” Treads-on-Ferns said. “Mud’s nice after a dry day.”

YEah, take that, Quinny!

Oh my gosh, this is too funny. She's actually trying to recuit somebody already. OH my gosh, Jonus is crying! ... They're all grovelling for her attention. What has this Quinn got that's so damn special? 🙋

Okay so Bril is picking somebody who goes to a different school, right? And so is Sydna. Crazy. I love how these ladies are weaseling their way into stuff that has nothing to do with combat, nothing to do with Magistrate Lli's idea to further funds for the broken library. Difference with Sydna is, she's not picking the stuff her subject will wear. But she'll maybe approve of what he'll wear.

Yikes, so what exactly did Sydna do to Daria? Maybe this was mentioned in a past chapter, but I don't remember.

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