Hello there, and welcome to the Chorrol forums.

We hope you enjoy your stay here, and to ensure that there are some rules you need to follow while being here.

What's not allowed:

- Spamming / Cross posting (this includes "bumping")
- Vulgarity, profanity
- Flaming
- Trolling
- Advertisements of any kind. Be it of TES nature or not, it simply isn't allowed.
- Bypassing the auto censor.
- Posts in any language other than English.
- Advocating piracy in any way, shape or form.
- Adult material (Sorry Kiki! wink.gif).
- Political discussions (We're a fantasy game forum!).
- Discussion/debate concerning specific moderator actions. If you have such concerns, address them via PM with the moderator in question.

Signature images:

To ensure a fast forum, and to make sure the forums don't get "borked" due to large signature images, we've decided to impose limits on the size of such images.

Maximum width = 400 pixels
Maximum height = 150 pixels
Maximum file size = 350 KB


Should you encounter any of the above not allowed things, please use the report function to let an admin or moderator know of it. Note though, the report function is there only to report offences, it should not be used like the pm system.

The Team:

Currently the Chorrol staff consists of 4 moderators and 5 admins.

You can recognise an admin from the Blue color of their name. The admins are:
Rane, Epy, Alexander, stargelman and Acadian.

You can recognise the moderators from the Red color of their name. The moderators are:
Minque, Burnt Sierra, Kiln, and SubRosa.

Should you have an issue with the forums of technical nature, please contact an admin.
Should you have a problem with one of the other users, please contact either an admin or a moderator.

Edit: Despite the age of this post, we regularly review and edit the content to keep it current.