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> Oblivion Dressup Contest - Entries, Check out the entries here! [2006-03-12]
post Mar 11 2006, 02:06 PM
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Hi everyone,

This is where you get to see the entries. This thread will be updated daily with the latest submissions, so be sure to check back often!

Grotesque - "Disguised Imperial Assassin" III
Grotesque - "Disguised Imperial Assassin" II
Grotesque - "Disguised Imperial Assassin" I
Jormungandr as the howling kid from Wayrest
Jormungandr as Daggerfall guard ("HALT! HALT! HALT!")
Jormungandr as Sheogorath
Golgota257 as Betty Netch
Fethenwen the Dunmer
Captain Eldrad (inventor of the fishystick) as Ordinator II
Captain Eldrad (inventor of the fishystick) as Ordinator I
Samain as Flame Atronach III
Samain as Flame Atronach II
Samain as Flame Atronach I
Mechanord as a Nord
Unknown Barbarian II
Unknown Barbarian I
Dove the Dunmer

Elias - "Horker Hunting"
Elias - "Battlemages (Hot date)"
The Dragon - "Khajit slave tired of his Master."
The Dragon - "enslaved khajit dreaming of better times"
The Dragon - "Break is over"
Nephtys "insane High Elf"
Nephtys "evil High Elf conjuring fire"
Nephtys "Thunder's cousin"
Anders "relaxing with fleen 2"
Altair "remember Morrowind"
Altair "somebody is watching"
Altair "removing ash"
Binary Sunset as Imperial guard
Rhydgecht as Yagrum Bagarn
Riona Everhart as a cute elf

Lord Byron
Chiglet as a Dremora III
Chiglet as a Dremora II
Chiglet as a Dremora I
Almalexia Anonymia
Davidtabor looking dangerous
Davidtabor with an interesting sword

Demona the Daedric Seducer III (light nudity)
Demona the Daedric Seducer II (light nudity)
Demona the Daedric Seducer I (light nudity)
Merlin the Assassin

Fethenwen the Dunmer with Telvanni Dust Adept Helmet
Fethenwen the Dunmer
Neix the Warrior III
Neix the Warrior II
Neix the Warrior I

A Tree Walking as Dunmer 3
A Tree Walking as Dunmer 2
A Tree Walking1 as Dunmer

Assassination at night

The Dwarf
Dremora Lord (extra credits for creativity wink.gif )
Roaming the lands of Tamriel
Anders's "Relaxing with Fleen"
Snugglecat as Almalexia

Druid with a Staff
Druid with a Flail
Mephala's devotee
Lost in Skyrim
Dame Claudia
Dame Claudia

Mouse playing a Nord Maiden
Orc in a party Dress
Orc in a Party dress
Winterhearted Battle maiden
Demonhearted Warrior
Rouva Kuolema
Rouva Kuolema
Rouva Kuolema
Petrovius after the battle
Petrovius defending his lair
Petrovius preparing

Jov Blackheart - "Curse that witch!"
Jov Blackheart - "Curse that witch!"

"Last view of Nord victim"
"Last view of Nord victim"
"Where's my meed?"
The Khajiit Sugarflash III
The Khajiit Sugarflash II
The Khajiit Sugarflash
Lady Lianna

Brett the Warrior
Thero the Alchemist
Thero the Dwemer
Gump the Skeleton Mage

El Mariachi the knight
C-Train the knight
Ebilebes, the lady with the knife

Doublefrost, preparing to train with a wooden practice sword
Spider with Sword II
Spider with halberd
Spider with sword

Ogmios - Focus in Combat
Ogmios - Breaking Point
Ogmios - No Rest
A corprus stalker!
El Mariache as warrior

Jacek III
Jacek II
Jacek the nordic warrior
Tobias_Rieper as assassin
Free Thinker III
Free Thinker as a warrior
Free Thinker as a cultist
An unknown, sinister looking cultist
Snake as Imperial courier
Joker as Morrowind Orc
Joker as Warrior
Zackirs the Brenton Warrior III
Zackirs the Brenton Warrior II
Zackirs the Brenton Warrior I

An unknown elf
Bosmer Lenwe, the ranger
Feinar the elven warrior
Feinar the warrior II
Feinar the warrior I
DavidTabor4's secret night time job
Ralen, the elf
Xoca the warrior
Vampires come in pairs
StormbringerGT and his ... victim
Oddyfemme posing in front of a painting
Ringlord with chainmail armor
Rizzorat with a batlte scene: knight vs skeleton
Miltiades' true appearance (non-contestant)
SOBEman834, professional assassin 3
SOBEman834, professional assassin 2
SOBEman834, professional assassin 1
Sentoris the knight (looking even more dangerous today)

Sentoris the knight (in colour)
Sentoris the knight
A young unknown warrior III
A young unknown warrior II
A young unknown warrior I
TomislavXP as Hircine
An unknown knight on horseback
Jack Cloudy with a license to kill
A cloaked Jo11y RoGeR
A sinister Momaw (non-contestant)
Sid as an assassin
An anonymous hero
Sid armed with a crossbow

Seven Eleven as a mugger
Thero as Ashlander
James as a warrior in leather armor
Lancer31 - all I can say is compare to this. Prizeless.

Sid as a warrior
Crunchy, the knight on horseback
Phanax as a scout
Jokkocze - "The newbie who sold his sword to afford a helmet"
George as a hobbit
A nord warrior

Miltiades as a knight (just for fun, not a valid entry)
A knight with impressive cuirass and helmet

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