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> What Are You Eating/Drinking?, The Tastiest Thread Around
post Nov 12 2019, 04:23 PM
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QUOTE(Decrepit @ Nov 11 2019, 10:31 AM) *

Bought Groceries yesterday (Sunday) instead of today (Monday, my traditionally grocery/errand day) due to today's predicted cold temps, rain and possible snow. (Yesterday's weather was pleasant in all regards.)

I would have sworn this week's Fuji apple purchase couldn't be as consistently meh as last week's. If yesterday's Fuji is any indication, I'm wrong. Didn't taste like a Fuji. Not close. Struggled through slice one, then sprinkled artificial sweetener atop its three remaining slices to make them endurable. Fujis should never need added sweetness.

No Wild Wonders tomato tubs this week. Hope they're not discontinued. Darn good store-bought tomatoes, a rarity these days.

Likewise, no Ken's Thousand Isle Dressing, except in large bottles. Surely they won't stop carrying regular size bottles?

I now have two canned Chili's I enjoy. Neither is ideal by any stretch of imagination. First is Wolf Brand Chili Authentic Texas Recipe with Beans. It's the sort of chili I don't normally like, mostly a thick, heavy broth with small crumbles of solid ingredients blended in. Yet it has a basic flavor I find appealing. Second is Campbell's Chunky Chili, Hot & Spicy with Beans. It is indeed 'chunky,' looking somewhat like the can label picture! Spicy? For canned chili it's passably spicy. Hot? Nope. I would have been (pleasantly) surprised if it had been. My main issue is that, for me, it's too sweet. Again, they don't hold a candle to homemade chili. But for canned they're quite passable.

@mALX: No, I have a very relaxed grip with my computer mouse. In the old days my hand tended to cramp by meal's end when using chopsticks. I worked on relaxing my grip until that too went away. I still occasionally catch myself gripping chopsticks too firmly, but simply loosen up at that point. I do champ when writing with pen/pencil. Even something so short as filling out a check causes pain. For whatever reason, I grip the darn things like a tightened vice. Don't notice until pain sets in. Problem there, I think, is that I don't use pens or pencils often enough to stay in practice.

I also have issues with holding a pen too tightly; and hand writing anything over a half a page gets my hand cramping. I think you are right; that it is due to never hand writing anymore so the muscles aren't used to being used that way anymore.

My biggest complaint this year is the Peaches. What on Nirn is going on with the Peaches being sold at the grocers this year? They look perfectly ripe outside; but inside they are hard and dry, and many of them have some kind of black stain on their interior. I've had to throw out whole bags of them!

And I do agree with you on the tomatoes. Even the Romas are completely tasteless, dry, and kind of tough; almost as if they are not ripe enough yet (but they look perfectly ripe).

At first I wondered if it was just me/my taste buds failing or something = but then I picked up Grainger County tomatoes from some small local farmers at roadside stands and they have been just perfect: juicy and very tasty.

So it makes me think it is something with the commercially grown tomatoes/fruits. I think they are pushing them to grow quickly and over-produce fruit chemically or something = like maybe using some kind of plant-type steroids or planty growth hormones or something = like they have been doing with the beef for so long.

It is turning me off of buying from them; and I love fruit so it is really hard to give up on it.

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