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Now that Oblivion is only about 10 days away, lets all share our favorite moments in Morrowind. Try to make it unique. It can be a time where you were in awe, freaked out, or rolling on the floor laughing. My favorite moment had me feeling all of these at once.....

* When me and a friend of mine were playing the Xbox version we had a dunmer character at a very high level. We had managed to get our hands on a full suit of glass armor and we were thinking we had a pretty tough character.

I don't know how it started but we thought that we would go on a pilgrimage and steal every bottled item that we could hold. We ran through Balmora, Caldera, Seyda Neen and more until our inventory was just about filled to the point of being over encumbered.

We then proceeded to make our Dunmer warrior drink every single item that he had, potions, alcohol ect....

The Dark Elf was blinded by colors as we were as well. Different swirling auras consumed our character and he floated into the air as we walked. The screen went blank within seconds and we were forced to reset the game.

I laugh every time I think about it.
I think it was very funny laugh.gif

There is already a topic about this here.

But anyway...
Hmm... I don't know...
I loved the entire Bloodmoon quest, but it's nothing interesting to chat about... but I did once wipe out every NPC I found... was an 18 hour project and everyone but the repspawning Guards were killed... but I probably missed a lot of Mines, Caverns and people lost on the roads.
Don't really have much to say!
It's too emotional! sad.gif tongue.gif

Once my friend did something similar to what you did, as in drinking every bottle he could find. In the end, he was running extremely fast due to the amount of Skooma but his endurance and agility took a nose-dive and a rat bit his leg as he dashed past causing him to fall over and lie semi-concious for about an hour.
It was strange because he went from 200mph to 0mph in 0.01 seconds. Made me a bit dizzy.
Is there any way to have this closed. I did not see the very similar thread in progress here and there is no need to have it twice. Sorry everyone. kvright.gif
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There is another thread about this same topic here!
Thanks for the heads up Nenora (And thanks for the gigantic ren pic) but this was Originally posted in the Oblivion forum that I frequent and was moved here where I have never posted. I made a mistake of not thinking and only found out that there was another thread very similar here when I came to find where mine was moved to.

So I requested to have it closed which you can see just before your post. Again, thanks for the heads up. I found the other thread and have posted there.
hey accidents happen, it happent to me as well today.
QUOTE(Taillus @ Mar 10 2006, 08:49 PM)
Is there any way to have this closed. I did not see the very similar thread in progress here and there is no need to have it twice. Sorry everyone.  kvright.gif

No worries smile.gif

Incidentally, if you wish one of your own threads closed, feel free to use the report function for that, or the pm function for that matter smile.gif
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