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Currently I am playing a vampire in MW, 140 strength, 130 acrobatics, 130 atheletics and 120 speed. I actaully feel like I am a vampire, I feel powerful just running around. I don't feel significantly stronger because I could kill most things in one hit before becoming a vampire but I move faster than I can react, it is really hard going in buildings because I reach the otherside of the room before I can turn around. It is not so much noticable that I am going fast because I can't actually feel the movement but I reach buildings, trees and such so fast. Not to mention I can jump real high, I no longer use levitation because I can jump everywhere, and I am hanging out in telivanni towers! And then I jump off the top and take no damage what so ever biggrin.gif And then there is stealth, I only had around 30 sneak before but now I am a unseen vampire, striking my foes down before they can draw they're swords.

Only problem is it gets quite repeatitive recalling to Caldera, Almsivi to Balmora, jump over the hill, propylon to Anthresth, Barendas, Falasmaryon, Valenmayron, Rotheran, Indoryan, divine to Sadrith Mora. I can still get to anywhere in about the same time as before (because I run faster) but it is a lot more repeatative this way. Apart from that and the fact there is certain quests which mess up as a vampire it is so fun, and I feel powerful, I used to have to dodge Atronach', Dremora lord's and Daedroth's spells but now because I am so fast, they are dead before they can get a shot off. I think I might to the BM or TB main quest to break some of the repeatativiness of travelling in MW, luckly almost everyone in BM and TB will talk to you when your a vampire.
haha 120 speed. you should try 1000 speed lol. biggrin.gif its a cheat but oh well. i think im gonna share it. xbox only i think tho. so yea permenant spell.
The Ascendant
I remember being a vampire in MW... like a social pariah but the tradeoff was quite fun... except you couldn't bite people's necks. I must say that beating someone to death with my bare hands as a vamp was quite fun.
Yeah, being a vampire in Morrowind isn't that bad. I've noticed now later on that there is still lots to do. I'm doing Telvanni and Mages Guild quests and searching for all the propylons.
What I love about Morrowind is playing a vampire with all the cool vampiremods, especially Embrace and Underground.
At least in MW you could be a good-looking sexy vampire and not get changed into a turnipface. huh.gif
I hate being a vamp. it really sucked that it hurt u to go out side in the day.
it really sucked

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