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Full Version: Installing the patch... > Elder Scrolls Games > Oblivion
Basically, when i run the install wizard for the patch it gets to about 13% and sais it cant continue cos the file required is not the same version as it used to be, or something like that... any help?
the file might be corupt if you bought from the net you got suckerd! sad.gif
Nar bought it at a store... any way of telling if maybe i already have the patch installed? xfire does compassion like that sometimes...
If you aren't too far along in the game, you might try uninstalling both the game AND the patch, then reinstalling (game first). Personally, I've found that the patch didn't fix a blasted thing, and I'm so far along in the game that I'm going to wait until I finish, then uninstall and try reinstaling. smile.gif

If you want to install the games, copy your saves games and suck into another folder, and then replace them. should work
well, i think the patch is actually installed, the only reason i really asked is kinda what chiglet said, it didnt really seem to fix anything... eg i thought it was supposed to fix the invisible screen glitch thingo... ah well...

wait wtf compassion? how does that replace s h 1 t... wiiieerdddooosss
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