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post Apr 24 2018, 01:26 AM
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This atrocity was only the most recent of a string of attacks on the people of this region. The Glenmoril witch told me that isolated farms and villages had fallen prey to the same ravening madmen and their briar warriors, and that wereboars and werewolves are among the ranks of a Reachman battle nest; these blessings of Hircine were seen as highly prized, not a woeful curse. I winced to be linked in the same breath with the barbaric monsters responsible for this unlawful slaughter. Within my core I felt a surge of volcanic anger at the beasts; it was creatures like these that made others think that all lycanthropes were without breeding and self-restraint, much to my chagrin.

As a precaution I started to call upon my beastblood. She’s here. Now. Within reach. My vicarious bloodlust was rising as was my fear of being cornered. I somehow could sense the moons ascending in the distant sky, not yet full or bright over the land. Their celestial influence penetrated dense layers of time and distance to trigger something dark and primordial within my soul. Gooseflesh broke out on my skin, and every hair on my body seemed to stand up at attention.
My heart rampaged wildly, flooding my veins with renewed strength and adrenaline. My last resort, I thought stubbornly, straining my quivering muscles to the utmost. I worked at the thick ropes that bound my wrists until . . . snap! The ropes burst apart, freeing my hands.

As always your descriptions blow me away and I can feel the moment and visualize it perfectly.

I loved that first paragraph because it shows how similar yet how different Vera is from these people. While both are followers of Hircine and lycanthropes that think of it as a blessing, they differ so much. Vera is not a mindless beast that uses her gift to be an animal like the Reachmen, she is in a way "civilized". I just enjoyed that paragraph.

And then this second section where she begins to call upon her beastblood to transform, it was so well written you could feel what Vera was feeling! Very well done.

I just hope this works out well for Maccius, let's hope this Hagraven can be reasoned with.

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post Apr 24 2018, 06:22 PM
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’No doubt, the pilgrims had been delicious.’ - - The way of the wolf is strong in this one. wink.gif

Okay, this was a wonderfully-written episode, DE! Your flair for gripping description did not disappoint, as you painted the barbaric camp that Vera and her fellow captors were led to. Beyond your descriptions, however, you did a fabulous job of weaving Vera's lycanthropy into things - culminating with the hagraven matriarch recognizing a daughter of Hircine among them.

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