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> Diablo 1, Yes, it belongs here!
post Nov 12 2018, 01:30 AM
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I needed a break from ESO, so I put the Bzuumz mod together, and then looked around to see what other unfinished projects I had.

I got distracted. biggrin.gif

So I have no idea how this started, but somewhere along the chain I found a video of someone playing Diablo I on one of the deeper levels, where the mobs were all Knights and Succubi. I tried to install Diablo on my current machine under Win 7 and it won't give me anything but a black screen. To satisfy my need another way, I made a few Succubus characters in Skyrim instead. With the Draugr Overlords being a good match for Diablo's Knights, I may make myself a mod with a single-level dungeon just to be able to go there when the Diablo urge strikes again.

Snow Witch
Hell Spawn
Soul Burner

Their wings are vestigial rigid things that just serve to help them balance. Without their weight, they'd probably fall forward. They have spells that send out a ball of destruction, a bit slower than a firebolt, and relatively easy to dodge. I intend to have them attack in numbers, like the Diablo ones did, and run away if you get close.

I'm looking for an appropriate tileset for the dungeon. The Diablo levels had bone everywhere, and impaled bodies for decoration. Skyrim one may have to use Volkihar pieces. I also need a good location for the entrance.

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Mods for The Elder Scrolls single-player games, and I play ESO.
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post Oct 17 2019, 03:40 PM
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I'm just using draugr until I come up with a better idea. I connected the new level into the chain, between the crypts and the abyss, and ran a test character through with god-mode on, just make sure there were no holes in the walls, that the nav-mesh worked, and none of the mobs got stuck. It's looking quite functional so far.

The scene that links trying to release Greta from the pillory to unlocking the door to the boss' lair is still to do. So any run-through blocks at the end of the abyss level, but I've already checked that part out before I locked the door. So this is all that remains from the mechanical viewpoint.

Then there will be a lot of cosmetic work, with clutter, dust effects, cobwebs, etc. before it can be released. That's time-consuming, but not challenging. I also need to grind through duplicating the remaining levels of each enemy. The succubi have only three levels, so far, and need at least double that many. That means higher-level spells, more hit points, as they go up. At least the draugr already have that, so I don't have to do the work.

Not all enemies level, and the game uses leveled lists containing multiple types of creature to compensate. So if I wanted wolves, I'd get them replaced by bears at higher levels, and then maybe trolls. That makes the choice harder for a leveled dungeon, where one creature in the list might work, but another wouldn't. The gargoyles have three levels, so they were promising. I'd still have needed to add another creature to the list below them.

Directional ambient lighting is still confusing me. The light in the mines is acceptable in level, but it currently has an illogical source direction, rather than being omni-directional. I may never fix that.

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Mods for The Elder Scrolls single-player games, and I play ESO.
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