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Posted by: Sakiri Mar 3 2020, 10:03 AM

If any of you are familiar with the condition bug that plagues mods like Ordinator, well, someone fixed it.

Fixes the following bugs:

Ability conditions stop working after X hours of spell being active - This bug happened due to floating point inaccuracy. After the spell/ability had been active for many hours real time (which also pass when game time-skip from rest / fast travel) it would sometimes stop updating its conditions, the longer it was active the less likely it would continue updating.

Buying/selling a stack of items only gave you speechcraft XP as if you had sold 1 - Bug happens due to game calculates base cost of item you buy/sell, and then adds it directly to your speechcraft skill XP but it did not multiply the cost by stack count. The fix is very simple: multiply by the count of items you buy/sell at once so it will end up being same as if you had individually bought or sold each item.

When speedmult actor value changed the actor's move speed would not update immediately - The game does not update actor's movement speed immediately if the speedmult actor value changes. This is an issue because it prevents any effects that change your movement speed from working correctly such as slow poison or temporary movement speed buffs. This also applies to NPCs.

It has a few prerequisites, namely the .net framework and a .dll loader, but that's standard for engine fixes it seems.

Have fun.

Posted by: macole Mar 4 2020, 12:13 AM

Thanks, good to know.

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