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> Cadlew Chapel, Concept for a mod
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post Jul 14 2010, 02:01 AM
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Cadlew Chapel is on the eastern side of the Niben Bay across from Bravil on the northern bank of Silverfish River across from Nenalata.

In its defiled state its altar is useless, since the blessing is blocked by two static arms. As of writing I have not checked if the necromancers respawn.

This conceptual mod introduces a character who will reconsecrate the chapel and allow the player to access a basement sublevel as a base in this area.

Added Resources
The main draw is unlocking a basement sublevel in Cadlew Chapel which is used by the incoming chapel priest as living quarters; however at the end of the quest series the player can also use allocated containers and sleeping arrangements for themselves.

All statics in Cadlew Chapel to be replaced by activators which are toggled on reconsecration. Altar activator is "switched off" until reconsecrated, or if Aragoth (see below) is killed at any time.

If the chapel is successfully reconsecrated additional facilities may be unlocked.

The completed questline may involve obtaining or earning a set of objects required to reconsecrate the chapel.

Added NPCs
Primary NPC is an Imperial Cult priest who for now will be a male Bosmer monk named Aragoth. Aragoth will initiate the questline and be instrumental in reconsecrating the chapel.

Aragoth can initially be found in Anvil (NB: we require two ESP files, one for KotN and one without) asking citizens if they can do him an errand (if PC is out of range.) He will hail the PC and approach if PC is within range and start dialogue.

Aragoth is relatively young and full of himself. He also has strong opinions, mostly formed from Alessia Ottus' works, which should offer fertile ground for interesting dialogue options.

After the reconsecration and the end of the primary questline Aragoth will follow a steady routine of housework, prayer, alchemy, sleep and maybe standing at the roadside preaching at passers-by. He may also be a source of repeat quests sending the PC off for groceries in exchange for potions.

1. Aragoth accosts the PC, requests they deliver a note heralding his arrival to the inhabitants of Cadlew Chapel. The PC finds they have to return to sender. Aragoth is alarmed.
NB: Could have Aragoth as an annoying companion, however escort missions should be optional at all times.

2. Aragoth informs the PC that specific items are needed for the reconsecration ceremony, but he also needs more mundane cleaning items (optional shopping trip?) Surprise - almost every item is available in the Imperial Cult shrines, or undercrofts. (Talos and Dibella(Kotn) may be difficult.)

2a. You're required to do little jobbies for each one. Oh hooray. Items should not be legendary - the last thing needed is for the player to tank up!

2b. At some stage/s the chapel may be attacked while you're there. Perhaps a non-quest-related necromancer lair could be retrofitted for a purging mission, or just stick one in somewhere.

3. All items collected + Aragoth alive = pretty lights and the chapel is reconsecrated. Aragoth gives you the key to the basement and unlimited access to it and the shrine proper. For your good deeds, your fame goes up several points, a new Black Horse Courier edition comes out after a few days, and your infamy gets seriously dented.

4. If you decide being evil is for you, killing Aragoth will net you the basement, but not the unlocked shrine or any other items; your infamy (and bounty) goes up, and the necromancers may still attack. (Check Vile Lair for inspiration.)

Well, this idea's been knocking about in my head for a while. How does it sound?

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post Dec 26 2010, 06:08 PM
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The necromancers in the chapel do respawn, about every 3 game days. I use it as a steady form of income (sale of the staffs from the necromancers)

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post Dec 26 2010, 06:54 PM
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I think this is a wonderful idea to be able to restore Cadlew Chapel.

The only tweak I would consider is trying to avoid 2 esps (KOTN / no KOTN). I, for example have KOTN installed, but only activate it when I want to do the questline. I don't like 'ignoring' the desecrated chapel in Anvil if I don't want to do the quest at the moment.

It would seem easy enough to have your monk (Aragoth) start in another situation that does not cross over with KOTN. Perhaps Leyawiin Chapel if you want him to seem to be newly arrived to Cyrodiil and associated with a chapel. Perhaps IC could work as well. If you don't mind him already having a history in Cyrodiil, have him start in Gottlefont Priory/Brindle home.

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post Jan 25 2011, 05:53 AM
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I agree with Acadian, but Leyawiin is also subject to attack by Aurorans during the KotN questline.

On the other hand, the Great Chapel of Julianos in Skingrad is almost completely untouched by the KotN quests, and it offers the secondary benefit of a pretentious git of a primate in the form of Valandrus Abor ("I'm sorry, but as Primate I don't have time to even think about you. Even if you're the Champion of Cyrodiil, I don't have the time for you.")

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post Feb 3 2013, 05:04 PM
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nice simple idea , the chapel could do with a story to it . i think you could even go as far as added a seperate faction in which you and a few other can join to start a sort of relgious cult .
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