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I was just wondering if its possible to play Oblivilon on the wii
i mean you have all the basic controls and stuff. cause i dont have a fast enough computer or xbox 360 so im screwed. ive been playing the hell out of my friends 360. and all i have is my brothers wii. i thought it would be cool if they released Oblivion for the wii.
No, it isn't possible on the Wii. It's a totally different package from PC, XBox 360, and PS3. I don't see it ever becoming available on the Wii, either. Nothing I've heard suggests that it will, anyway.
gee it was a question.....
QUOTE(canis216 @ Jan 20 2007, 08:29 PM) *


Won't be for that either, Mircosoft & PC have it, and unless someones in the modding mood, it won't be for anything else smile.gif
They are putting it out for PS3, unless something has changed. Unless I've been hallucinating.
Yeah, it's been confirmed that Oblivion will be released for the PS3 as well. Source
i heard it was coming out for the ps3
how are they going to use the motion sensor?
I don't think it would be possible to run Oblivion on the Wii without significantly lowering the graphics. What's the point in doing that?

Hmm, well it was a nice thought. I would love to play it on the Wii, but I just don't see it happening.
They might release that cellphone version for it like they did with the PSP, but as far as a cellphone game goes...its still a cellphone game.
An Oblivion-like game for Wii would be amazing for sure but I really don't think the Wii has the horsepower for Oblivion itself. It would be really cool to see how the controls would translate and how your actions would cast, swing swords, block etc but I really do think that it is far too graphically intensive. (I could just imagine using my Mii running around killing Daedra lol)
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