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Well, even as buggy as Oblivion is and as many quests that still cannot be started or completed without the cheat codes, this last weekend I plunked down $20 (tax not included) for the upcoming Oblivion expansion pack. My hope is that, like Morrowind, further patches will be included on the expansion disk. So, are there any others out there as crazy as I?
I'd hardly call the Knights of the Nine an expansion. It's just another official mod which happens to cost a bit more (9.99$ on its own, about 20$ for the boxed version that comes with all the previous DLCs).

I probably won't be getting it myself. If the reactions it causes and the reviews are good enough, then I might reconsider.
Will you be able to get this on the Xbox Live Marketplace (where you buy mods for Xbox 360)?
Here's the reply I received from Bethesda when I wrote them about this upcoming product. Best way to contact them and be sure they get your email, is to use the form on their site. smile.gif Hope this helps smile.gif


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From: "Press2005" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2006 12:10 PM
Subject: RE: game_question

Knights of the Nine will be available as a download for both PC and Xbox
360 just like all our other downloadable content (DLC). It will be
available on Nov. 21. Knights of the Nine for download does not include
any of the previously released DLC.
In addition, a Knight of the Nine DLC collection for PC will be
available at retail that includes Knights of the Nine as well as all the
other DLC we have released to date, such as Mehrunes Razor, the Wizard's
Tower, etc. Unfortunately, it's not possible to release a retail
collection for Xbox 360 at this time, although it is something we are
working on with Microsoft and are hopeful that we'll be able to resolve
in the near future. So your only option there, for now, is to download
the DLC through Xbox Marketplace.
Thank you for your interest and I hope that this helps. Please continue
checking our website for updates.
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