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Full Version: Fix Chameleon Visual Effect > Mods > Oblivion Mods
This is something that should have been done by bethseda before release, as the visual effect for 100% (just the visual) makes combat really difficult, as it should if you have 100% chameleon.

However, it totally gimps the a 15%-50% chameleon, as you can not see your weapon and your shield (especially your shield) when in melee combat once you are seen by an enemy.

The best solution for this problem is to simply make varying levels of invisibility for each % of chameleon, but im not exactly sure how much time and effort that would require.

As a quick fix, would it not be easier just to remove the visual effect when the player is in first person view, without removing the effect on enemy AI?

Im obviously not experienced with the construction set, but this seems like something that could be done in less than half an hour, and I know i would download the mod, as (hopefully) would others.
Just visiting this forum for the first time to ask exactly the same. There should be different levels of transparency based on chameleon %, but I'd also like to completely remove the transparency completely as a quick fix. Can this be done?

Silly that you disappear completely when wearing a chameleon 15% ring or something.

Btw. I've noticed that pressure plates and switches won't activate if you're high chameleon (85%+). Can this also be fixed?
shameless bump
ill do this eventualy

It has been done.
QUOTE(Rane @ May 20 2006, 08:23 AM)

Excellent, thanks for the find!
yup ty, that was really ruining my character concept.
QUOTE(Rane @ May 19 2006, 10:23 PM)

in the pic everything is transparent but the tail. Is it possible to make the tail transparent too? or is that too hard.
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