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the listener
what does everyone think is the best indifferent.gif indifferent.gif indifferent.gif
Well, for me I always use swords, so I would have to go for Goldbrand for the vanilla version. Other than that, I just tend to use whatever is around me, or whatever I have at the time, as long as it's not iron tongue.gif
I think it's Umbra.

Pirate King Atomsk
The strongest weapon in the game is me of course. Why would anyone think otherwise?

Probably Goldbrand or Shadowrend.
Apotheosis + weakness to elements = around 200 dmgs...
Goldbrand is powerful and looks cool but i have to say Umbra is awesome. If you get it before you start the daedra quest for it and keep it throughout the game its hella useful and takes care of its self if you have azuras star at the same time. I do have to say the cutlasses or akviri/dai-kiviri katanas look the best.
Actually, Thornblade. Mainly because Umbra is a quest item and will eventually have to be removed.
That's why I didn't get my umbra from the quest. I just killed her instead.
xX Kinzer Xx
I would choose Goldbrand over Umbra, because it has fire damage and it looks cooler. Also, I'm new here but could someone tell me what the "vanilla" version is?
QUOTE(xX Kinzer Xx @ Jul 25 2008, 07:37 PM) *

Also, I'm new here but could someone tell me what the "vanilla" version is?

The straight-out-of-the-box game itself. No mods of any kind activated.
well the problem is that kvleft.gif my umbra gets broken very easily
Best weapons by far are obviously custom-enchanted weapons, personally I like to have:

Drain health 70 pt for three secs - (210 damage)
Weakness to magic 100% for 1 sec or more (multiplies the damage by 2, meaning 210 x 2 = 420 damage)

As for non-custom weapons, the four main contenders would be:
Ebony Blade

Tbh for appearance I like the Knights of Order swords that you get with SI.
Shadowrend is the best its a fact.
I have to say umbra is the best weapon. Sure it doesnt have the enchanment and everything for damage but when u dont have any soul gems i would take this weapon over anything lol and its fricken black lol.
Syndelius Daerleth
i believe goldbrand is
Chillrend or Goldbrand for me. Otherwise self-enchanted ones is the way to go.

Btw I donīt get why people like Umbra so much indifferent.gif Itīs useless, save from its zero-weight as a quest item. The enchantment doesnīt do any damage and gets wasted with every hack of an enemy. People often talk about using it with Azuraīs Star so it recharges itself, but why even do that? It serves no purpose. You use the sword to fill up the gem to recharge the sword....?

Imvho Umbra is only good for filling empty gems to sell and for that I prefer a spell.
I’ve never had a character get Umbra, so I looked it up. It looks like a very cool longsword to me, and although I may be reading the entry wrong it seems to do a good amount of damage. Plus even after the weapon is empty of charges it would work against things that are immune to normal weapons. I can certainly see the appeal.

"Best weapon in the game" is otherwise not a question that interests me. As ever, it depends on the character. smile.gif
Umbra does good damage yes, but I think Goldbrand or even Chillrend is far better anyway since they have useful combat enchantments smile.gif
I'm not particulary interested in 'best' weapons, I leave that preference to my characters but speaking of swords, Umbra is my favorite one. It is easier to obtain than its powerful counterpart Goldbrand (lower level requirement, easier offering - 500 gold for Clavicus Vile compared to Daedra heart for Boethiah which is not so easy to get if one avoids MQ and doesn't use UESP for help) and Umbra also isn't that difficult to kill, especially with good sneak attacks.

Although UESP states that both Goldbrand and Umbra are the same in speed, I always had a feeling that Umbra is way faster. And the most important reason why I prefer Umbra... it's IMO the best looking sword in Oblivion.

Speaking of blunt weapons, I really like Truncheon of submission because of its stats.
QUOTE(Lopov @ Mar 23 2013, 06:18 PM) *

the most important reason why I prefer Umbra... it's IMO the best looking sword in Oblivion.

That I agree with, it really looks good.

The best weapon doesnīt necessarily mean the most powerful one in my world. It can be anything really, like the club Lothran will soon walk around with again, or any of the Fine Steel weapons. The spiky mace is a favorite smile.gif
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