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> The Stormcrow, A Superhero's Tale
post Apr 19 2019, 11:34 PM
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About a month ago I got inspired to write a superhero character. Actually two. My original idea was what if Aela and Loria were superheroes. I worked on the idea, and with a little help from folks here, January and Avery have become fully-fleshed people in their own right. Ones whom I am really loving to write.

I learned a long time ago that when it comes writing, I need to strike when the iron is hot. So I am putting Seven Reimagined on hold for the moment, and concentrating on Stormcrow and Gadget. I will finish Seven, have no worries on that. There is only one third of the story left to go.

Like with the Seven thread, I am going to use this post for general info and a collection of resources. I'll start posting the actual stories with the next post.

Since these stories are set in the contemporary world, I am taking advantage of reality for once, by setting the stories here in Metro Detroit. Almost all the locations in the upcoming stories are real. You can actually use Google Earth to follow along. A few places are fictional, in that they are from other cities, and transplanted here to The D.

January Ward / Stormcrow (RL Georgie Stone)

January again

Avery Green / Gadget (RL Shameik Moore)

Avery again

Blood Raven cosplay

The writer signing books

Cyborg cosplay

Carl Sagan

Metro Boomin

Gabriella Wilson

Gina Carano

Cecilia Brækhus

Blood Raven

Blood Raven

Barbara Ward (January's mom) (RL Amy Davidson)

Romulus Ward (January's dad) (RL Anthony Heald)

Julian Ward (January's brother) (RL Gabriel Mann)

Ibroham Alawar is based on RL Ibrahim Alawad

Hipsters (big in Detroit)

New Year's Eve In Detroit (been there, its true)

Indians Take Over Diamond Trade

Whitewater Security is based on RL Blackwater Security aka Academi

Worldwide Network News is fictional, based on HPLHS's Worldwide Wireless News


John William Waterhouse - The Crystal Ball

The Nine Noble Virtues

Stormcrow BattleMech

Stormcrow BattleMech Pic

A TERF is an anti-trangender feminist

Vnv Nation - Illusion - One of January's theme songs

Two Steps From Hell - Never Back Down (Extended) - January's Fight Music

A Google Map of all the Stormcrow locations

Macomb Community College - South Campus

The Best Western Premiere of Southfield

Hotel Pic 01

Hotel Pic 02

Campus Martius

Michigan Soldier's and Sailor's Monument

U of M Law School

January's Parents House

January's Parents House Aerial View

Flint Bishop Airport

Flint Airport aerial view

A closer view of the terminal and parking lot

The reverse view, from a model in the airport

The terminal

The baggage pickup inside the terminal. The escalator and Ticketing are visible in the middle distance

The escalator that January leaps up to the second floor

Gift Shop and Bookstore on the right

The Food Court on the left

Do Not Enter sign far down the hall

Real Events
ConFusion is a real Metro-Detroit sci fi convention.

Lululemon Fitted Jacket

Ohm's Law Shirt

Cthulhu For President

Real Tech
Fire 7 Tablet

Samsung Galaxy J1

Geo Storm

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycles


Picking a combination lock

Make an electric lockpick

Real Science
Ohm's Law


Hagfish Slime Armor

Solid Light

Voynich Manuscript

Vigenère Cipher

Meta Tech
Stormcrow Armor ideas (but black and gray, and more of the face covered)

Another Stormcrow Armor general idea (but the real armor would not have all that hair exposed)

Stormcrow Armor Symbol

General inspiration for Lighthammer (except most of his head is covered by a helmet)

The onboard computer in the Gadgetmobile is named after the Pharos Lighthouse

Martial Arts & Gymnastics
Muay Thai - Downward Jumping Elbow

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post Jun 15 2019, 07:13 PM
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January shows us plenty of raw emotion in this powerful episode.

Good thing she has that punching bag to help drain some of her frustrations. I was pleased to see her working out with her mother and have someone to at least share some of those frustrations with. Poor thing seems like she just wants to be the ‘girl next door’ and, instead, is a superheroine trapped in the wrong flavor body!

Buffy was recently traveling Murkmire in the Black Marsh and encountered an Argonian who explained that he had been born a she and it was neither unusual nor unnatural for some Argonians to commune with the Hist, relay their desires and emerge with a full gender change - no physical trauma or social drama. Made me think of January and the ever so much more challenging path she faces.

Nice touch revealing how January used to be August!

Batman had the bat light that Commissioner Gordon would put up into the sky when it was time for the caped crusader to spring into action. Gadget has his own special ringtone as a call to action for the Stromcrow!

Screenshot: Buffy in Artaeum
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