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Over the last few months many threads on different forums have been made about the official mods of Bethesda; was it fair, or even wise of them to ask money for them? Are they worth their money? Or is it just an attempt to earn a few more dollars for the company?

Opinions have differed a lot, including here on

Many good things were said about this latest mod, finally a way to put the purchasable mods in a different perspective? Would it get people more enthusiastic again about the coming mods? Well at least one person here seems to think so.

To read the full story:

Review by Alexander
Pisces' review: Well I didn't really know what I was expecting when playing this game but I was not disappointed, when I first walked in the door I found the typical cave models, but as you can sort of see in Alexander's screenshot there is a collapsed statue and a short wall surrounding the entrance, ok, you may not think this is something great but I value orginality and the second I walked in the door, it felt unlike any other cave I had been in despite using the generic models. Walk further in, after fighting a few enemies and reading about their day I continue to be impressed, never in oblivion had I seen outdoor models inside a dungeon, as you may have noticed the file size is small because they didn't add much new models, but they used the old models in new ways.
Then comes the underground village, outdoor models used indoors obviously because it is an underground village, playing a theif this was one of the most enjoyable parts of the mod, I just snipe enemies in a linear path like I usually do, but I actaully infiltrated the village choosing targetted attacks on the enemy, and trying to stop my new friend from dieing before he reached his target. Whats more, when I reached the mine, I find miners mining!! Not standing there looking at ore but hacking away with their equipment. There is 2-3 new weapons, I think they count as blunt but don't qoute me on that, they have old models but they are completely new weapons, I don't want to spoil the surprise by describing them too much but they're not something you'd actaully use, they are just cool.
The ruins follow suit in using old outside models indoor in new ways, this dungeon reminded me of Morrowind dungeons in that it was an expansive dungeon with little maze-like pathways instead of a single file tube like the oblivion dungeons.
Overall I think it is probably the best dungeon I've ever played in oblivion, the mod as a quest I think its not that great, but the dungeon is a quest, which is part of the reason its such a good dungeon. Worth $3? I don't know, probably not. Worth $2? Yes, if the price was lowered to $2 then I would recommend spending $2 on it. I just don't think it has the value for 3.

Unbalanced items: As you may or may not have heard, it does contain unbalanced items, straight into I found a decent about of daedric armour even though I had never incounted it with that character before and still haven't outside of the mod severel levels later, there is a very powerful light armour set, it is comparable with several of the late game items, not uber powerful in that there is other armour I would rather wear, but still very powerful and you can get it very easily. Then there is a robe/hood combo, it is about right in balance except the hood holds far too much power for a hood, you'd struggle to find a more powerful hood. Your probably all asking about Mehrune's razor, well I can't answer because I haven't used it yet tongue.gif
Do you intend to post Vile Lair review?
Hope so ... that one sounds cool. kvleft.gif
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