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My first was with Morrowind, I was over at a friend's house (THANK YOU ANTHONY!) when he showed me Morrowind. So after watching him go around killing everything in sight for a while I asked if I could play, "Yeah in a sec" was his responce.


Finally he gets of his PC and lets me try, so clicking new game I insert my fav. name at the time (Plus I got it from a book set it in medival times) and enter the world of Tamriel for the first time.

So after being comepletely blown away I set out to explore Seyda Neen. Now while Anthony was more of the kill first think about the guards later type, I played slightly more intelligently.

Being a thief I entered Arrills Tradeshop and did the first thing a thief would do (Being a stupid one I mean), took the silver shortsword, needless to say Anthony thought I was going on a mass killing spree and advised to to kill the Altmer shouting at me.

Now I normally won't give in to his advise, but I had no idea as to what I should do, thus I drew my sword (After equiping it I mean, sorry but that sounded cool.) and failed in my attempt to slay the High Elf. That was my first and second lesson in the Elder Scrolls, level one thief's don't commenly win against anything, and never listen to Anthony.

So tell us yours, or I will send Anthony to you house... emot-ninja1.gif

P.S. I meant to add this in above, but that was also just before my 15th B-D so with my B-D money I bought Morrowind for X-Box.
My first TES experience was with Morrowind. One of my co-workers said her boyfriend was playing it a lot, and really liked it. I was looking for a new game at the time, so I thought I'd give it a try. As soon as I got it, I got completely sucked into it. Then, I proceeded to get quite sick (I was home for 2 months), during which time I managed to play a lot (I felt almost human if I didn't move much). I've bounced back and forth to other games in the couple years since then, but I always come back to Morrowind. I have tried to play arena (it was a free download, afterall), but I completely suck with the combat controls and have never made it out of the first dungeon. Maybe someday....
My friend is a RPG nut, she brought the game over to my house and should it to me during the first year of it's release. That was my second experiance with RPGs, the first being FF9 which she introduced me to aswell. Needless to say I too was blown away and totaly absorbed it this open ended wounder.

Stupid first mistake repeated three times between my sis and me that cost us having to restart the game before even steping into Seda Neen:
Talked to the gaurd, exchanged papers, got money, turned toward the door... grabbed candle... died. indifferent.gif

Three times before we learned not to touch his candle. I even put it back on the table and he just kept hitting me... he must have really been posesive of it.
I hears about it from a friend, got sick of him blathering that I should get it, so I went and got it and tried to install it on my computer...

five days and two videocards later I get the thing to work. I open the game, go through the beginning, and when I get out on the boat I go 'oh my god...'

it's been a downhill slide into fanboyishness since then.
Intestinal Chaos
It was some time ago in third (fourth?) grade. For some time my friend Trevor Cooley was into old-school games for PC. For some time he'd been going on about a game called Daggerfall.

Well I spent the night at his house and played Everquest (new at the time), an Ultima game (can't recall which) and of course Daggerfall.

I instantly fell in love with Daggerfall and demanded (I mean, asked politely 0:) ) that he burn me a copy.

Well, he did. I played it until I probed it's every secret and then stopped after it broke (years later).

I was very suprised/excited that they were to make another Elder Scrolls installment. I'm glad it went over so well.
my friend bought the game and played it for 5 minutes and then read the box that said over 100 hours of gametime, game of the year edition for xbox. once he read that he decided to give up on it imediately, he likes those games that you just push a button and you win, the simpler the better. anyway he gave it to me and told me that i would enjoy it, so i started playing it, i was annoyed that there was so much detail in creating your character, then i was more anoyed that i got beat on by a fish and a crab, i played the first day just out of anoyment thinking things would get better, and of course they did, the first town is the most dreary and dreadfull place in the game, but once i got out of that town everything turned interesting, needless to say, i came back to seyda neen and slaughtered everything in that town and robbed it of everything and sold it all in balmora where i owned a shop previously occupied by a merchant (nev er sold anything out of the shop) and a couple of houses that belonged to former citizens of balmora. that is that best part about the game, the openess of it, do anything you want where you want (with consequesnces though). i didn't realize that the game came with a paper map in the game box (hidden behind the instruction book that i never read) untill about 6 months into playing it.
I barely remember my first use of morrowind, but i know that it was on my cousin's computer and that I didn't much care for it b/c I didn't like using a keyboard and mouse. I got on occasionally just b/c I was bored and killed stuff on his criminal character who usually just ran from guards...Months if not over a year later I see xbox morrowind GOTY on a used game shelf in gamecrazy get it home to find that load times are like five minutes long or something insane to where I went to the bathroom got back and still had to wait....and then the game crashed like every 15 minutes (literally) so I returned it for store credit and had read online the original had shorter load times and got it with my credit, this one worked well enough that I didn't mind the twice a week crashes, and over a year, and thousands of game hours later I still play it, although I am running out of things to do with my prize character I always love to start new ones and skip stuff you would usually do at the begining and do things like steal glass armor and make a levitate item that lets me kill gaurds at level one.
Kinda a long story, but it was a long time b4 I was addicted to the game and a long addiction that has ensued...
Shado Kastur
i heard about Oblivion being TES and i had seen MW on the shelves fo the longest times, i never knew what they i decided to check out Oblivion on gamespot......i was like...whoa....dang.....and saw it was for 360 and PC neither of which i have...PC not good enough can hardly run i went looking for MW and found the GOTY and thoroughly checked it out and was like....looks fun...oblivion is for 360 so....i might as well get used to TES *and now i am biggrin.gif* that was only about 3 months i think i know alot for how long ive been in tes....
QUOTE(Shado Kastur @ Feb 21 2006, 06:27 PM)
i heard about Oblivion being TES and i had seen MW on the shelves fo the longest times, i never knew what they i decided to check out Oblivion on gamespot......i was like...whoa....dang.....and saw it was for 360 and PC neither of which i have...PC not good enough can hardly run i went looking for MW and found the GOTY and thoroughly checked it out and was like....looks fun...oblivion is for 360 so....i might as well get used to TES *and now i am biggrin.gif* that was only about 3 months i think i know alot for how long ive been in tes....

well, that is a great story, I am glad you have joined us here in W4O, I really think this is one of the best places for OB material as the official forums have problems with inducing crowd control as they do not want to irritate potential customers, and most other forums don't have as good a staff or enough members to have an active community.
I got TES3 in sept of 2005 (i mostly had sport games and was looking for a change) so after i made my theif guy i immeadeatly fell in love with all the things i could do i had the conjuration skill so i had my bound dagger and was sneaking up on guards and givin them the 1 2 stab in the back. Unfortunately i could not to combat face to face so i got owned by a cliff racer.

P.S where can i get arena as a free download
My first TES experiance was in Morrowind as a Khajiit Theif. All I did was wander in the Bittercoast. My long walk was eventually disrupted by some shouting ( Which made me jump a little ) that came from a falling Bosmer. I didn't bother reading his journal; instead I put on his "cool looking" robe and hat and equipped his "powerful" sword and continued my wandering.

Unfortunately, the poor Khajiit was defeated by a Nix-Hound just a short walk away from Balmora.

P.S where can i get arena as a free download

EDIT: Spelling.
Back in the days when a 386 was considered advanced, I was living out in Hong Kong. I see a game I'm intrested in, purchase it, and low and behold, spend the next 4 hours in the same dungeon, walking around in green greaves, wondering what the hell a pauldron was.

That was Arena, in either 93 or 94, I can't remember. Then I got out of the dungeon, and found how large the world was...

I never completed it. I finished the Black Marsh quest, but never did the Morrowind one. It was just too big. So Jagar Tharn won, and I spent my days, a Nord with a misshapen head, collecting Ebony stuff from smiths by selling one-off items for insane prices.
I saw a review of Daggerfall in a PC magazine and had to have it, as I love RPGs. First installed it on a 486/66 PC. Even with the incredibly slow load times, it was the best game I had ever seen. The world is huge, the dungeons were often insanely complex, people had learned how to exploit the clipping problem (surfing the Void). I mostly keep my Win 98 machine running so I can play Daggerfall.

And then I heard of this "sequel" called The Elder Scrolls 3- and my life has never been the same.
at a small lan party (about 8 people), that i often hosted back in high school. one of the people had a copy of tes3. i burned a copy and played it for years. after uninstalling it, i lost the disc. after a few months of withdrawl, i bought the goty. having never seen the cutscenes or playing the expansions, it was a whole new experiance. played it off and on until tes4 came out. even played it a couple times since then to check for continuity and such.
Agent Griff
Let's recall the whole story. I remember how it first started. One of my friends (who plays Counter Strike alot) recommended some game to me called Morrrowind. He told me there were werewolves and alot of cool things in the game. I wasn't interested and passed on the offer. A few years later I read in an XBOX magazine (OXM to be precise) that the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was coming to Xbox 360. I also saw some interesting screenshots. A few months later, on the 21-st of November, I looked up Oblivion on IGN. I saw the videos and was blown away by the game. I got Morrowind a week later to see how Oblivion would be. Been playing it ever since. But now that I look back at those movies and all the things released, I now realise that the game isn't what I used to think it is. There are no pauldrons in the game, you can't wear armour under robes and the levelling just destroys the realism of the game. Otherwise it's great but if those things would be brought back then I can truly say that this is an excellent game, not a cool one.
I was telling my friend Tony about the Baldurs Gate games, and then he went on and on about this game I never heard of called Morrowind, he told me I should borrow it off him, but I was like, no, it sounds pretty crap...running around, jumping, then running....he insisted I borrow it, needless to say, Tony was right, I was wrong.
Got Morrowind for Christmas (gotta love parents) didn't play it cause i was buzy playing halo (and i missed out on morrowind) so a few months later after beating Halo on all difficulties i looked at morrowind and didn't see much, the graphics were worse so i decided only to play for a little...

4 Hours Later

I was immersed in the story, slightly obsessed, and had tried to play with over 6 different characters. smile.gif
QUOTE(treydog @ Apr 14 2006, 01:12 AM) *
I mostly keep my Win 98 machine running so I can play Daggerfall.

I just gave up my dual boot - w98/w2k- on my last reformat ... to make room for the large world of Oblivion's expanded data files. I do have the download of Arena and the dosbox program to make it work .. but I will miss Daggerfall. I wish they'd make a download of Daggerfall too.

My first experience in Tamriel was Arena which I just loved, but my hubby had to get every one of my new characters out of the starting dungeon. Darn sewers!! I had more trouble trying to navigate the canals of water and keeping in the right direction than with the goblins & rats. He also was really good at saving just before this one tremendous lootpile and then rerolling until the loot was good enough. It sort of decided your whole game right there about how rich you'd be when you finally got out of the dungeon.
Then I realized that Khajiits could see in the dark and I've always started TES games with a Khajiit character first because that way I can find my way myself ... TES games always begin in a dark dungeon!
The Metal Mallet
I found out about Morrowind from my friend's older brother who purchased it the day it came out. Though shortly after, it basically became my friend and my game since we ended up playing it much more often than him. I didn't understand the character creation mode so fortunately the default settings are warrior because I picked an orc as my first character. I would constantly bug my friend to let me play, many times I get in trouble at home because I would miss suppertime because I was over at my friend's playing Morrowind.

We finally got an X-Box (my computer at the time was too hopefully to consider getting it for PC) and I decided to purchase the GotY version. First character was Khajit Thief/Assassin which went well until I ruined him in Tribunal, next was a Dunmer Battlemage which I was able to do pretty near everything I wanted to do. I'm now working on a Nord warrior who has alchemical and enchanting tendencies, fun stuff!
I think that the first time I ever heard of Elderscrolls was when my buddy told me about Morrowind. He'd gotten it and Halo at the same time but didn't play it until after he'd beaten Halo...hmmm...that sounds familiar laugh.gif . Anyways once he started playing Morrowind he kept raving about how cool it was and I told him that I never played any games that I couldn't am I glad I changed my mind. After I played it for a few minutes I could hardly draw myself away from it and then after I left, I went on a search for the game.

My computer couldn't run Morrowind so when I heard that it had been released on the Xbox I rushed out and bought one. I played the game since it came out on the Xbox and still do every now and then to this day. It's not as interesting now as it once was though, in persuit of that fresh confused feeling that I was enamored by in the beginning I made several characters, beat every quest/guild, and explored everywhere in the game. The expansions helped prolong its life but I conquered them quickly as well and in the end I still wanted more.

When I heard of Oblivion I was hyped and so I joined here at Waiting4Oblivion...or so it was called at the time. I recently played Oblivion myself and was a little dissapointed with what I saw but it was still a good game, it just didn't have the same feeling as Morrowind when I began playing.
My sisters friend had the game and my sister borrowed it from her. Well, everybody just loved the game. I did only kill people but now I' doing more stuff.

psst - I started with Daggerfall - soo loooong agoooo - I can't even rremember the year.

One moment I was playing stuff like Wing Commander and fighting off the Cats, and the next I was in this weird dugeon - andI was the Cat person!

It was the spookiest dungeon I have ever been in! That music! And all those strange creatures that seemed somehow to fit, as creatures seldom have done in other games.

It took me ages to fing my way out of that dungeon - or so it seemed at the time. An dI had begun to wonder if the whole game was set in it. Then all of a sudden - pow - I was out in th estarlight, and then it started snowing! And the music - totally different - real travelling music! true wub.gif

Daggerfall! Saw it at Computer City right after its release in 1996. I had just upgraded to Win95 on a Pentium processor at something like 100 or 120MHz with an amazing 32MB of RAM (really hot stuff after futzing around on a 386SX at something like 8 or 12MHz). Never read a review; the on-box description just blew me away and I had to get it. Took it home, loaded it up, nearly messed my drawers when the skeleton came charging down the stairs in Privateers Hold and immediately fell in love with it. Thousands of hours of playing time and an entire website written in Notepad with graphics courtesty of Paint (Beginners Guide to Daggerfall). Bugs out the wahzoo (something like 6 or 7 patches before Bethesda finally gave up on it), but we found work-arounds and loved every minute of it. Hard to believe, but the Huge install ate up a fourth of my hard drive (FAT16 partition could only go 2 gigs). Somehow managed to keep it running through several hardware and OS upgrades.

Picked up Arena in a bargain bin at some point, but couldn't get it to run. Think I've still got the CD around here somewhere.

Played almost all of the way through Battlespire (CD got the scratch of death over a critical sound file and I didn't feel like special-ordering a replacement). Was one of the Redguard testers (can still hear it: "would you please find Izara and come to bed?"). Got Morrowind and Oblivion within a day or two of their releases. Yep, I've definitely received my money's worth from the good folks at Bethesda.
It started when a friend of mine in college got Morrowind, and I would just watch him play. The game world was so interesting, and his adventures so entertaining, that I would just watch him play for hours. Seriously. A couple months later I saw the game on sale (cheap) at the big Target in Cedar Rapids and picked it up. I was hooked instantly, of course.
I believe it was back in aught-three or aught-four. My parents are divorced, so my siblings and I would visit my dad periodically for certain weekends. He had a few games down there for us while we were there, and one of those games was Morrowind.

We mostly played it casually, never getting particularly far. Usually we just ran around and did whatever we felt like. Of course, we were low-level, so we couldn't do all that much. I don't know if any of us stuck with a particular saved game for all that long. It's not like you can do much for two weekends a month.

I joined the Legion and did one or two quests for them usually. One thing that ALL of us were impressed by was the sheer size, scope, and uniqueness of the world. We had the map of Vvardenfell posted near the computer. It all seemed so huge that I couldn't possibly hope to understand it all. It was magnificent and truly engaged my imagination.

Finally (it might have been as much as a year later - I'm not sure), I decided entirely on my own initiative to take the game home and play it for real this time. And the rest is history.

I got sucked into Vvardenfell on several different occasions. I think it was the second (or was it the third?) time around that I got hit the hardest. The immersive experience for me was total - I didn't think of it as "playing a game" or interacting with what basically amounted to static conversation popup windows. I thought of it like it was real, in a sense. Or at least I wished it was. I was "in character" throughout. In that regard, it turned me into a crazy person, blurring the line between fantasy and reality.

So yeah...I've been TES-crazy ever since.
Well, when Oblivion first came out there was loads of news about it, but it took a good while before dad bought it(I was around 11, 12 years old.) Then I watched dad play it, tried it a few times but was to scared to kill anything, meaning I mostly ran around admiring the landscape. laugh.gif
Captain Hammer
My uncle had just gotten a new system a couple years after 2000, so he gave my brother and I his old system along with a classic Super NES and Sega Genesis (there is a reason that this man is my godfather). Well, after finally getting the compy up and running, we checked out what games he had given us. And what was in that bin?

Hmmmm..., can't remember anything but two games from somebody called 'Bethesda' called "The Elder Scrolls" series, Arena and Daggerfall.

Well, we tried to get through Arena, and finally got so fed up that he came and showed us a few tricks to get us out that first dungeon. From then on, my bro and I were entertained, but not enthralled, it was something to do when we had time on our hands.

And then we moved to Florida, and a new buddy I met at school told me about a new Elder Scrolls game, and I was like "Yeah, I played the first two, never bothered with those one-off sequels. I don't want another glitchy game like Daggerfall."

After my buddy nearly beat me senseless upside the head with a history textbook, he lent me Morrowind the next day. One install later and I was floored. I almost didn't want to give the game back, but was forced to do so, upset and angry. But there was a Best Buy in convenient biking distance from my new place, so after saving some money, and waiting for GOTY edition to come out, over I went, bought the game, and got home.

The rest, they say, is history. It has gotten to the point that I now get computers with an eye towards future upgrades in anticipation of the next Elder Scrolls release. I'm going back through Oblivion now, and a buddy at college asked me to Beta-test a huge Morrowind mod called "Balanced Scales." Fun stuff.
Destri Melarg
I remember the first time I saw the box cover art for Morrowind on the X-box. The game said that I could create any kind of character I wanted, that sold it to me. I took it home with images of the dark elf I would create dancing in my head. Imagine my surprise when I put the game in, turned it on, and discovered Redguards!

Now I came to this genre as a hard core sports gamer (College Hoops 2K, NBA 2K, and Madden FTW) so I was used to being able to play as a ‘black’ character. Unfortunately most shooters and action games of the time pigeon-holed you into playing as a specific character, like Master Chief or Ryu (don't get me wrong, I love Ninja Gaiden, Halo not so much, but still it was noticeable).

With Morrowind I got introduced to Redguards; the ‘most naturally talented warriors in all of Tamriel’ were still as dumb as a bag of hammers, but who cares? I created a Redguard Sorcerer born under the sign of the Mage and rolled on from there. The first thing he did after leaving the census office was explore the first tomb he found up the coast north of Seyda Nean. In that tomb he found the Mentor’s Ring which went a long way toward helping him to master the magical arts. For the first time in a non-sports game genre I got to play as a character that resembled me. I’ve been hooked on the Elder Scrolls ever since.
My first was when playing Arena, the very first game. It was insanely hard and when I got finished with it I yelled SUCCESS! so hard I swear the walls were shaking.
King Of Beasts
The first time I played oblivion I had no clue what was going on. I wandered into a bunch of caves, and got turned into a vampire.

Now at the time, I didn't know vampires existed in oblivion, so whenever I died in the sun, I was like WTH?

I eventually figured out what happened, and was too terrified to go into caves for a while.
Elisabeth Hollow
Oblivion. I wasn't even much of a gamer then either. The most gaming i did was when I played Tekken or Mortal Kombat with my dad when I was little (he was the lenient parent)

Then I realized how open it was and was amazed. It opened my world up to other RPGs and I've been hooked ever since.
My first Elder Scrolls experience was within a year of Oblivion coming out. A friend of mine and fellow Pen and Paper RPG player told me how great it was, and talked me into trying it. My computer at that time was so old that I literally could not play it. When I tried creating a character, I would move the mouse, and literally two minutes later the cursor would start to move. After about five minutes of exasperating battle, I finally gave up and resigned myself to never try this stupid game again.

Fast forward a few years. I had spent my time after that not only playing Rome Total War to death, but seriously modding it as well. My inspiration to mod was the game's near total lack of appreciation for females in ancient warfare, be they the many Celtic, Germanic, Scythian, and Sarmatian women who fought in the ranks, or those notable for their leadership such as Zenobia or Tomyris. That led me to create a massive conversion mod that brought women into the game.

After finally burning out on that, I started casting my eyes around for something else to play. At the time I had just discovered the anime Claymore, and was completely hooked on it. While looking for Claymore stuff on the internetz, I found a mod for Oblivion that added Claymore armor and swords. That prompted me to dig out my old copy of Oblivion. With a newer computer, I tried again. This time the blasted thing actually worked! I spent about a month gleefully hacking away at everything that moved with my first character, Clare (completely inspired by the anime of course). After that I decided to try to really play the game, and was completely sucked in by the open world, and the emphasis upon you telling your character's story, rather than following the story the game tells you (as every linear game does).

Perhaps most of all, (just like Destri) I was overjoyed that a computer game actually gave me opportunity to play a female character (ok, I don't think it was female Redguards he was overjoyed to play, but then again, he might be a playa' wink.gif). After so many games like RTW, the Doom games, Dark Forces, the Jedi Knights, etc... it was nice to have the chance to play a member of my own gender for a change. In fact, I am so sick of having penises forced upon me by games, that I will not play the ones that do anymore. I just cannot take them anymore.
King Of Beasts
I was really into two worlds before I started playing oblivion.
I started with Oblivion, having spent a lot of time making mods for Dungeon Siege I and II. When the franchise was sold, and DS3 was announced as being made by Obsidian, with no toolkit, I went looking for another game to mod. Morrowind lost to Oblivion, because I had a machine that would run the latter well enough, and I never actually got around to buying Morrowind before it disappeared from stores. I'd still get a copy if it turns up in a bin somewhere.

I've since installed Daggerfall and any tools I could find for that, and created an Orc race, and a few extra quests. Even with the sprite graphics, the old game's still fun to play (and mod). I may get around to doing the same with Arena.

Currently doing a bit of nostalgic adventuring with Vampirella, who naturally became a vampire for a while.
We are using friends names ? ill spill the beans then ..

i was at my friend Edward may about 4 / 5 years back now , that was the first time i saw oblivion , he was already on there family ocmputer playing it , i remeber watching the tutorial dungeon and actualy being so scared but at the same time facinated

i remember the first town we went to - cheydinhal! i remember the newlands lodge inn and the dark elf lady so distinctivly after watching entranced ( the game not the boy i mean!) for sevral days i finally plucked up the courage to ask if I COULD HAVE A GO blink.gif

"ya , in a minute " biggrin.gif

verysad.gif well you know how it goes.. when he finally nipped to the loo i raced to the controller , that was the first time i ever got to jump into the tes world , all i actually did was pick up a sweetroll and eat it... i remeber edward getting all angry because i had killed his chracter ( the guards came to kill the sweetroll thief)

a week after i went on my own home pc ( i was about 10 ) and looking for "oblivion" ..the night before i had pinched eds copy to see what the name of the game was ( he refused to tell me. .. indifferent.gif , anyway i found it and it was £20 , i was like "WHAT?!" bu in the end my mum paid for it so it was all good

for about 3 1/2 years i didnt even realise there were whole communties buzzing about tes , but i remember my early OB days

basically i was terrified of dungeons and ocnfrontation in general , i spent most of my time in safe , safe, cities talking to people and buying/selling things , i did the guild lines but i hated having to go into any type of dungeon , i was literally wetting myself with anxiety over getting jumped on by some headless zombie or worst of all , RATS!

haha it was so bad the only way i could actually deal with it was learning conjuration , whenever i went into a dungeon i would summon some giant storm atronoch around every corner , i would then hide and wait for all the nasties to die . i got to master level out of FEAR laugh.gif .

I got SI and i loved it , then i got KOTY , again tops . eventually skyrim came out and i was a bit dissapointed by it to be honest . it lacked the depth and FUN of oblivon , somehow it just couldnt beat oblivion ( i still play oblivion a lot) , anyway about 3 months ago i decided to have a crack at morrowind because you hear a lot of people saying it is epic , best game ever etc. etc. and it was OK , i have played a little and i enjoyed a few bits but mostly i hate how dead the world feels ,im really into role-play and its hard with MW.

so yeah dont tell edward may ( we aint friends no more) about me spilling the beans on him wink.gif

QUOTE(treydog @ Apr 14 2006, 05:12 AM) *

I saw a review of Daggerfall in a PC magazine and had to have it, as I love RPGs. First installed it on a 486/66 PC. Even with the incredibly slow load times, it was the best game I had ever seen. The world is huge, the dungeons were often insanely complex, people had learned how to exploit the clipping problem (surfing the Void). I mostly keep my Win 98 machine running so I can play Daggerfall.

And then I heard of this "sequel" called The Elder Scrolls 3- and my life has never been the same.

yeah daggerfall is apparntly the largest game space ever created , twice the size of the united kingdom , i live here and thats , as a guy in oblivion tells you "BIG see ? REALY BIG"

i have never played daggerfall or arena , mostly because i think the graphics would be to dated for me to really enjoy it , i play TES for role play so i dont think id get much out of it.
about morrowind , i can actually see how people got so drawn into it , but i think that it was the sort of game you had to be there for to really get it . like when i started morrowind the game was very dated and oblivon AND skyirm had come just cannot get the same feeling out of a game like you do with the latests tes game.
QUOTE(SubRosa @ Jan 16 2013, 11:55 PM) *

In fact, I am so sick of having penises forced upon me by games, that I will not play the ones that do anymore. I just cannot take them anymore.

wow ... surely they wearnt that graphical ? blink.gif

but then i have added some mods that add daggerfall books to my they just dont let that stuff be printed anymore blink.gif
QUOTE(flowerboom @ Feb 6 2013, 08:38 PM) *

QUOTE(SubRosa @ Jan 16 2013, 11:55 PM) *

In fact, I am so sick of having penises forced upon me by games, that I will not play the ones that do anymore. I just cannot take them anymore.

wow ... surely they wearnt that graphical ? blink.gif

I think what the poster meant was that she doesn't like games that don't have the option of playing as a female character, not that there was any graphic depiction of said topic actually in the game.
Elisabeth Hollow
QUOTE(Kiln @ Feb 18 2013, 03:32 PM) *

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In fact, I am so sick of having penises forced upon me by games, that I will not play the ones that do anymore. I just cannot take them anymore.

wow ... surely they wearnt that graphical ? blink.gif

I think what the poster meant was that she doesn't like games that don't have the option of playing as a female character, not that there was any graphic depiction of said topic actually in the game.

I'm laughing so hard at this XD
Naturally it´s a different experience now compared to when I was new to it. Back when I started to play in Feb 2007 I wasn´t aware of these forums nor the wiki, and therefore I did everything based upon what I thought was the best course of action.

I remember avoiding the Imperial City out of fear of getting arrested from escaping. I remember fighting a troll just outside the walls which actually brought my dear Lothran a brief existence in the Aetherius plane.
I remember spending so much time in the market district when I finally dared operate in public. And I very much remember one of my first quests, Unfriendly Competition, which I enjoyed very much. Not to mention I remember my very first visit to Bruma. I have never felt so at home as when I first laid eyes upon the town gates while the snow was falling to the sound of Jeremy Soule´s amazing music.

Unfortunately I also remember having serious performance issues which actually was the main reason I spent so much time in the Imperial City, I couldn´t go outside without lowering the settings significantly. New sound cards, more RAM and whole new systems was needed before I could crank up the settings to where they are now.

It was worth it though smile.gif
Well we have a slew of new members so I thought I'd bring this little thread back. By the powers invested in me by His Lordship Mannimarco, I command thee thread. Rise! Rise and live again!

Ehem, my first experience with the Elder Scrolls series began when I was naught but a (smaller) lad. I was wandering my town's local game shop (I believe it was called EB Games) and noticed that beside the computer games of Warcraft and Everquest sat a bundle box of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and its two expansions. Being a console gamer I thought little of it.

Several months went by and many games came and went from the store's shelves, but Morrowind always remained in the back. Center-middle shelf. Until one day it was simply gone. Again I thought little of it and it faded from memory for several years until my brother bought the Xbox original and the Halo series. (We'd experienced several Xbox games with our cousin such as Halo Combat Evolved and Fable) After doing some work for my grandfather and earning some actual cash I went shopping to add to our collection of games.

There in our little game store I noticed on the x-box shelves a familiar title. The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Game of the Year. Intrigued I read over the box and its advert on the back. I'd been honestly surprised that a PC game went cross console (I was not at all as big into video games as I am now) and bought it.

An hour later I had an Argonian assassin who was STILL hunting to join the infamous Morag Tong, had a mass of Dwarven junk piled in a "Home" (It was empty of NPCs) in Vivec's St. Olms Canton, and was spending time halfway across the island trying to figure out how he could make it back home after spending a little to much on the teleport transport system... Never did find the Tong before the disk broke.
Nice little story there, Arcry smile.gif What about your first encounter with Oblivion?
Oblivion was an entirely different creature! I'd enjoyed Morrowind so much that when I had heard of Oblivion I was somewhat afraid of what Bethesda might do. I waited and noted that the game flew from the shelves with very little in the way of returns. Regretting my foolishness I lurked around the Beth forums gauging people's take on the game and and eventually bought the game myself. And promptly played the heck out of it.

The Brotherhood fit my play style like a glove and it is one of the few actual emotional moment I had in game. I loved my new family and to have the story play out like it does... Well, it killed a bit of my assassin. More so when what is left of his family is stolen from him in a case of mistaken identity. What was left of my assassin was a husk simply following the will of his mother.

That is just one of the many characters I've had in the game. I never liked having one character that "did it all", rather I preferred multiple characters that all inhabited the same world.

There was Silver-Tongue, the Listener of the Brotherhood.

And Keltis Ralis, Arch Mage of the University.

Then Ra'Jarr, Master Theif.

And finally Arcus Letholis, Champion of Cyrodiil, Crusader of the Nine, and eventual Madgod. His was a sad tale...
QUOTE(Arcry @ May 7 2013, 09:46 PM) *

Arcus Letholis, Champion of Cyrodiil, Crusader of the Nine, and eventual Madgod. His was a sad tale...

I think he maybe should have gone the other way around... biggrin.gif
I was introduced to TES by a nerdy teenaged sales clerk at EB Games. I think EB Games has become GameStop now, but I digress. I had asked him to recommend a good RPG and he suggested TES:III - Morrowind. He handed me a copy and I read the box. It looked cool, so I bought it. I took it home, loaded it up, and was absolutely blown away! Been a fan ever since.
Actually, my first ES experience was way back in 2001, and I did not actually game that day, I merely watched somebody else as he gamed. Let's go back to the moment, shall we? (insert sappy music here).

The Xbox was new and I was at a party with this person I was dating. I was a gamer back then, but had a Playstation instead of an Xbox. I was very much into Tomb Raider. Anyways, I'm at this party and there's this guy playing a game on the TV. I was immediately drawn to it. It looked like a medieval fantasy game, which I had seen before on Playstation, only diff was THIS medieval fantasy game seemed not to have any 'boundaries.' I was so used to playing games which are very linear, with very few options for exploration, you see. Well, THIS game seemed limitless. The onscreen character ran up to some sort of giant wall (a town or a castle) and the guy playing the game began exploring all over the place.

That's one thing I noticed: there didn't seem to be any boundaries in this game. There was no 'YOU CAN'T GO HERE' message. I remember there was a lot of fog in the air, too.

Knowing the way I am, I probably asked the guy what the name of this game is. His answer would have been Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind which is a pretty odd name for a game. I have a terrible memory, and wouldn't have remembered such a name, but I probably assumed that if I searched the stores I'd find it for Playstation in no time. And I DO remember searching for it. I bought lots of fantasy games for PS in the next few years, searching in vain for the open-world game I saw at that long-ago party. Since TES: 3 was not on PS, this means I had no idea that my efforts were in vain.

So that's actually my first ESE, folks. smile.gif I wouldn't actually play in ES game until seven years later, and I'll post what I remember from that experience later.
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I am so sick of having penises forced upon me by games, that I will not play the ones that do anymore. I just cannot take them anymore.

This is exactly how I feel about anything made by Rockstar. I have a friend whose kids play GTA:V for instance. I've seen this game and am curious, but the lack of an option to play a female character in this game (or Bully or RDR) is a detraction. Rockstar has said they'll never allow a female protagonist, and because of this they're actually losing money from people like me.

I haven´t mentioned this, but in fact my very first TES meeting was also at someone else´s house. I watched my friend put Morrowind into the disc tray of his xbox and run around a bit. It looked interesting and I did try it out a bit but I wasn´t too drawn to it atm. I didn´t know what to do or where to go, I wasn´t used to that kind of games.

But that was my very first TES encounter and it was long before I got the Oblivion disc from another friend for driving him home from a party! wacko.gif
Callidus Thorn
Mine was Morrowind.

I can't even remember why I bought it, or how long ago it was, but I know it was for the Xbox.

Stepped off the boat at Seyda Neen, and I was like "whoa!"

I think I was killed ten minutes later by a mudcrab sad.gif
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