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Burnt Sierra
What we want people to do here, still logged in as either guest or guest2, is to rate the stories from one to eight. One being your favourite, eight being the one that did the least for you. We're leaving the comments section open (though I'll be honest, I'm keeping a close eye on it now), so please don't add really long discussions here. Just list the stories in order of preference, in a list format, with a brief comment why you place it there.





etc etc.

Burnt smile.gif
1. Reunion – great tension, emotion and characterisation. Great story.

2. In the Heart of the Alik'r – great story, well described, but suffers from a lacklustre ending.

3. Butterfly – beautiful dialogue, but lacking in description and ending a let down.

4. The Fateful night – second half very interesting but too much internal character's thoughts in the first half.

5. The Mistake – interesting premise but not enough description.

6. A Knife In The Dark – interesting presmise, well described but extremely predictable betrayal. Shame, could have been great.

7. Lady of The Night – interesting premise but no description and too much dialogue, half a story.

8. This Mind: Now Under New Management – some interesting description but no plot or point. Some people have really clicked with this I see, but sadly it did nothing for me. Sorry sad.gif
1. Butterfly - Like I said, my money is on this one, no questions asked. I just like love poetry in prose and all that jazz.

2. Reunion - Death, Decay, Doom, Gloom and violent end. Perfect.

3. In the heart of Alik'r - Solid effort, but the fight scene really needed more attention and details.

4. The mistake - Another good effort; some minor corrections should be applied.

5. A knife in the dark - Decent premise, but too black/white-ish and the betrayal bit is unconvincing. FFS, he was his best friend!

6. The fateful night - Needs less cooking and more epic descriptions of doom.

7. Lady of the night - I am sorry, but this needs to be redone. Thoroughly. Because even the Dwemer didn't have the concept of DNA, let alone vampire clans.

8. This mind: Now under new management - It is only FAIr for me to vote Like this. Again, no questions asked.
1. Reunion
2. In The Heart of the Alik'r
3. The Mistake
4. This Mind: Now Under New Management
5. A Knife In The Dark
6. That Fateful Night
7. Butterfly
8. Lady of the Night
1. Butterfly - The most profound one.
2. This Mind: Now Under New Management - Hilarious and fun.
3. That Fateful Night - I seem to have liked this one more than anyone else. It shows how you can lose everything very fast.
4. The Mistake - I liked it a lot, but did not understand how the character remembered.
5. In The Heart of the Alik'r - It was my 3rd choice, but then the negative comments made me not like it as much.
6. A Knife in the Dark - It was nice, but I did not understand why the friend betrayed him.
7. Lady of the Night - Another one I like more than anyone else, because as strange as the intrigue was, it made me think.
8. Reunion - Too darkly maniacal for me, sorry.
1. Reunion - able to accomplish the most within the short form context while also being fairly ambitious.
2. The Mistake - Very very clean. Excellent mood, use of repetition. Not quite as ambitious as above, but still gripping.
3. This Mind: Now Under New Management - Very well-executed, quite amusing. Not necessarily daring or ambitious (as much as the above 2), but very well-executed.
4. (tie) In the Heart of the Alik'r - Feel like I can't in good conscience rate it higher, though it pains me. More suited for a treatment of 10,000 words than 2,000, lovely and dear to my heart as it is.
4. (tie) Butterfly - I group this with Alik'r because I feel like both works are ambitious and lovely but would be special--truly special--in their natural habitats.
6. That Fateful Night - Solid piece, but not so powerful or clever in execution that I could rate it higher.
7. Lady of the Night - Clearly a project better suited to a more epic scale--fits poorly as a short story. Interesting idea, though not well-fleshed out by any means. At least one potentially fascinating detail.
8. A Knife in the Dark - More coherent than my #7, but less interesting, at least as currently presented. Improved character development a must for the emotional aspect to work.
1) This Mind: Now Under New Management - A work of art imho
2) A knife in the dark - Honestly can't see why everone thinks there was something wrong with it
3) Butterfly - Really weird but interesting
4) The Mistake - Really felt for the character.
5) Reunion - Hmm this one reminded me of anime.
6) In the Heart of the Alik'r - Ended very abruptly but nice other than that
7) The Fateful Night - I don't know. Something was wrong with it
8) Lady of the Night - Reminds me of the stories I write lol.
1st place: Lady of the Night

As encouragement. Everyone has criticized it, but surely the writer will become good in no time. smile.gif

also 1st place: This Mind

Because it's really funny. biggrin.gif

2nd place: The Mistake & Butterfly

The Mistake is a very dramatic tale of loss and regret.

Butterfly felt magical, but too bad it ended the way it did. (I would have preferred a happy ending for it)

They both ask deep questions and I like them both as much.

3rd place: In the Heart of the Alik'r

Lovely adventure with a good ending.

4th place: Reunion & A knife in the dark

Very similar stories of betrayal. I like Reunion maybe a bit more, but they're both great.

5th place: The Fateful Night

Nice, almost as good as the others.

It was very hard to vote, because they are all well written.
1. The Mistake - Really nice mood and very original
2. Reunion - I like dark
3. This mind under new management - caught the feel of sheogorath exceptionally well
4. That fateful night - Very nearly put this third, excellent concept and well done but didn't have enough fear or darkness IMO
5. In the Heart of the Alik'r - Very ambitious and maybe deserves to come higher for it but not really suited to the short length
6. Lady of night - could have been very good but needs redrafting, I agree this writer could get very good
7. Knife in the dark - too predictable and ending really let it down, some good stuff in there though
8. Butterfly - didn't get it
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