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Ola Martin
Personally, I like Lilarcor very, very good. The Underground, and Wizzards Island were pretty nice too.
What mods do you like?
i agree. the wiards islands were really good. but the only time i ever saw it was on my friend's machine and it lagged like crazy. Also, better heads and bodies are a MUST. Also the Rhedheads Nord pack and the Reign of Fire mod were REALLY good. I really love the Ultimate Knight shop because i like knightish armor that isn't really underpowered and, of course, the gladiators mod biggrin.gif
Ola Martin
Haha wizzards islands run just fine on my pc.
The Theurgist mod by all means...although the mod is difficoult to go through and you need to be a DAMNED good mage to use the spells more than just two times, its a mod that makes you into a VERY uber char...if you know how to use the items and spells you the right way.
Burnt Sierra
Well, I'm relatively new to mods, but the ones I would add to every new game would be: (drum roll please)

Better Bodies.
World Of Faces
Vibrant Morrowind 3.0
Sloth's Goth Shop (Shallow I know, but it looks so good smile.gif )
Wakim's Game Improvements
The Indy Bank
And a house (natch) for my taste "Rain's Hand Hall"

edit: Heh, just beat you minkey tongue.gif
My favourites are:
1. LGNPC-mods
2. Dracandro´s voice
3. Head-and body-replacers such as emma´s and BB
4. canadian Ice´s robe-replacer and other nice clothing add-ons
5. texture replacers

omg..could go on for ever! but those are teh besztorzs biggrin.gif
Agent Griff
Well, Silgrad Tower is a good mod that adds some of mainland Morrowind to the landmass of the game. It also adds some new high-res faces to the NPCs and the player character.
I was always big on the better bodies/better faces. There were also a few I had stumbled upon that added a bunch of new robes and since Taillus was mr GQ of Morrowind, always walking around in the best of clothes I had to find some new items. I also found a mod that created an arena quest of sorts. Excuse me for I forget the name. It was quite fun and once you beat the Vivec arena, you were invited to an alternate dimension where you got to fight some really aggressive monsters. Super fun and the main reason why I will be joining the arena in Oblivion ASAP!!! biggrin.gif
I'm not sure. I don't use so many mods, but i guess different kinds of better heads such as Emma's. My avatar is my character with Emma's better Imperial Heads.

1. Better Bodies & Better Heads
2. That mean little knife someone made from Osmium
Agent Griff
Didn't you make it yourself?
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