Well, this problem may be mod related, but it may just be a weird glitch.
Well, I recently downloaded knights of the nine (legally!) and made a new character. After completing the new quest line, I decided to do the main quest with my new groovy divine crusader armor. I get up to the part right after you take martin to cloud ruler temple and are told to go see baurus. After this is when the problems occured.
I went intoa dungeon, and it was infested with filthy vampires! But...they did not attack me.
I thought to myself 'hmm, the helmet adds 25 personality, perhaps that's what's doing it?' (remembering that in morrowind people attacking you was based on personality) so I take off the helmet. Still nothing. With the helmet off, I talk to the vampire (they said 'greetings sir knight, what can I do for you' which I found funny...) and lo and behold, the disposition is maxxed at 100. Obviously there's something wrong with this, so I decide to kill her, but there is another vampire right next to this one(who also likes me 100) so I figured he'd either aid his vampire, or due to some weird reason with him liking me so much, aid me. He took no action. Later, I saw a wolf, it did not attack me, and showed no hostility toward me. I saw some marauders, all of which were disposition maxxed and wouldn't attack me. Though, I did see skeletons, zombies, and imps, all of which DID attack me. People in towns do not have 100 disposition toward me.
Please note, when the 'change' occured(things attacking me, to things not attacking me) I had installed no new mods.

I'm confused, anyone else having this problem? Anyone have any ideas?