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My hubby Cullen has uploaded 3 Uber Oblivion Weapon Mods to GamersRoam website and you can download them from there and play them. All you need to do is register.

Here are the links:

Dragons Maw & Dragons Teeth is an improvement over the original previously posted at TESFU website. The bow itself is enchanted as well as the dragonteeth arrows. You can send your enemies flying as well as lighting them on fire. Agnes The Pickled's Armor Shop is in Skingrad. You should not take more than 300 arrows out of the chest at a time, there are 100,000 in the chest since the chest does not regenerate more arrows. And the shoes have feather - if the feather is working well enough take them off and put them on again and the feather will be raised.

The Ripper is an incredibly fast bow for those of us who like to annialate large villages and small towns single-handedly. You can taunt/kill the guards with reckless abandon with no concern of reputation, fines or fighting your way out of going to jail. Should any guard get through the hail of arrows to talk to you that is. lol

Staff of Command Set includes a staff, robe and hood that you will find on a skeleton outside the starter dungeon sewer exit. If you'd like to be surrounded by adoring friends .. err .. minions; if you'd like to see deer killing bandits, horses attacking guards, mudcrabs taking on skeletons ... you've got to try this enchanted set on for size. It's so much fun that we imagine the skeleton who gives you these items probably died laughing.


Please tell us what you think after playing the mods. And please tell your friends about them too.
Oooh, I like the looks of these. I think I'll try them out when I can. smile.gif
I've just tried the command staff this past weekend, and like it. And the robe looks nice smile.gif
Alexander I am glad that you're enjoying Staff of Command. I will tell Cullen. It's getting a rather good reception at Great House Fliggerty considering it's had no real advertising .. as in at the official forums. I may do that this weekend, maybe .. those people can be so brutal there at times. Not sure I want to sift throught that of not.

*goes off looking for knee-high boots*
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