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-=DOWNLOAD=- (356mb)
Server #1 (Courtesy of: Rodan)
Server #2 (Courtesy of:

Having trouble downloading large files?
Download the release split into 90mb chunks: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Instructions for the split release: Download all four parts. Start the 7-Zip program and browse to the folder where you saved them. Select all four parts in the program's folder view window, then click the Unpack buttom. Extract the contents to your Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion folder.


1. A gameplay video showing Silgrad Tower's new moldcave tileset.
2. The village of Ebbedin is now accessible in-game.
3. The Bridge in Steadhelm (other video)
4. The Hlaalu interior tileset is one of the larger modelling jobs completed after the release of Silgrad Tower 2.0.
5. Barabus crypt set was ported and enhanced by the ST team.

-=WHAT'S NEW IN V2.5 ?=-
The missing land bug is solved!
Sandor has fixed the bug that causes the ground in Silgrad Tower to disappear, which has plagued countless players in the past. The fix also means that our mod is now independant of load order, so you won't have to do technical work to play Silgrad Tower together with other esm's.

In the words of sandor:
Normally the LOD gets an ID that starts with the modindex of the esm, the Silgrad Tower esm was always in modindex 01. If you change the load order, the LOD doesn't work anymore. The TES4 Gecko team implemented a feature that allows us to move the LOD to mod index 00 which makes the LOD load order independent.

Very recently we discovered that the missing land (when the esm is in modindex 02 or higher) is caused by VWD objects. TES4Gecko allows us to split the esm into a esm/esp pair where the esp contains the vwd references (newest feature). We're the second or third mod that is using this new technique. The ST esm is now load order independent for both the LOD and land!

Ebbedin, a settlement from our TES3 mod is now on the landmass. Ebbedin is a small Redoran Fishing village on the island at the entrance to the Ashunor River. It is not the sort of place you'd like to be - most people living here (the majority of whom are fishermen) are very poor and on the brink of starvation. Lliyd Varis is the Hetman (mayor) of Ebbedin, he lives in the largest house, though he isn't too rich either.

Architecturally the village is a blend between Redoran (think Ald'ruhn) and Dunmer Shack (think the poor part of Seyda Neen) styles. The Dunmer Shack architecture, created by our teammember SACarrow, is not only exclusive to the Silgrad Tower mod but Ebbedin may also be the only example of it in our mod, so the unique visuals alone makes it a given destination for players of our mod. The unique visuals of the village is further strengthened by several cases of retextures of our more common models.

As far as development goes, Ebbedin is still a work in progress - though hopefully that won't be the case for much longer. There are still a few open claims on the Ebbedin Claims board.
-> To get there quickly, open the console and type coc EbbedinTownExterior01.
Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6

Ald Nium
The second new village is Ald Nium, which in the Dunmer language means Elder Town. It is a small farming village East of Reich Parkeep, whose farmers grow crops for the hungry people in the Soluthis region. Most of this Dunmer village is very closed to the outside world; many dislike outlanders (people not of Morrowind origin). Yet the hetman (mayor) is much more open to outsiders, and he tries his best to get his people to accept the ways of the Empire.

The idea is that there will be farms surrounding the village later on. Right now, there are a number of villagers but only a few farming fields. The farmers harvest Ash Yam, Roweed, Kreshweed, and Scrib Cabbage for edibles. They grow a little bit of corkbulb for making other stuff, like furniture and baskets.

Like Ebbedin, Ald Nium is a Work in Progress. There is no dialogue or AI for the characters of Ald Nium in this release, so you won’t get to interact with them like with most NPCs. But it might be interesting to see what’s down the road for the next release.
-> To get there quickly, open the console and type coc AldNiumStExterior01.
Screenshots: #1 #2 #3

Now you can enter Hlaalu homes
The Hlaalu interior tileset was the first large modelling job Razorwing created after the release of Silgrad Tower v2.0. It was a job of the utmost importance to our mod since our capital of the same name as our mod is built in Hlaalu architecture. The capital, administrated by core member sandor, will be a sprawling city comprised of around 170 interiors. We've had the exterior models since forever because an old teammember of ours, Oom Foyat, created an exterior tileset in Morrowind format back before Oblivion's release. While creating the tileset I (Razorwing) tried to remain true to the Hlaalu style but at the same time make it more elaborate. This is especially evident in the ornate wood details seen on the ceilings. The tileset is also somewhat more flexible than it's TES3 counterpart, due to the extreme flexibility of the exterior tileset. The tileset couldn't have been done without the aid of talented texture artists (among others Stilgar, Quentin Fortune, and the folks behind Morrowind Visual Pack / Vibrant Morrowind).
-> To get there quickly, open the console and type coc SilgradCity0203.
Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7

Totally new cave system
After completing the Hlaalu set Razorwing started working on a totally new cave system for the Silgrad Tower mod -- namely, an homage to moldcaves. If you're unfamiliar with the term, "moldcaves" are what Bethesda called their rocky caves in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Players of that game likely explored countless caves like those, and players will eventually be able to explore countless caves like these in the Silgrad Tower mod. Right now only one has been made, the progenitor of moldcaves which acts both as a fun adventure for players and as a practical example for other modders on our team as they start to create subsequent caves. Over 250 new models were created as part of this job, whose development was chronicled in a thread on our Visual Development board. At the heart of the set is the tunnel and small room building blocks, which actually go above and beyond what TES3 offered in terms of variety. The large room building blocks are completely modular, enabling modders on the Silgrad Tower team to assemble rooms of any height - even to the extent of varying the room height within the same room. It's even possible to have tunnel entrances on the mid levels, and the extensive natural bridge tileset enables walkways at different levels. And to make all of it look natural and varied there are over sixty rocks, boulders, stalagmites and forms. Some of the boulders can be picked up and carried with you, to act as a stepping stone if you need to get up higher - or why not rolled down a slope to hurt something?
-> More information can be found in this news item on our website.
-> To get there quickly, open the console and type coc SoluthisLoc001.
Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14

Deepen Moor
Deepen Moor is a large bog in the center of our landmass, bordered by the Silgrad Tower region to the southwest, Deepen Meadows to the southeast, Ashunor Valley to the east, the Reich Parkeep region to the north and the Forgotten Forest to the west. (Much work remains to be done on the regions I mentioned.) The mighty river Ashunor flows in an upside-down U-turn around the bog. More often than not the fog clings thick to the ground of this eerie bog, obstructing your view. Because of the treacherous ground the bog is ardous to move around on, so (in time) it will become a popular haven for outlaws who've memorized safe passages.

In charge of this region is kingevil, a long-standing member of the Silgrad Tower team. A new Redoran fishing village is being constructed here, entitled Nekhostif Ouadar (which is Dunmeri meaning 'Near Water'). The villagers are lower-middle class, or in other words not quite as poor as the villagers up in Ebbedin, and generally happy with life. There's open modding claims in the village right now. If you're interested, please check out the Deepen Moor board on our forum for more info.

Like all our regions Deepen Moor is foliated with custom trees we created in SpeedTree. In this case the trees are shingle oaks, which have a suitably saggy and watersoaked look. If you're the kind of player that loves to harvest ingredients then you'll have another reason to pay a visit here since Deepen Moor has dibs on using Brillo's N'Dib flora. N'Dib itself was a very competent - but unreleased - Morrowind mod, featuring among other things several kinds of beautiful and interesting mushrooms which we ported to Oblivion format.
-> To get there quickly, open the console and type cow "SilgradTowerLand" 11,-7.
Screenshots: #1 #2 #3

Reich Parkeep / Soluthis
If you have bad memories of the city as it was in 2.0 then you might be glad to know that we completely reworked the exterior and interior models used in the public version of the mod. They look very much better now than they used to, and will hopefully not bother players too much. They'll never be on par with the private version of the models since that would defeat their purpose, but they don't look corrupted anymore.

One of the most noticeable change to the twin cities of Reich Parkeep and Soluthis in this release are two regions generated by sandor adjacant to the city. One is a desolate, rockfilled wasteland where you'll eventually get to explore caves, mines, tombs and other cool locations. At the moment there is one cave to explore, situated some cells north of Soluthis, but it's well worth a visit since you've never seen these kinds of caves before. We've divided the region into a number of claims, and hopefully the whole region will have been customized by "Silgrad Tower 3.0". If you want to check them out, head on over to our Landscape Claims board. The other region is a sunny, pleasant forest. We haven't yet come so far as to divide it into claims for modders to customize, but we'll open those claims shortly.

Dozens of new homes and other locations have been completed in Soluthis, in most parts thanks to the hard work of blackbird, Seniosh and Dave_91. Some of the most recent ones include Dovesi Naderelu's house (Soluthis1209) and Gindit Andrelo's House (Soluthis1210) by blackbird; Anassel's Hut (Soluthis1304) and Aengot's House (Soluthis1302) by Dave_91; Morag Tong Guildmaster's House (Soluthis0113) and Ravnel Tures's House (Soluthis0203) by Seniosh; and Ulvenes Talds' House (Soluthis1208) by kingevil. Also, you're now able to enter and explore the huge Temple building in the city which sandor modded (#1 #2 #3). There's a quest you can play there too.

The ground in and around the city looks much different than in 2.0. We switched out some of Qarl's textures in favor of others that we think look closer to the way the ground of Vvardenfell's West Gash region looked in the old game.

-> To get there quickly, open the console and type coc SoluthisCenter.
Screenshots: Soluthis on the horizon | Soluthis overview

Morag Tong in Silgrad Tower
The concept of having the Morag Tong in Silgrad Tower started off in a discussion on March 1st, although the idea didn't start to gain momentum until April 20th when Seniosh agreed to mod their base. Since that time Seniosh has completed the Morag Tong headquarters, which is located in Soluthis some distance west of the Temple. The plan is to have playable quests issued from the headquarters in Silgrad Tower v3.0. For more information on the on-going development of this faction, please visit its forum board.
-> To get there quickly, open the console and type coc Soluthis1105MTGuildhallLVL1.
Screenshots: armor (by VABG)

The glassmine near Silgrad
Silgrad's Glassmine is a large cave system situated near our capital, sprawling over five interior cells. Seniosh modded it from late January through the end of March. One of the coolest things about the location is that you can actually mine the glass, by equipping one of the mine's pickaxes and powerattacking a vein. There is also a very nice quest tied to the caves, but we don't want to spoil the fun by revealing too much of it - fire up our mod and check it out! =)

The job also engaged SACarrow and Razorwing on the modelling side of things, seeing as Oblivion lacked not only mine carts and rails like the ones we remember from TES3 but also rocks bearing glass ore. Given that Silgrad's glassmine is modded with Oblivion's cave system it gives an interesting mix of Oblivion models and our own Morrowind-inspired ones.

-> To get there quickly, open the console and type coc SilgradRegionGlassmines.
Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4

Steadhelm, one of the three large cities in our mod, has been finished by now except for a handful of claims. Out of the latest modded places you'll now be able to acess one can mention a trading vessel named "The Mermaid" (SHC33) by blackbird, the sewers beneath the city (SHC48) and the tower near the bridge (SHC44) by Trankintor, and the city's chapel (SHC17) by kingevil. There is also a Witch Island here now.

As far as models go, one of the newer additions to the city is a custom-made bridge system, which can be seen in a video as well as in the screenshots below.
-> To get there quickly, open the console and type coc SteadhelmDocks.
Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8

Our own kind of Imperial buildings
The Common Imperial style is one of the most memorable architecture types of The Elder Scrolls III, and beloved by many players. All due respect to Dunmer architecture and culture, but whom among us don't remember with fondness the first time we saw the welcoming gates of Caldera on the horizon? Albeit the Silgrad Tower team hasn't prioritized creating these models, due to the fact that Oblivion is saturated with Imperial-style architecture, there's no denying that there's nothing quite like them in the game and until we create them we can't tap into their nostalgia potential.

So far there is one model created, the Common Imperial Tower, which Razorwing made in cooperation with SACarrow whom held the claim to create the remainder of the C.I. model collection. However due to health issues SACarrow had to relinquish his claim, so we're currently looking for a new modeller interested in working with us to create this style.
Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4

Additional media
Videos and screenshots compiled for the previous release (2.0) can be viewed in this thread.


Silgrad Tower creates a region of the Morrowind Province's mainland, which you can reach in this version by following the roadsigns starting at Cheydinhal's eastern gate. The region is situated in its own worldspace, which spans 36 quads (or 34596 cells), effectively making it nine times the size of Cyrodiil. Two major cities are situated on the landmass; the twin cities of Reich Parkeep/Soluthis and the Imperial charter town Steadhelm. A third city, our capital named Silgrad Tower, is in the wings but not fully placed as of yet.

The region is theoretically located on the opposite side of Vvardenfell's western coast, stretching in latitude as far north as Ald'Ruhn and as far south as Hla Oad. To get a better sense of where our region is situated you might want to take a look at Bethesda's old concept map for Morrowind ( ); notice the two cities 'Soluthis' and 'Silgrad Tower' in the northwest? Our mod takes place roughly between those two cities (while at the same time adding in new cities and settlements). The layout of Morrowind changed quite a bit between that concept map and the real game, and our landmass follows the latest official map more closely.

Soluthis lies in the forested hills to the north, and is the district seat of House Redoran. When the Empire took control of Morrowind some four hundred years ago they began constructing fortifications in the city on two hills, which have now grown to become a small town called Reich Parkeep. The Hlaalu metropolis Silgrad Tower, currently not available, is situated in the fertile, pleasant south. It's said to be the second largest city in Morrowind, rivalled only by the capital Almalexia and is a natural center for trade and commerce. Steadhelm is an Imperial charter town on the coast of the Inner Sea, bordered by mountains to the north and a huge swamp to the south. Several smaller Dunmer villages and Imperial settlements can also be found in the region, as can numerous farms.

Our goal is also to have plenty of adventure beyond the comfort of the city walls. Huge burial tombs lie forgotten in the wilderness, mountain strongholds shelter warlords, renegade Daedra worshippers carry out their sinister rituals in remote shrines, highwaymen rob travellers of loot and life alike - and war drums sound from the west, as barbarians from Skyrim prepare to drive Redoran into the sea.

Some of you may be thinking, "Morrowind? Vvardenfell? Is this a TES3 mod, or... what?" And the answer is no, it's not a TES3 mod, it's an Oblivion mod - but we've painstakingly modelled pretty much everything you'll see in our mod from scratch to make you think you're in Morrowind again. Our teammembers have come together with one thing in common above all else - a shared love for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and we want to see the spirit of Morrowind, and the spirit of the lands our team modded for TES3, live on through the new game.


Double-click the archive to open it in 7-Zip. Drag-drop the Data folder over to your C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\ and it will extract. If the program prompts you about overwriting, just say yes (you won't actually overwrite anything from Oblivion). Then start the game, tick Oblivion.esm, Silgrad_Tower.esm and Silgrad_Tower_Travel.esp, and you can start playing the mod.


After you've installed the Silgrad Tower mod, make your way to Cheydinhal and exit through the east gate. You should immediately notice helpful roadsigns [01], which will guide you on the path to our lands. The path will take you north, through the mountains [02] [03] and past the Estate of Lord Rugdumph. Take the shortcut through his yard. [04] [05]. Continue on the path marked by the roadsigns and eventually the Cave to Morrowind will appear before your eyes [07].

After an imagined dungeon crawl beneath the mountains - which we hope to make a reality for the next release - you'll find yourself across the border, in Morrowind [08]. The area you enter bears a striking resemblance to the Cheydinhal region, since the intention is for the region to make a smooth transition to more traditional Morrowind surroundings. Shortly after you've come out of the cave you should notice the home of Tavo Talds, a dark elf who's made it his job to guide new arrivals [09]. Talk to him for helpful pointers on how to reach our cities. [10] You can pay him a little money to recieve compass markers, or pay him a lot of money to reveal the location of portals that can whisp you there in no-time. The choice is yours, but since work on our regions are in its infancy we do recommend the portals. If you change your mind (and didn't save your game) just bring up the world map, return to Lord Rugdumph's Estate, and repeat the process.


There are quite a few quests you can go on. To name a few:
- Stop by the Fighter's Guild in Reich Parkeep, whom has several quests you can play.

- Look up Arthar Ghaltan, whom lives some distance east of Molagh Khestis in the north part of Soluthis, but he can also often be found wandering around town. Be sure to answer his questions correctly and he'll send you on a quest to find precious ore in a moldcave north of the city.

- Make your way to Silgrad's Glassmine, by opening the console and typing coc SilgradRegionGlassmines. Talk to the miners to unravel the mystery of a dead miner.

- Go to the huge Temple building in Soluthis. Seek out the Temple leader, Ures Sarothril, whom needs help with destroying the undead down in the catacombs.

- Sirollis Vesturio in Reich Parkeep has some trouble over in his house which you may be able to assist him with.

- Mairen Tistar in Steadhelm is searching for some particular ingredients, and could use your hand in finding them.

- Aligir Flaint needs help with his harvest. He lives near the slums in the west part of Soluthis.

Also, there are a slew of new objects in the mod that you can pick up and take with you, for instance to place in your home back in Cyrodiil. Or why not take your stuff with you and buy a house on the other side? There are several available in our cities. If you're the kind of player who loves books then you'll be happy to know we carry TES3's book library - but not only that, each book has a unique cover. There are over a hundred of them. Maybe you like to decorate your home with foodstuffs? We have dozens of them, from meat to chicken eggs to traditional Morrowind foodstuffs like kwama eggs, hound meat and saltrice.


Interested in joining the Silgrad Tower team and working with us to create this tribute to Morrowind?

We need:
- Modders
- Modellers
- Texture artists

Being a modder on the Silgrad Tower team means that for the most part you're working with models unlike anything you've seen in the normal game, and just exploring all the countless models we've created might be enteraining in its own right. As great as the models are, they're worth squat without modders to breathe life into them - so if modding is what interests you most then to start off it's a good idea to read sandor's introductory article listed at the top of our forum's overview page. When you're ready, pick an abbreviation and head over to our claims boards where we post 'work orders' of what needs to be done. If you prefer modding homes, shops and other civilized locations then a claim in one of our cities would suit you well. If adventure is more your style then you might find a fun claim on our Dungeon Claims board. If you like crafting beautiful and interesting nature scenes you might go for a Landscape Claim instead.

And finally but most importantly, if you're skilled and dedicated and looking to pick up a job out of the ordinary then managing a region might be more your cup of tea. Managing one of our regions is a demanding job and takes quite a bit of skill, but at the same time there are few positions in our team that have that kind of power and freedom and none that are open to new members like these kinds of jobs are. We list the regions on the Region Claims board. Currently Ashunor Valley, Deepen Meadows, and two sections of our Bitter Coast region are open. Check out TID's article for more information.

Silgrad Tower is essentially a Total Conversion mod. The part of the Morrowind Province we're recreating is naturally still situated on Tamriel, so we're not trying to change the most basic things like creating new races and such. But the buildings and everything in them, the trees, rocks and plants are unlike anything seen in the game. The caves, crypts, strongholds, dwemer ruins and Velothi tombs the player battles through are wildly different than anything Oblivion offers. In other words our mod is one of the most extensive graphical add-ons to Oblivion there is.

I would say that by now we've completed 75% of the models we need to do everything we want. Still, there are several important jobs that remain to be done, and we need all the assistance we can get in completing them. Here is a list of the most important ones; click the links to read information about each one.

- Daedric Shrines
- Dunmer Docks and Ships
- Common Imperial
- Tower of Silgrad
- Imperial Fort
- Mudcave tileset
- Sixth House paraphernalia
- Redoran Arena
(view full list)

Texture artists
The open jobs are listed in this thread.

We don't have any active texture artists in the team right now, and the work is starting to pile up a bit. One of the major tasks for texture artists on the team is replacing the textures we borrowed from Morrowind Visual Pack and Vibrant Morrowind. Those textures are great in that they fit very well on the models we're creating, but these days they have become very small and low-res by comparison to Oblivion's textures and our mod suffers a bit from it graphically. Some of the more important jobs of that nature is the redware textures, Black Anther petal/stem texture, Redoran door texture, and swirlwood texture replacements.

On the other hand the textures from MVP / VM are already working and in our mod, and replacing them with new hi-res textures is for the most part a welcomed graphical enhancement rather than solving an immediate problem. More important than that is the wholly new textures we need, such as the Gnisis - Ebbedin Ferry retexture job, the Morag Tong tapestry texture and the Dwemer textures.

So if you know Photoshop like the back of your hand and want to work with us you'll be greeted with open arms - and a sigh of relief from the team's mesh monkeys biggrin.gif


1. I don't see any roadsigns or caves?
Please ensure that you ticked "Silgrad_Tower_Travel.esp" on your launch screen, since playing without it causes the roadsigns to disappear (among other problems).

2. The cave is silly. Why don't you make a broad road so the player can just walk to Silgrad Tower?
Ultimately that is our goal, however, solving more important concerns have taken precedence so far. The current solution is still better than the old one, which saw a weird portal standing freely inside Cheydinhal.

3. When will this mod be finished?
The mod will become more and more playable over time, offering dozens of quests and plenty of unique visuals. We'll never reach a point where we say, "Ok it's finished, let's disband and go do something else" - we'll continue adding to our mod throughout Oblivion's lifespan (and most likely beyond that seeing as our TES3 mod is still being worked on as well). Setting goals for ourselves is another matter though, and our goal is as was mentioned above to finish the three major cities and mod numerous cool dungeons and other locations around our lands. We should reach that goal before autumn 2007, and have a blast along the way modding all that fantastic stuff. When we reach that point we may decide to expand our area and/or create additional quests.

4. Why don't you just use TES3 models?
It's illegal to distribute Bethesda's models and other assets, meaning that if we ripped TES3 models we would be regarded as an illegal mod and couldn't operate on ESF and other crucial places. We're in it for the long haul, and some of us are already looking forward to an eventual fifth Elder Scrolls game which makes it even more important that we have a firm platform to stand on that doesn't compromise Bethesda's copyrights in any way. Besides that consideration the models in TES3 were highly optimized, to make them run on a mid-range computer in 2002, and would have needed extensive work on them just to bring them up to technical par with what you'd expect from Oblivion. For an experienced modeller, editing an old model in that way and making it look good is usually more work than creating it from scratch.

5. Are you modding Vvardenfell?
No, we are modding a region of the Morrowind Province's mainland situated west of Vvardenfell.

6. Will you make the whole Morrowind Province?
Perhaps we will expand our landmass in the future as the existing region gets completed, but modding the whole Morrowind Province is not our goal. Our goal is to make the part that we DO mod the best we possibly can.

7. How do I install the splash screen?
If you like to use the splash screen with the Silgrad Tower logo copy the folders (textures and menus) contained in the "ST Splash Screen" folder (located in your data folder) into your "Oblivion\data" folder.

In case you deleted your bsa files, make a backup of the following files (before you copy the content of the "ST Splash Screen" folder):
- Oblivion\Data\menus\options\main_menu.xml
- Oblivion\Data\Textures\menus\loading\
- Oblivion\Data\Textures\menus\loading\

To reverse the process (when you deleted your bsa files) copy the backuped files to their original location.

To reverse the process in case you didn't delete your bsa files, delete the following files:
- Oblivion\Data\menus\options\main_menu.xml
- Oblivion\Data\Textures\menus\loading\
- Oblivion\Data\Textures\menus\loading\

8. What does the term "Dunmer" mean?
"Dunmer" is the name dark elves prefer to call themselves. The term "dark elf" is an Imperial invention.

9. What does the term "Redoran" mean?
To say it succinctly, it is a political power in the Morrowind Province who controls the western-most sliver of the Province. More information on them can be found on wikipedia ( ).

10. Reich Parkeep sounds like it has something to do with Nazism.
It doesn't - in fact, the name was created by Bethesda themselves. Reich Parkeep was even an in-game town you could visit in the very first game, Arena, and we're bringing back a lot of quaint details from those dusty annals of lore.

11. What does the name Soluthis come from?
In the early stages of Morrowind's development, Bethesda planned to mod the whole Province - but only bits and pieces of it. In the end, only Vvardenfell was modded, but modded in whole. However their original plans for TES3 became known when they released an old concept map to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Elder Scrolls in late 2004. Apparantly, they had changed the name of Reich Parkeep to Soluthis. We like the old name, because the town existed in our TES3 mod and it's grown on us. So then we decided to use both names, but use them separately for the two different districts.

12. Can I use your models/textures in my mod?
The short answer is no. The longer answer is that if you want to use something specific then please contact Razorwing (, because you might be allowed to use it.

Breaking our right to exclusivitivity would be a copyright violation and only result in locked threads/deleted uploads for you and tighter privacy arrangements for us. Given that a lot of modellers share their work freely as modders' resources there's no apparant reason why anyone would want to take our stuff; the only reason one can think of is if they are pursuing the same ideas we are - that of recreating the Morrowind Province. They would be welcome to do so, because a little healthy competition is just a good thing, but to try and do so using our own models and textures against us is unfair.

If someone wants to use our assets we would like them to become part of the team instead. We have a history of giving a wide berth to modders who come to us and wants to work together with us on their own pet projects, and they enjoy substantial freedom in the framework of the Silgrad Tower team. Not to mention access to helpful teammembers whom holds expertise in a wide area of the realm of modding, and whom all work towards the same goal. That's what is so great about being in a team, there's always someone there who knows more than you do about something who can help you out when you get stuck, and you may know more about something than he does, and so everyone has a good time and gets to see their creative dreams fulfilled in our massive, sprawling lands. The writer of this very readme was in the same place three years ago as any new modder in the team is. I'm still here, and having more fun than ever. Give our team a chance and I'm sure it will grow on you the same way it has on me.


For a full and up-to-date list of credits, please see this article on our website.
This looks utterly beautiful. I cannot wait to try it out. Cheydinhal - East Gate, here I come! Oh yeh, gotta install the mod first. teehee

This came just at the perfect time and I'm so glad I looked all the way down here at this section. I just recently downloaded Silgrad Tower mod; but this obviously is a later version, that fixes the ground disappearing problem as you've said.

I will try to get back here for a critique after I've played it for awhile. Thanx biggrin.gif
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