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> DB advice - you choose!
Best advice giver
Which member give the best advice?
Vicente Valtieri [ 1 ] ** [20.00%]
Ocheeva [ 1 ] ** [20.00%]
Teinaava [ 3 ] ** [60.00%]
Gorgon gro - Bolmog [ 0 ] ** [0.00%]
Antoinetta Marie [ 0 ] ** [0.00%]
Telaendril [ 0 ] ** [0.00%]
Total Votes: 5
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post Feb 5 2013, 04:43 PM
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Joined: 2-February 13

First thread, dont be harsh biggrin.gif

basically i love getting advice for all my contracts , for me its like a mini-quest in itself because - havnt you noticed- you always get a good piece of advice amoungst the rubbish ....

what you have to do is simple , or is it cheese? list each members ( bar the cat , whom dosnt give a farts worth of knowlage , but delightful apples) and then next to name mark /10 for how good you think there advice is generally , below you can just put their type of advice ( wait for me to talk about that) or you can give a little bit of explantation as well .

their will always be four people who will give you advice , vinvente and occheva dont have a catogory because they only give partial adive , but feel free to also do a /10 for them!

the four types:

The useful one - the one who give you advice you actually use ( and abuse)

The uselsss one - the one whom always give you the rubbish that you just think " well that was obvoius! anything else?"

The alternate one - the one who gives you hints on how to do it differantly from the standard way

The funny one - the one that just makes you laugh every time

Gorgon gro - bolmog - 4/10

The useless one

Always gorgon seems to ocme up with rubbish advice , to me he always seemed like the *joke* member of the DB , i cant imagine him actually managing to kill somebody without getting himself arrested , but i suppose he offers an interesting alternative..

advice wise i get sick of his broken record " what? you cant HACK - N' - SMASH?! kill them , kill them all i say! forget the reward !" his only bit of advice seems to be to kill em' quick and with an axe...really great advice..... Gorgon gets marks for offering some orginal OB humour + occasional piece of alternate advice , but not really my 1. choice for advice

Telaendril - 6/10

The alternate one

Good intersting person , she is the only archer which i like , but she is hardly ever in the sanctuary , i enjoy her kindness and her skills

But in terms of advice her advice is predominantly marksman based , if you dont use arrows thats not a lot of use , despite this she does seem to churn out some decent pieces of advice and i value her views , she gets marks for good advice , arrow based advice , alternate pieces but loses a mark for hardly ever being there!

Teinaava - 8/10

The useful one

Good chracter , i love argonians and i like the relationship him and his sister have , i find this lizard to be the first person i got to for advice , his advice is genrally of a high quality and more than once his little secrets ( like the tunnel under sutch) have helped me out . Gets marks for good advice , friendly attitude , loses a mark for lack of humour and one for predictability

Antoinetta Marie - 7/10

The funny one

Anybody else find themselves grinning broadly when they ask this young lady for advice ? I do , yesterday she told me a little story about how she killed her aunt and her aunt feel flat on her face in her own stew -
L - O - L laugh.gif

However i also find her advice to be quite good , shes definantly helped me out a few times , occasionally she comes out with rubbish but genrally her hilarious comments make me really warm to her , great character! ( they just dont make humour like that anymore )

Ocheeva - 9/10

Very , very good chracter , she offers the best advice in the whole sanctuary in my opinoun , i like her referance to lore ( like the assasin thing with the imperial city) , only thing she loses on his her over-cautioness , i detest her lick - his-boots attitude to the guard captain , admundus or something.

Vicente - 5/10

Stacy's favourite ( current character) , i like vicente as a person , i like how they added a friendly vamp to the DB , i like the chracter because he has a feeling of wiseness and antient power about him , ultimatly i find his advice to be OK , but normally it is fairly obvious ( bandits are usually fanataical to there leaders and will likely fight to the dead) - ow really! i thought they were going to offer me a glass of wine and a chair by the fire...

please post your own thoughts , and if you want to include the cat then by all means do .
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post Feb 10 2013, 09:39 AM
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Joined: 2-February 13

no replies ? blink.gif
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Lady Saga
post Feb 10 2013, 02:06 PM
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I did Oblivion's Dark Brotherhood two years ago, which means I really don't remember much of it. Never finished that questline. My character had no desire to kill off her DB friends. She tried (unsuccessfully) to kill Lucien instead.

I voted Vicente, though. His advice to EradiKate to become a vampire was the best she'd ever heard. She was hesitant to the idea, but eventually became one, and relished the vampire's life.

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Uleni Athram
post Feb 11 2013, 02:16 PM
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From: From: From: From

Teinavaa. Seriously, guy's a sage.

I wanna slap people and tell them I love them
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post Feb 11 2013, 06:16 PM
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Definitely Teeinava, I think he has most useful advices. He's the one that advises you to enter Fort Sutch by another entrance instead of the main one and he advises you to assassinate Phillida when he removes his armor - that is while swimming. I forgot the rest of his help but these two were the most memorable.

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