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I'm just wondering if any of you remember a mod for Morrowind that added a huge manor.

I remember that you needed Morrowind, and both of the Expansions. If i remember correctly then there was a Door to the manor in Morrowind (can't remember where), The Bazaar in Tribunal, and A door in Fort Frostmoth in Bloodmoon.

The main room was split into three sections, each section separated by room divider screens. The Middle was by far bigger. The middle had a whole bunch of table things that you could put you could put weapons, items, etc. on and then there were a lot of mannequins around the outside of the room.

I remember the one of the smaller sides had shelves and whatnot, and I think the other had a desk.

I remember there being doors sprouting off from the room. One went off to Fort Frostmoth, One went to the Bazaar (i think), and the other when to somewhere in Morrowind (probably in Balmora). I'm pretty sure that there were more doors buyt i can't remember where they went to.

If any of you can help then that would be awesome (my brother restarted Morrowind and needs a place to show of his loot). Thanks.
Just wanted to say that I have googled for this mod because it sounded very cool. But, yee gods! There are so many manor mods for Morrowind; I think it'd be impossible to even view the screenies for all of them to find the right mod in question. I'm wondering if it was just named Morrowind Manor or if it had a more specific titel. Would help in the search. wacko.gif
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